Help Junior Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

My name is Junior Solis. I was born with a calcium deficiency and do to this have always had discolored teeth which is why I want to See an Instant Perfect Smile with new Dental Veneers. I was raised in very poor standards and sometimes  we even lived in a car. I never have had dental care and aside from having discolored teeth ,  they seem to be pretty straight. I have worked hard to provide for my family and could never spend this money on myself. I used to weigh 340 pounds and an  Instant Perfect Smile with New Dental Veneers would complete my transformation . December 5th 2013 my lungs and kidneys failed and I crashed my car and spent Christmas in a coma. I was taken off life support and started breathing on my own. I had to learn to walk again and it took almost a yr. to recover. I had a septic infection and it softened my gums and my teeth shifted and got huge gaps. I have always had a big smile and am a sincerely happy person but I avoid smiling now because of my discolored teeth. I need tops and bottoms and my 2 bottom front teeth will have to be pulled. I can cover extraction and would even contribute any money I can to help…… please choose me. An Instant Perfect Smile with New Dental Veneers could change my life and give me confidence I need to rebuild my life.



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