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Besides my teeth, much of what I will describe is just as embarrassing.
I have always had issues with my teeth. When I was younger, I always had cavities, but dental was taken care of , as I was a military dependent. When I was older and on my own, dental care was neglected due to lack of money.  I much later went into military myself, but the care I was given was very “quick fix” and get you back out to the field, so needless to say I continued to have issues. Upon leaving the military I was again without coverage. When Teeth broke, I would get the “filler kits” at store, for fillings that fell out in back, and cut false nails and glued them on for front!!
I later had the limited “dental discount” program offered by my job. This just let problems continue to grow. I chose to have teeth removed. as it was much cheaper than fixing teeth. I saved and got false teeth on top, but those started having issues due to length of time owned, and a tooth has broken off. Again I use superglue to keep it kind of in place, I have had a few more teeth pulled by the local state funded program, but based on sliding scale pay, that was all I could afford, and they don’t do bridges and such anyway.
I have developed a mumbling speech to cover my teeth over last few years, and half smile when need to. While my friends and family are used to it, my clients and strangers are not. You see, I am a DJ and have spent on and off for 30 yrs making others smile at their weddings and events, and can’t even smile myself! t
This in itself is embarrassing, because I should be smiling, and speaking clearly whole time for them! I saw an ad on Facebook, and it hit me, that you might be my last hope to smile again, and get the confidence back that I once had!
Please help!

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