Help Sha Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I am soon to be 30 year old single mom, I was in nursing school and I use to be the most bubbly and brightest person. I have a calcium deficiency and my teeth just get worse everyday. My daughter just started school last year and is signed up for cheerleading this year, I feel so horrible about my smile. I avoid all school functions for my daughter which makes me feel like a horrible mother. I will not talk to anyone that’s not friend or family, I just DO NOT SMILE. I use to always have a smile on my face. I have been to several dentist and a few have accused me using several illegal drugs, I do not use drugs, never have.  I have seen the road it takes you down from other family members being on them and that is not for me. My daughters friends will ask me what’s wrong with my teeth and why are they black, I just laugh and say from eating too much candy and drinking coke when I was little, but I really just want to cry. I can’t deal with this much more. I just want to smile again and be comfortable in my body. I have become so miserable and depressed that I stay in bad mood and I never smile. I have also lost a lot weight from being depressed to the point my Dr said he was putting on medicine to help me gain weight. I am literally withering away to nothing. It’s beyond depressing. I would love to have a pretty smile and not have to worry about my teeth so I could go back to nursing school and be confident to do my work in front of the instructors, instead of worried if they are constantly looking at my mouth. I do not care to help contribute but most estimates I have gotten are way out of my price range. We are talking about like 70 grand and up that is a bit much for a single mom like me. Thank you for your time and thank you for reading my story.

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