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I was the little girl , that had beautiful white straight teeth . my mom and real dad got divorced , my real dad married a woman who had 2 teenage daughters and he moved to California, I was 3, I am not sure how old I was when he got back. But my sister and I had to go over there ever other weekend,  Through out the years all I ever remember my dad bragging on was how pretty my teeth was . An as I became an adult It was 2 days before my 21st birthday my now husband and I got married 1/22/00 , I was pregnant on our wedding day. And I had her 8/12/00 . then in July 2002 , I had another daughter. While pregnant with both of my daughters took all my calcium from my teeth kept taking my enamel away. I am so self conscience I barely leave my house, Fear of my teeth being saw. I also loved my teeth an now I don’t just hate I despite even smiling and looking at them myself it literally makes my stomach turn . My husband and I have not been able to afford getting them fixed he is the only worker in the home, I am trying to get disability for depression, bi polar. And severe Anxiety. I need help I need a  miracle . please I will beg please help me I need it bad. I miss smiling a real Smile. And the day I get my smile back I will feel like a million bucks. It would definitely be a dream come true. Thank you , Latisha Cranmore

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