Teeth Cleaning Kit – Save Yourself a Lifetime of Insecurity

Teeth Cleaning Kit

Introduction If you’re unhappy with the color of your smile, you’re not alone. Brighter, whiter teeth are the most desired cosmetic dental solution in the United States, but no-dentist teeth cleaning kits can be expensive or ineffective. Some of life’s most enjoyable things can stain your teeth. Your morning cup of coffee or evening glass […]

Dental Care For Adults Without Insurance


It’s A Confusing World Out There. Here’s Some Advice for Dental Care for Adults Without Insurance A recent study showed that an alarming 37 million people in the US do not have dental insurance. This leaves a dramatic amount of the population vulnerable to financial ruin for simply needing to see a dentist. Many Americans […]

Teeth Whitening Dentists: Skip The Insane Cost

Teeth Whitening Dentist Office

While teeth whitening dentists do offer treatments, you now have the power to order your own professional grade teeth whitening system – AND get it delivered to your doorstep! It’s more contagious than the flu. Not only is it intercultural, but it’s also something you are born knowing how to do. It makes you happier, […]

Teeth Whitening Cost: Here’s What You Should Know

Teeth Cleaning Bleaching Special by Brighter Image Lab

What Does Teeth Whitening Cost? With bills to pay and a family to take care of, oftentimes you are faced with having to make some choices about WHAT to spend your hard earned money on. When it comes to looking your best, there is definitely no lack of products out there practically screaming at you […]

What Is the Best Teeth Whitening Near Me? Find Out NOW!

Searching teeth whitening near me may not yield the best options

Searching Google for “teeth whitening near me” may not yield the best teeth whitening options in your area. Want to know how to find the best teeth whitening near you? Read on! Teeth whitening is the most requested procedure…and also the least performed. Waaaait… that doesn’t make sense! How can that be? It is because […]

TOP Teeth Whitening Products: Stop Wasting Your Money!


Top Teeth Whitening Products One of the widely popular methods of brightening teeth is to use the top teeth whitening products.  Millions upon millions of people are doing it… ARE YOU? Statistic reports indicate that about 40.5 million people in the United States used tooth whitening products in 2018. Are they worth it? Let’s find out […]

Is Teeth Whitening Toothpaste A Scam? The Truth Exposed!

Is teeth whitening toothpaste a scam?

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste – Is it a Scam? When it comes to teeth whitening toothpaste, you may have already learned “the hard way” that these products rarely live up to all of their marketing hype. That cheap price point of $5 may be enticing… but it certainly is a clear cut case of…. You get […]

New Opalescence Teeth Whitening Alternative Gets Results

Opalescence teeth whitening

How do you know what teeth whitener to choose? Should you choose the one your dentist recommends, such as Opalescence teeth whitening gel?  Or choose the one that has the best price?  If you want to get from point A to point B… there are always several paths you can take. The same rings true […]