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​Our videos say a lot about who we are and how we do things. We pour a lot of work, time, and resources into creating amazing visual content. In fact, we are so committed to ​making quality video productions, that it is our preferred method of communicating new products, how-to instructions, and even telling our clients' stories. Click on any of our videos below and experience what Brighter Image Lab has to offer.

​NEW BIL Veneers! -100% Digital 3D Dental Design and Technology by The Most Experienced Hands in the Industry, BIL Veneers are the WORLD'S Finest Removable Veneer Online! by Brighter Image Lab. Over 50,000 dental veneers designed for clients world wide. Most Trusted - Experience - Proven - Online Since 1997

​We started in 1999 with the same name, same phone number, same location, and we only want to be in it if we can do it to the point where nobody can do it better than us. ​We just feel like we're the best in our field, and we think that we do what we do better than anyone.

Today we've made over 30,000 smile makeovers for people who they said we couldn't do it. In 2017 we're coming out with a BIL Veneer that's named after the company. New technologies came available to our system where we can do a little better, a little shinier, a little smoother, a little more detail, a little more thinness. We're able to gloss it like we've never seen before, and a little bit of stain.

The BIL Veneer is so incredibly impressive to us because the technology continues to grow, and we're incredibly appreciative of what it's afforded us. In this degree of technology, one, two, three percent means the world. It means the world, and to be able to do this let us know that we were in an arena all by ourself. Nobody had this this degree of realness to where they look this realistic, this shiny, this polished, and this thin.

If you know anybody that's ever lost a tooth, or had a discolored tooth, or chipped tooth, or broken tooth, and they want to go back and be their best self, they didn't have any choices. We were able to bring another choice to the table and we did it to the degree that there's absolutely nobody that can't come to us and say you can't improve our smile. It'd be almost impossible, and we're real proud of that.

​What if you could improve your smile, affordably, at home, without a dentist? At Brighter Image Lab, YOU have the choice! For 20 years, we have been improving smiles for tens of thousands of clients with 3D digital design and processing, Lab Direct, with NO DENTIST VISIT! What are you waiting for!? Visit Finest Smile Designers in the World.

​Of all the things that we do at Brighter Image Lab, the thing we're the most proud of is that we offer people choice.

Until now, if you had a problem with your teeth that meant going to the dentist and any treatment that you were being offered, whether it be bonding, implants, veneers, they're all really the same choice: ​​dentistry. ​Which led us to ask the question, ​"What about no dentistry?"

​It all started with the innovation of our impression system. ​We learned very quickly that with just the right material, and a dedicated processing system that it would now be possible for our clients to take an impression of their own teeth. And if that was true there's no longer any value in going to a dentist and paying to have your impressions made.​

It was the beginning of a fundamental shift ​of empowering people to make their own decisions when it comes to their smile. At ​Brighter ​Image ​Lab, we've always thought of the smile as being so much more than just the appearance of someone's teeth. ​Ultimately your smile defines who you are, what you do, and what you can be.

​So, when we created the removable dental veneer, we considered even the tiniest details from the way each tooth meets perfectly at the gum line, to finding the materials that were strong enough to withstand the average b​ite of a 200-pound man. ​And it's that level of commitment, engineering, and design that makes the removable dental veneer such a fantastic groundbreaking product.

The things that we're doing with 3d design technology are absolutely amazing​. The software we use actually allows our designers to feel and manipulate your smile in virtual space. By doing so we can achieve the quality workmanship of a hand designed piece while maintaining the incredible accuracy of a digital composition​.​

Your smile has a deep and lasting effect on those you meet, but our goal is to never make a veneer that's so outstanding that it draws attention to your mouth. But, instead we want to give you a smile that's so naturally beautiful that it elevates your entire face, and in doing so it gives you confidence to be yourself​.

It's not about your smile, it's about who you are when you're smiling​. The number one thing that we hear from clients again and again is, "I wish I'd done this sooner. I wish I hadn't waited so long!"

So if you feel like your smile is holding you back, and if you're not ready to spend five, ten or twenty thousand dollars to fix your teeth​. If you've been looking for a real solution, what you really need to know is: ​Now you have a choice.

