Help Gretchen Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Hi about a couple of years ago I was in San Fransisco, California visiting a friend. when I was going to my hotel room I ended up getting mugged were the guy beat my head off the ground several times. I was thankful to be alive today and fought my way thru that but mentally I’m still not healed.. I am a mother of two beautiful girls 16 and 7 and I also work full time helping severe disabled kids which its amazing to be able to have this job I do….but I don’t smile. I’m embarrassed to smile because of my missing and crooked teeth….I had 8 teeth knocked out. I have gaps in my teeth or chipped teeth that are really bad since the accident…I looked up how to fix broken teeth at home and superglue for chipped teeth because of a chip tooth and put a fake nail superglued to another chipped tooth to make it look kind of normal when I talk….I have a really bad smile and have been too shamed to go to the dentist to ask about tooth implants… I had a friend tell me about porcelain dental veneers but want my smile today cuz my best friend is getting married  June 15 and I’m the maid of honor…I really wish I could smile again especially that day or any day….I’m to embarrassed to go to the dentist or talk or even smile with chip teeth….if u can help me out omg will I feel blessed…

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