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Professional Teeth Cleaning, Bleaching, and Polishing

Custom Fitted Bleaching Trays

Want your teeth Professionally Whitened today?. We'll save you 70% on your Professional Teeth Whitening with No Dentist Visit. Our Lab Direct Teeth Whitening Process is designed to replace the need for a dentist visit. Our Lab will provide you a set of Custom Fitted Durabrite™ Teeth Whitening Trays and the 1 Rated Hi-Intensity Whitening Gel for $12 per syringe, never more. Nothing will get your teeth whiter, longer, not even laser whitening! We absolutely guarantee it!

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Now the choice to change your smile
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  • 93% of a First Impression is Non-Verbal, and it's made in the first 7 seconds
  • The 1 Facial Feature is Your Smile, 87% say it is important for self-esteem

Our Clients Are Proof - Order Professional Teeth Cleaning
Lab Direct - No Dentist Visit - Save 70% - Only $350

Lab Direct - No Dentist Visit - All Online

Brighter Image Lab Products

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Your Customized Trays are made with the Highest Top Quality Materials & Craftsmanship:

  • New Arch Cut
  • Hand Detailing & Finishing
  • 4X Contouring
  • Pressure Formed
  • Sure Fit Seal

Our #1 Seller > $138 for 2 Infusion Trays, 8 Syringes of Detox Serum & 4 Syringes of Bleaching Gel

30 Day Standard Processing - Learn more about 14 day processing at checkout


+3 way processing

* When paid by check

1.) Bilistic Infusion Tray(s)™
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Bilistic Teeth Bleaching Trays
Single Tray Double Trays
Straight Cut - $47 Straight Cut - $74
Arched Cut - $57 Arched Cut - $84
No Thanks, I will use my own trays
2.) Bilistic Detox Serum™
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Bilistic Detox Serum
3.) Bilistic Pure Bleaching Gel™
Learn More | How Many Do I Need?
Bilistic Pure Bleaching Gel
4.) Bilistic Pro Polisher™
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Bilistic Pro Series Polisher with Dental Cleaning Tools
Pro Series Polisher with 2 free Syringes of Cleaning Serum for $149.00 (optional)
Add 14 Day Processing for $22.00
Learn More About "Express"
Add $24.00 Pay By Check Discount
Bilistic Infusion Trays
Bilistic Infusion Serum and Pure Bleaching Gel
Bilistic Infusion Serum and Pure Bleaching Gel
Bilistic Pro Series Polisher with Dental Cleaning Tools
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You really can bring your smile to its brightest level

Professional Teeth Whitening Before and After

Press On Veneers Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Without paying $20,000 for a cosmetic smile makeover

If you’ve considered in-office teeth whitening in the past, now consider Professional Teeth Cleaning. Not only are dentist visits expensive, they are time consuming and require you to take time off from work, endure potential pain, increase tooth sensitivity, and all of the expense is usually billed to you. Which means if your dental insurance doesn't cover the full amount, you’re stuck with a lot of debt. “Seriously, OUCH!”

Our clients are achieving amazing results with at-home Professional Teeth Cleaning Systems at a fraction of the cost quoted by cosmetic dentists. Don’t be fooled into paying 10 or 20 times more to get the same white smile. Kayla spent years considering a cosmetic smile makeover, but was always hesitant because of the cost. When offered an at-home whitening alternative that was actually affordable and convenient, it became an easy decision.

Clients are raving about the changes they see from Professional Teeth Cleaning. Not only are their smiles improved, but they are telling us the whiter smile makes their entire face look more energetic and youthful.

All because the Price of living with a bad smile is, ultimately, too much

Some of the most beautiful women in the world are cleaning their teeth using our cleaning system, because they understand the value an incredible smile can hold. Not only with an enhanced appearance but also in terms of increased confidence and opportunity. The truth is, that people with an unattractive smile are afforded less consideration personally and professionally than someone with a impressive smile. Why let your smile be an embarrassing liability when it could be your new greatest asset?

We work very hard to provide the highest quality results for all our clients, and we believe that’s how we’ve gained the trust of people from all over the world. We realize that ordering a cleaning system internationally can feel like a risky decision, but clients like Sara, put faith in us to deliver their polishing kit to her home in Scotland, just the same as we would do it in London, Sydney, Toronto or Mexico City. That’s why Worldwide Teeth Cleaning is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

Teeth Cleaning Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Facelift dentistry like results

It's never too late to make the decision to whiten your smile

Almost every single Brighter Image Lab client looks different: Happier, Younger, Smarter. Each custom fitted tray has been designed to brighten our clients' smiles and overall facial appearance. This is all done using technology unique to our design lab.