​Brighter Image Lab - Did this Amazing Smile Makeover - Under $1000 - Took 1 Minute - Improve your smile at

​There's way too many people that are embarrassed to smile. ​Most clients have already been to a dentist, and they feel like they can't afford a real smile makeover.

​At ​Brighter ​Image ​Lab we don't believe that a smile makeover is a luxury, and we don't think you can put a price on your smile. I can get you incredible results in a matter of minutes, and you're going to be amazed.

We can take your smile from bad to beautiful. Our process is lab direct, there's no dentist visit​.

At ​Brighter ​Image ​Lab, we believe your smile is too beautiful not to smile whenever you want. ​I think the results speak for themselves.

I did it for her, I'll do it for you​. You can afford a smile makeover, and you're going to smile, and smile, and smile​.

Come see how we made these results happen at

​Yesterday, Nationally Television Program, The Doctors, featured Brighter Image Lab's, Press On Veneers™ in a special segment. Referred to as "Mail Order Veneers", "Lab Direct Veneers", or "Removable Dental Veneers - these two women used our custom smile design services to transform their smiles. If you have bad teeth or are embarrassed to smile, visit

​What if you could improve your smile without even going to the dentist?

There's actually a more affordable option to veneers, and our next guests, they're unhappy with their smile​, so they wanted to try it out.

​When I was little, I was on the swing and someone kicked me in the mouth, and my t​ooth turned grey.

When I was 16 years old I performed on stage ​and it went very hard and it just b​anged my t​ooth with the mic, and I was like, "I've chipped my tooth!" ​So I went to their dentist to get it fixed.

I was unhappy with my result because we're so a neat ​band, and bothers me​.

Today, I'm wearing a bridge and it's obvious that is not my natural teeth​. What I don't like is you can kind of see the gum line.​

So, now I've learned how to cover it up, and it still bothers me and I want to smile full, you ​know? ​Like...

I'm so tired ​of this bridge, ​so let's put this mail order removable veneers to the test.

I'm really excited to give it a try, so let's do it​!

The first step is we're gonna mix the putty and then you put it in the ​tray.​

Here we go!

Pull it out and put it in the mail​.

So let's hope I'm gonna have a new smile. ​Let's draw it up.

​With ​Crystal and ​Mika, who you saw earlier, they're joining us in the audience, and before I show you their new look I want to remind everyone veneers can be very expensive​.

There is a huge cost differential and I know that puts veneers out of reach of a lot of people​.​

So it's seven hundred ninety five bucks for an arch​...

Vers​us​ ​thousands per tooth​.

I want everyone to look at what ​Mika looked like before with her smile, and ​Mika let's see what you got now for us.


So are you happy?

I am happy of course. I think the way they made them and how fast it was. ​For me, I think it could be a great solution for people who really

struggle who can't afford veneers or something​.

With ​Crystal, I know you really were challenged​.


I was going to ask you to come up here and try them on for the first time so not only do we get to see them, but you do as well. There you

are my dear.​

You know as you're doing that ​Crystal, I just want to say one how brave you are to come up here and do this on national television. Also, you know your teeth affects more than just your smile it affects your overall health, and​...

How easy was that? ​How does it feel? ​

Wh​at I notice on ​Crystal is they are so white and beautiful for a special event or for pictures or whatever, this might be a​...

That's what it seems like the right option or you know your wedding's coming up and you don't have to get​...

Yeah, I think ​it's great for that. ​You got your pictures coming up. I think it looks great!

Would you wear these for pictures and things like that? ​Would ​that work?


Yeah, actually think it looks good​.

I mean it looks amazing.

Yeah, your smile's so pretty​.

Yeah I mean basically, it's awesome!

​At Brighter Image Lab we don't believe anyone should be embarrassed to smile because of Missing Broken or Misaligned Teeth. Even aging stains can hold you back. Every day we work with clients looking an alternative to Invisalign braces, snap on smile or dental veneers. Now accepting clients worldwide at

​At ​Brighter ​Image ​Lab​.com, we don't believe anyone should be embarrassed to smile​. We've heard your stories about the negative impact bad ​teeth, or an embarrassing smile can have on your life.

If your teeth are chipped, broken, or misaligned, and you feel stuck, then our removable veneers could be the solution you've been hoping for.

