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One night at the age of 16 while walking through my neighborhood, I found myself in the middle of a street fight of older kids and was hit in the face with an object that left me with two missing teeth in the front.  Since then I have tried partials to replace my missing teeth , but nothing seemed to fit well or even stay in my mouth then I found your Low Cost Press on Veneer.  Recently I have been diagnosed with PTSD resulting from military duty.  I do not smile and I look much older than I am due to my two missing teeth.  This causes me to (I believe) feel depressed and not comfortable around people, so I stay secluded from social situations which is where Low Cost Press on Veneer will come in handy.  I tend to shy away from events that would require me to speak or even show my face in public.  I believe that my inability to smile, or even speak because of the way I feel about my  missing teeth has caused many relationship failures.  My children tell me that I don’t show my teeth and I shouldn’t worry, that’s only because they have never ever known me to have teeth  where my missing teeth currently are. Low Cost Press on Veneer will give me confidence and help me move forward with a smile in my future. I’m now 57 yrs. old and it has been some 40 years since the incident that left me missing teeth. Most recently I have been taking serious steps to improve my dental hygiene with required fillings and constant cleanings (something I had rarely done).  However with my missing teeth being in the front  there is still a wall towards be building good personal and working relationships because they judge me for my missing teeth.  As a salesman I never ever got the presentation jobs or the special sales trips because of my dental condition.    I really try hard to not fall into the “poor me” syndrome but I feel that at the time of life that I am in…I shouldn’t waste time with this however being a single father doesn’t allow for much room in the budget for a Low Cost Press on Veneer. I have sought out social programs that may assist with the cost…but they are hard to find you are my last hope for Low Cost Press on Veneer. I just want to be able to maintain good healthy relationships, both personal and professional. Its been so long since I have smiled without pressing my lips together to hide my missing teeth… I am not real sure if I know how but I am willing to learn with your Low Cost Press on Veneer.  There isn’t one picture in my life that I can remember or seen in my home that shows a smile and I know that Low Cost Press on Veneer will make this possible.  I guess I can just say I am feed up, sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I came across your site while researching implants which I could never afford.  Just the other day I was asked if my drug addition had caused the lost of my teeth (that was the last straw).  So I am asking for help, even though it hurts me deeply inside to assist me in Replace missing teeth with Low Cost Press on Veneer.

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