Richard's teeth shade was very dark and he felt prematurely aged. Teeth whitening made his smile appear healthier, brighter and whiter – allowing him to look and feel younger with so much more confidence.

Improving smiles improves lives

This client felt her stained teeth didn’t fit her face. Their shade and caused her to pull her lips in making them appear thinner and cheeks to look sunk-in. She told us that people often mentioned her ‘baby face’ and she felt it was related to the appearance of her teeth.

We assisted in getting her smile to a shade that allowed her to smile wider which appears to make her face looked more mature and sophisticated. Her lips appear more prominent and full and she loved the overall change to her appearance. By getting a specific shade we can give the appearance of cosmetic dentistry without the dentist.

Results similar to a dentistry facelift

Having the right smile can make a man

For many men, the idea of a “Smile Makeover” isn’t something they’d normally consider. But when it comes to our Teeth Cleaning System, they realize it’s an opportunity to get back something they’ve lost, or in some cases, become the person they always thought they’d be. It’s just one more tool to help them navigate the unique pressures they contend with day-to-day. Whitening a smile for a man presents a different set of challenges and we believe our results show it’s not only something we do, but something we consistently do very well.

Move Sliders For Before & After Dental Veneer Pictures.

Actual client

Actual client

See The Technology Used To Create Custom Bleaching Trays
8 High Quality Features = Amazing Results

Veneer details

Simple Facts:

  • We Cost Less: The average price of a dentist visit after fees is $2000 or more, our cost is $350. See Real Cases
  • We Offer Specials: Watch for our email or ask about our daily specials on bleaching gel. We Make It Affordable
  • It's All Done Online: Paying $2000, $1000, even $500 for bleaching is not a choice for most clients. Now You Have A Choice
  • Dentist Lack The Technology: Less than 1% have the ability to complete our process in their office. See Our Technology
  • Dentists Profit: $200/client or $10000/year reselling lab direct solutions like our teeth bleaching system Watch Video
  • We Ship Worldwide: Everyday to all areas of the US, UK, AU and many other countries Watch This Client's Testimonial
  • We Innovate: Using the latest CAD Design software & technology to create your new smile. Testimonials W/ Before & Afters
  • Still Not Sure About Lab Direct Bleaching? Read This Smile Study or Watch Our Webinar: Part 1, and Part 2
Traditional Teeth Cleaning vs Brighter Image Lab Teeth Cleaning

Because the cost of teeth cleaning leave most with no real choice

Many of our clients have perfectly healthy teeth. Many have smoking, wine, or food stained teeth. Some are suffering long term side effects of childhood medications. Some are the victims of dental neglect. No two clients are the same but they all have one thing in common. They’ve all found that their dentist couldn’t provide them with affordable alternative choices to make cleaning their smile possible.

Professional Teeth Cleaning is an affordable option for anyone who wants a brighter smile. We offer teeth cleaning, bleaching, and polishing systems for less than the price of a single dentist visit.

Ask yourself, “If the choice to have a whiter smile was a reality, what other choices would I make?”. If you had a confident smile, would it change how you dress? Where you work? How you socialize? Your income level? Your Neighborhood? A whiter smile is a choice that opens up another world of better choices.

No other solution is available today that can affordably clean your smile, help you look years younger, and increase your confidence – all without a dentist.

Teeth Cleaning - Teeth Bleaching - Teeth Polishing

We’ve whitened over 300,000
smiles online for less than dentists

Compare what these dentists are charging to our discounted price of $350!

Dentist charge over $1,000 - Our discounted price is just $150

People don’t realize what our Lab Direct™ process really means. It means that we can serve clients all around the world from a single location. Through a unique combination of Innovation, Design and Technology, we’re the first to offer affordable teeth cleaning worldwide, and we’ve done it online with discounted pricing.

Allow our team of designers to custom design your new trays
Over $1M invested in our Lab Direct Process

Most people are shocked to learn how much work goes into creating a Custom Designed Removable Bleaching Tray. From beginning to end there isn’t a single step in our process that hasn’t been researched, tested and scrutinized. These uncompromising standards are what make Brighter Image Lab™ the industry leader in Smile Innovation.