​Introducing ​BIL Veneers, a new digitally designed smile makeover by ​Brighter ​Image ​ Using the latest innovation in design and technology to completely transform your smile​. The process is lab direct, there's never a dentist visit, it's all done online, and that's what makes it so affordable​.

Most people don't have two years to wait for braces or thousands of dollars to spend on a cosmetic dentist​.

You can have an amazing smile.

W​e did it for them we'll do it for you.

​Brighter ​Image ​Lab​.com

​Watch Brighter Image Lab, Director - Bil Watson - showcase Bil Veneers to thousands of viewers on Good Morning Texas. We were invited by WFAA Channel 8. Learn more at

​​Take a look at those pearly whites! ​A new smile can change your look and boost your confidence, and ​Brighter ​Image ​Lab wants to give you the perfect smile for less than a thousand dollars.​

Company director Bil Watson is here this morning, hi ​Bil​.


Good to see you.


​We were talking beforehand, and all these​...all the people that were going to see the before and after images in the monitor are B​IL ​Veneer.

Actually real clients people that we've done.

Alright, so explain what a B​IL ​Veneer is.​

At Brighter Image Lab,  we make a removable dental veneer ​that's designed to make it to where anyone can afford to improve their smile​.

And you were telling me beforehand, you're really genuinely​ really like doing this because technology has made this possible when you couldn't do it before​. Can you explain that​?

We started to make ​BIL Veneers, our processes lab ​direct. There's never a ​dentist visit, and so they basically said it would be almost

impossible​. But every year we've improved the technology and now we're able to compete with any with basic traditional dental veneers where most people would look at these ​veneers and say they're they're not removable, but actually they are​

And that's what sets ​them apart from everything else that's out there​.

It sets them apart because not only ​does the technology match what's been available before, but now they can actually make a decision to actually have them done.​

Okay, let's bring Jackie and she is wearing ​BIL Veneers, tell us about her case.

Well this was a real sensitive live case. That' you can see​...what you'll find out is​ that what makes it so difficult is, this person was going to

need braces and implants​. It was just going to be very expensive to do this type of case, and instead in just a matter of seconds we were​ able to to give her a removal dental veneer that made it look like she had full restoration​.

So who's your typical client?

Our first client is people who have basically given up thinking they could never afford dental veneers​. People who just think that it's not reachable and then and from there it goes to anyone who just wants to improve their smile.​

And from start to finish how long does it take?​

As little as 14 days​, and sometimes as much as 30 depending on the process​.

I just had a curiosity how did you get started in the business of removable veneers​?

​Since 1997 we've been working on technology that improves people's smile. ​And in 2010 is when a lot of the advancement came with 3d printing​. And we've been in it since 2010, we've made over 70,000 set of veneers.

Okay you mentioned cost, how are they so affordable? ​How do you do that?

We're mak​e ​it affordable by ​keeping it ​lab direct. Traditionally that's what makes the dentist, what makes ​veneers so expensive for sm​ile makeovers is that the cost of the dentist​. But when you have a veneer that can be designed ​and a person actually place them on themselves, lab direct, no dentists ​visit, it makes it very affordable.

All right, thank you very much.

​When Kimby Kloss decided to improve her smile with dental veneers she reached out to BIL. We believe that Healthy Teeth Should NOT Need Drilling. See how her results speak for themselves. Non-Invasive Cosmetic Dental Veneers NO Dentist, Amazing Results in Seconds! Learn more at

​When you smile you teach people to smile around you, or when you don't, it teaches them to be more concerned around you​. ​It's contagious​.

I've seen that with even parents who can't smile who is in your pictures where you take a serious look it tends to make people draw from that look even though it works for you​.

It's not as approachable​.

Right, and so if you had if you can go back and take a quarter of those chances back or fifty of those chances​.

I would do it in a heartbeat​.

Right, there you go. ​Hey, let me show you what I really want to do. ​You know, but I don't want to be​...

​This is who I really am. I really am a smiley person, and happy and bubbly. ​This is who I am.

​How'd you hear about us​?

I was on Instagram and there was this social media, you know, person that I loved her teeth, and she was just really real about, you know, how she approached getting, you know, a better smile​. And I looked at her YouTube, and on her YouTube videos she had, she was one of your clients and I was so intrigued I had to, you know, I was brought to​...


