Help Sherry Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

From the time i was little i have always dreamed of having a beatiful smile but was never able to afford it when my babies were young my concern was for them and their health no mine i had to make a huge sacrifice when my mother was diganosed with dementia. I had to move back home to care for her as she had no income and no insc so for the next few years as well as rasing my boys i cared for her when she passed i went back to work and was for once was hopeful i would have insc and my smile was in my future but it was not to be my youngest son had a serious motorcycle wreck suffered a severe brain injury so once again i devoted my life to caring for him and i mean i gave him 100% he passed away in jan of 2013 i havent been out much cause his death was devestating to me severe depression husband walked off and left after 31 years and i recently started wanting to live again and get back into line dancing but not with this smile  well thats my story all is very true thank you if you need a better pic i will get someone to take one ty

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