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Hi, my name is James McAdams. I’m 24 years old and live in Dearborn Michigan. The reason I am sharing my pictures and my smile story with you today is the hope to get a new set of new  temporary Veneers with no dental visit involved because lately (the last year and a half) I have been really insecure and embarrassed of my teeth which affects my ability to smile. Let me say that from the age of 18 until September of last year (Sept. 11th 2013) I had been addicted to prescription pain killers (vicodin) and really didn’t pay much attention to my hygiene and taking care of my teeth. Now, regretfully I pay the price not being able to show my smile, constantly having to talk with my lips covering my teeth, and putting my hand over my mouth if I laugh. I know that if I had the new no dentist temporary veneers this would no longer be an issue.  At the time I was addicted to vicodin, I didn’t really think about how I would feel about my teeth in the long run, and now that I’m sober I am really paying the price. I also feel as if I had been turned down for a job offer due to somebody judging my appearance (teeth). It would be an absolute miracle if I was picked to win this set of teeth, for I do not have a job or the means to buy a set myself. Well, thank you for taking the time to read my story and look at my pictures, hope to hear from you soon and begin the process for my new Temporary Veneers with no dental visit involved -James

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