Help Tawanda Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

When i was thirteen, i met a older man that treated me unbelievable. I went on (being young and not having someone to teach me better) and had four children with this controlling,abusive and hovering man. Long story short.. 23 years later.. I have over come him. But with all that he put me through knocking my teeth out chipping my teeth
Because he said that i would never look good for anyone and he would make sure of it.. My skin is damaged.. From me being in a room days at a time.. Stretching and digging myself up. To a point where if I send you guys a pic, You would say damn.. I NEED THIS.. I DONT HAVE ANY TEETH ON THE TOP.. AND MY BOTTOM TEETH ARE BAD TOO.. I  COULD NOT BRUSH MY TEETH OR NOTHING.. AND THE WHOLE TIME MY MOM NEVER EVEN KNEW. HE WOULD ALLOW ME TO MAKE MYSELF LOOK BETTER AROUND HER.. BUT SHE SAW WHAT WAS GOING ON.. A MOTHER KNOWS.. PLEASE HELP.. I FEEL SOOO UGLY WITH MY MOUTH LIKE THIS.. THANK YOU..

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