Help Samantha Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Can I restore my smile due to crooked  teeth with Snap on smile teeth covers? I ask because when I was 10 years old I was supposed to get braces because of  my crooked teeth. My parents took me to the dentist and in order to get the braces I needed to get 3 teeth pulled. I had them pulled that day and I remember like it was last week! It was a horrible experience, the dentist was rough with me and I was not fully numb before he started the process. Shortly after getting my teeth extracted my parents started a nasty divorce and my follow up dental treatment went on the back burner then got forgotten and never spoke of it again Now I have crooked teeth and misaligned teeth need a Snap on Smile or Professional teeth covers just so I don't have to go back to the dentist. I have been very afraid of the dentist every since, recently I started to return to a new dentist for regular cleanings and exams and I almost have an anxiety attack just signing in. My last visit about 2 weeks ago I had them quote me a price for a new smile makeover by Restoring my smile with Press on Veneers. I was given a quote of a little over $1700 for either in-plants or a dental bridge. Being a single mother working full time and going to school full time there is no way I could come close to paying that much for a new smile makeover. I went home and looked at other options and this is how I can across I am trying to save money to purchase this product, I think it will really save me. I am not comfortable speaking to people and next quarter I have a public speaking class that I am already getting nervous about because of my need for your Snap on Smile. I would greatly appreciate being selected for a Snap on Smile teeth covers because of how it would boost my confidence  and would make me feel a lot better about myself.

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