Help Catherine Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Please consider me for this win  for Press on Veneers with Brighter Image Lab. I have very bad teeth and can not afford to go to the dentist to get them fixed. I have tried to get dental care but due to the cost I am unable to receive the dental work I need to even start making my smile something I am not ashamed of. Unable to get the proper care, due to financial circumstances, they have gotten worse.  I just recently was  approached by one of my supervisors at work who said its a shame I am so smart but because of my teeth, its preventing me from advancement. I left her crying.  I work in the medical field, have a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, but can not find a job and I know this is why I am not hired. They judge me by my smile a set of press on veneers will change my livelihood.  I try very hard to hide my teeth but its near impossible when I have to talk a lot explaining various things or reporting incidents. I take Ibuprofen everyday am in constant pain.  I know this wont help the pain but it will make it more bearable to take meds daily if I can look in the mirror and smile with a set of  press on veneers. Please help me to  get my smile and confidence back with Press on Veneers with Brighter Image Lab  and be able to advance in my chosen career.




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