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Hello I have been wanting to get my teeth fixed since I was in High School but my Parents could not afford to have it done, so as I got older some more of my teeth had to be removed for normal reasons. I also still had some baby teeth until here in the last two years,the teeth that I do have are healthy,the gaps in my teeth are so embarrassing to me that I do not smile,haven’t smiled in a long time you can probably tell in the pics I sent I have forgotten how to smile it’s been so long my self esteem is crushed and that makes it difficult for me to have lasting relationships I have been married three times and each time I lose out because I have self esteem issues and don’t feel good about my self because of the way I look,I have felt this way for many years and I want to change this for myself I would feel so much better about my self if my teeth were fixed but I can not afford that type dentistry the cost is terrible even with Insurance it is too much,I would very much like you to take into consideration in helping me feel better about myself this sure would pick me up a Greatly Hope to here from you soon.  This is my story!

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