Veneer Wireframe

3D virtual scanning, digital model manipulation, haptic sensitive CAD/CAM design and scientific grade 3D printing. It all adds up to one of the most technologically advanced design labs in the world, and it’s the reason we can whiten smiles in a way that other labs can only dream of.

Snap on Veneer Design
Teeth Fit Philosophy

Our Fit Philosophy

Our #1 Fit Philosophy is - To Make the Best 1st Impression

It's this simple: we have one size - It's the correct size made from your impressions.

Because as our client, you start your job by supplying us a great impression of your teeth!

Exact impressions of your teeth make a great fitting custom bleaching tray everytime!

Our clients start every job, we simply finish it by designing your custom fitted bleaching tray from your impression.

Custom Fitted Bleaching Trays are unique because our clients start creating their trays themselves. They take the initial impression of their existing teeth. This allows us to have the exact teeth size and statue which fits accurately. The Brighter Image Lab® foundation was established on finishing the design process from the impression we receive.

Dental Impressions

Our motto is: "Life's too beautiful to have a smile that does not fit your face." Consider the logic of this bold statement: "A correctly fitted bleaching tray removes years of embarrassing stains, allowing you to transform your whole self image by yourself."

Brighter Image's Trays are custom designed and wear evenly, to be comfortable while sleeping, with no need for removal.

It all starts by receiving a great impression from clients! It ends with us designing you a wonderful set of custom trays that can change your life.


5 Things you should know about the fit and feel of your trays

Our technology allows us to make custom trays that hold the bleaching gel and tartar softener as close to the teeth as possible. Even though our trays are specifically designed for this purpose, it is important to understand that the custom trays will always be:

  1. Higher - than your existing gumline
  2. Longer - than your existing teeth
  1. Wider - than your existing teeth
  2. Rinsing - may be required before use
  1. Remakes and/or Adjustments - may be necessary as part of our process.

In the past, these aspects were viewed as a negative, but more and more people are praising the design as a positive, because of the increased exposure of the cleaning materials to the teeth. Whitening the smile makes it more prominent which can give the appearance of youthful energy and decrease that undesirable ‘tired‘ look. Cleaning the smile, helps the face look brighter and more even. These changes are all on a very small scale, but you can see from our photos that the results are incredible!

5 Things You Should Know About the Fit and Feel of Bleaching Trays

The main reasons some clients might not like custom fitted trays:

Psychologically, Custom Fitted Bleaching Trays can change the way you view yourself and the way others view you. It will take up to two weeks or more for your mouth to become acclimated to wearing Custom Bleaching Trays. It may take you longer to become accustomed to seeing yourself with a whiter shade of teeth. Friends, family, and loved ones may not support your whiter smile. All of these issues may be resolved with time and frequency. As with all things, your body will grow used to wearing and seeing yourself with the whiter teeth the longer you wear them. That's the time to show your friends, family, and loved ones your new smile.

Work With Our Client Services Team

Our unique process requires participation from the client in order to achieve a perfect custom fitted tray, so we make sure to provide an amazing support team to help you along the way.

We’re here to assist you with each step of the process. Before you order, we want to ensure you make the most informed decision about purchasing a custom fitted bleaching trays. If you still have questions or concerns about the Lab Direct Process or what Professional Teeth Cleaning can do for your smile, we ask that you send us your photos and call or chat with one of our Smile Specialists now!.

After you order, we'll be here to help you take photos of your existing teeth, make your impressions, track your order, and most importantly, help you acclimate to wearing your new trays. If you’ve read all of the information above and you’re still ready to move forward, start your order application below for retaining us to design your new smile!

Work with our Client Services Team to make the changes you wish you'd made years ago.

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Making A Great Impression
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Our Simple 4 Step Lab Direct Process Is Very Easy

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Step 1: Start by becoming a client online

Receive System

Step 2: We express you our Lab Direct System

Making Impressions

Step 3: Read our simple instructions and bite down on the impression trays. Return to our lab.

Returning Impressions

Step 4: Our Dental Lab will process your Press On Veneers and return them to your door.

Receive Veneers

Now you have a set of Press On Veneers with no dentist visit, no shots, no drilling, and no adhesives.

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See Our True Service Process
See Our True Service Process
The Press On Veneers Webinar
The Press On Veneers
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