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Since I was a teen I had bad teeth. Growing up in a single parent household left not many options when having teeth like mine. My mother Had put me on the government  waiting list for dental work I.e braces. I went through the moulding etc to see the extent of how bad it was then was told around 4yrs to wait, that was at 14. By the time I was 3yrs into the wait I enquired to where I was on the list to be told I wasnt and someone must have not put me on it properly but I could apply again. Being 17 I thought it would be too late. At 30 due to my overcrowding of teeth my wisdom teeth grew into my jaw and ears which required surgery thinking it may slightly make room for my teeth to spread I waited and nothing has happened.
I am very self conscious with my smile and have always put my hand in front of my mouth to smile, being told that I am really pretty and just need to fix me teeth hurts alot even at my age of 35 now. I knew I could never afford to have braces let alone veneers so I have lived with this for many years. I would like to be able to smile one day and not wonder if people are disgusted by my teeth.
thank you

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