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My name is Susan, I grew up in foster care, and was told for years how ugly I was because of my teeth. I believe I’ve been to a dentist maybe 5 times my whole life, finally at the age of 17 social services had me go to an orthodontist, for braces, which were put on, but only to have the braces removed 4 months later when I was 18 and released from state care. As the years past my teeth just got worse, with a very low income and being a single parent of 5 kids, I have never had a chance to look normal, like everyone else in the world, to no longer be a monster. One day I was at Wal-Mart with my grandson, when a guy looked at me and said, boy you must have done a lot of crack in your time, my 7 yr. old grandson threatened the man and said don’t talk to my grandma like that she doesn’t do drugs, loser, well needless to say it broke my heart that my grandson felt the need to defend me and my teeth, I walked out crying, and loving my Elliot even more than I did, which I thought was impossible. Just to know I could go out in public and not ever have to worry about my grandson defending my god awful mouth again, would be priceless. I’m on SSI, with little to no money, so I really don’t know if I’ll ever have my dream come true. To have my teeth fixed and be able to smile and look like everyone else, would just bring tears to my eyes, the thought of it now is bringing tears, this truly would be a life changing experience for me, to no longer be embarrassed to smile, and to be able to quit covering my mouth when I do smile, my gratefulness could not be measured.
Thank You For Your Time,
Susan Fowler

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