Help Karen Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

When I was about 3 the Dr.  Prescribed tetracycline for me, at that time they didn’t know what it  would do to your teeth.  I love to smile and have a good time, but over the years , I have learned to smile without showing my teeth.  I am so self-conscious  about my teeth I just I don’t smile much, and people, like my customers think I am mad or mean because of the way I have sheltered myself.    When I was in school the kids and even some adults were/are very cruel.  I have always wanted a pretty smile so I can smile more.  In my job  I deal with the public and surveys from the customers affect my pay, and some perceive me as mean.  I am not I just protect myself.  I have learned that my whole life.  Thank you.

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