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My story goes all the way back to Christmas Eve 1983 when I was just  18 yrs. old. (not knowing then I would need porcelain crowns to fix the smile I will lose)  That evening me, my mother, and my 2wk old son had been out visiting friends for Christmas. On the way home to our house in Baton Rouge, LA. We rounded a sharp curve in the road crashing into a car that was broke down sitting in both lanes of the middle of the road. My mother hit the windshield, I hit the steering wheel with my 4 top front teeth. My son was unhurt. The impact cracked all four of them. They were all fitted with porcelain crowns.  All was fine throughout the years. I served 10 yrs. in the U.S. Navy when I was then medically retired due to injuries received in the line of duty. Then about 7 yrs. ago the porcelain crowns began to weaken and eventually 3 of the porcelain crowns broke completely off. I have not smiled a genuine smile since losing 3 of the 4  porcelain crowns.  I have since then been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and Major depression since I lost my smile. I'm 51 yrs. old but feel like I look 70.  I am on a fixed income of SS Disability and my retirement pay  so extra money is nonexistent. I also support my two daughters,  Melinda, and Robin and the Apple of my eye,  my 4yr old granddaughter, Vanessa.  Having my smile back would mean the world to me. My self esteem would rise sky high. My gratitude would be enormous. I could smile bright and let the light of my spirit shine once more.  My constant companion, embarrassment, will finally leave my life. I'm proud of who I am and to be able to smile with dignity again seems like one of those things that would give me joy beyond compare but will probably never happen. Like winning the state lotto. I am blessed and grateful for the good things in my life so I don't dwell on the loss of the porcelain crowns but its always a shadow that stalks me. Thank you for your time and patience.


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