Help Lidia Get Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

I want my next smile to be superb due to dental Lumineers.  I want something I can pop in for weddings or parties and not have to worry about going through procedures that could result in infections or worse paralysis of my face due to anesthesia just because I am looking for my next smile . I am a diabetic and so any surgery that is not absolutely detrimental is of course dangerous.
I am 62 and have been embarrassed with this tooth as far back as childhood and wish I had done some thing about it earlier, but I know my next smile can be superb due to dental Lumineers so that I can at least have a new smile that I will be proud of in  pictures with my granddaughter.  Dentists all say the same thing... I have to pull out the  tooth and go through a painful implant procedure.  I don't want to go thru the pain of pulling the tooth and risk my health just for a new smile.



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