Help Mary Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Hello my name is Mary I am submitting this story in hopes that I may be one those chosen to enhance my smile with Press on Dental Veneers. I am a 55 year old single mother of 5 children and 6 grandchildren, I have had so many losses in life that maybe Press on Dental Veneers is just enough to give me hope again. My most recent one being the loss of my 19 year old son (to gun violence in 2013). Before that it was the  loss my dear husband of 25 + years, he died from a massive heart attack in our living room floor in 2008, in front of our children. My beautiful smile is just not what it used to be has been dwindling away  just like the  years that have gone by. I have not been able to fix my smile due to lack of funds and no dental insurance so Press on Dental Veneers will be perfect since it is all done lab direct with no dental insurance needed. A smile is a necessary everyday thing some people take for granted. Although I do smile and greet our guest at my job, I don’t always want to because most of my teeth are chipped and somewhat jagged and so uneven. My front teeth have cracks in them that you can’t see from a distance but up close you can see them very well, I know it is just a matter of time before they begin to break and before they do I want to cover them with Press on Dental Veneers. Due to my job my smile is the first thing our customers see and unfortunately judge you by. Which is very embarrassing since my smile is so horrible and the only hope I have is with Press on Dental Veneers. If it were possible and the money was saved I would have had  the work done along time ago instead of having to write a smile story for Press on Dental Veneers. But finances have never allowed for me to restore my smile which was once very beautiful . Whether I am chosen to enhance my smile with Press on Dental Veneers or not I appreciate the thought behind you even offering such a wonderful option for people like me!

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