Help Tina Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Hi my name is Tina , I am submitting this in hopes that I have a chance of receiving a new affordable Snap on Smile from BIL.  I would like a new smile  because I am 45 years old  I barely have any photos of myself as an adult unless I keep my mouth closed or my hand is covering my mouth. I have 4 grandsons and have never had my picture taken with them because of my bad teeth and a Snap on Smile from BIL will allow the family photo we all want . I am the sole provider of my family so not a lot of money left to get my  teeth even looked at by the dentist or fixed so I desperately need a Snap on Smile from BIL due to the fact it is so affordable. I don’t do regular exams or even routine check up because I have to stretch my money so far. The main reason as mentioned earlier I would love to have a Snap on Smile from BIL is so I can have at least one picture done with my 4 grandsons. I will also gain my confidence back if I can get a Snap on Smile from BIL an no longer have to hide my mouth when speaking or smiling.  Thank you for the opportunity to tell you my smile story and the chance to change my life with a Snap on Smile from BIL.



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