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My name is Denise and when I was sixteen I fell out of a swing and cracked both of my two front teeth really bad; which was replaced with implants. When I was pregnant with my daughter 25 years ago, I suffer with multipliable blood colts and ulcerative colitis at the same time. No dentist would not touch my mouth because of the heparin shots and then afther counmadin pills I was taking. The dentist didn’t want to take any risk. With the colitis I lost so much calcium my teeth would crack or fall out on it’s own. Over the coarse of the years My front and bottom teeth started pertuding outward. The combination between multiple tooth lost and pertuding teeth gave me such a complex. I would cover my mouth when smiling or laughing. I recent develope peri of the gums and had bone lost with my two front teeth. The implants had to be removed and could not be replace. My dentist suggest I get bracelets or Invisalign to correct my teeth before making partials. This was so upsetting to me because I knew I couldn’t afford neither one. I am so embarrassed that when I go out I would put a mask over my mouth

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