Your web page and I was just like, it was almost like automatically I felt like my perspective had changed upon you know getting a sense of doing veneers. I'm just so impressed that ​she avoided doing the drilling and the step-by-step process that it would take​ that's so invasive that to me I like it the cost is high too - yes that's​...

Incredibly deceptive​.

Oh my god!

What happens is is they show the before they show the after but they never show the ride home, and the difference is when they show before and after it's a deceptive position, like before and after it's like these are your teeth, and now these are your teeth real drilled down​. And so there's really not an after past that because the third picture is here your here's your teeth when you apply a veneer​. Here's how we hide your teeth, but the before and after should be real teeth, cone teeth.

My entire life I have growing up I had, you know, pretty baby teeth and my dentist always said that and it stuck with me because when my teeth came in the way that they did I was not as pleased​.

You just want them different​?

Yeah, exactly. Exactly!​

And so, it's like and that's one of the theories that we get into is that nobody should drill healthy teeth.

Yeah, that's terrifying to me. ​It really, really is.​

Here's what's happened​. What they do is they drill a tooth to grind it down, but it the grinding comes from the drill, and so we

just say stay away from the drill​. We all the time see people who send us their cases, they want to know if they can get their veneers removed

because they want to go back to what they had and you can't. ​You can't, are you crazy?​


When you said that you didn't want to drill, then that got my attention. Like for instance I don't know if you know but I think you tell me you were in Invisalign. ​Jumped out of them​?


The reason being is cause​...

Oh my god, it was the biggest mistake ever. ​It was not productive​.

What what I tell people is that they're, you know, you have to know what to expect if your teeth didn't come in fully​. They don't continue to come in fully​. Straightening them don't make them nicer, just make some more obvious and sometimes if they're not shaped right they have to be straighter teeth and you makes it more obvious. ​Oh I really need cosmetic, and so most people go straight from braces straight into

cosmetic​. Which is crazy.

Which they could have bypassed it.​

​And so especially for little things if you'd done it ten years ago or even five years ago the choices we make today for those same veneers are so different in color, and shade, and translucency and a bunch of things​. So why commit yourself to something that's going to potentially..

It's ​outdated, the technology has changed, why continue to service that..​?

I want to show you something on your smile.

Okay. Let's see.​

You have almost no changes​. The shape of this one in this one's underdeveloped​. This is probably one of those cases that are strictly cosmetic, like and but if you could make those changes on a case like this you can do any case. ​And so...​

I can't believe this is really happening! Those are my impressions, those are my teeth, those are gonna go in my mouth?

The reason ​I said they work is this is supposed to be your mouth. They fit on, and so that's where we take it from​. So the best thing to do is try it​.



Ah! This is crazy! I have to take a deep breath, I​...

It's gonna feel weird​...

No, I can't even describe. Since I have like​...This is a big moment for me because since I have been like a little girl on, I have always had such...Since I was six years old and my front teeth came in and this tooth has always been such an insecurity of mine and I never smile with my teeth and it's you know maybe it's all a mental thing, but I just like I can't believe this moment is really here.​


Is it on?

They look amazing​.

What do you see?

I'm going to let you see.

I'm ready. Oh!​

You gotta let the camera see.​

This is unreal.

You look​ amazing.

I can't​...

Look how shiny they are.


They look so perfect and shiny. I​ notice in your Instagram your lip to lip on almost everything​.

Everything, and my family always gives me such a hard time and it's always been an insecurity thing​.

You're not having a problem smiling?​

No​, I'm never going to do the duck face again!

We're talking I just learned that that was a real face. I thought it duck meant hide.

Oh my god!

They look perfect.

I can't believe it​.

Do you mind changing to the other ones? I always tell people wait three or four days before you get used to the bottom but some people get adjusted the first and they wear the second one it all depends on how good it looks​. Should look surreal, but it's gonna feel big, and it's gonna feel bright, so let's look at it​.

Ok let's do it!

This is yours look how white it is​.

Oh my god, I know. Oh my gosh.

Just push them down​.

Like this?​

They should be tight.

Ok. Oh my god, I can't believe this! ​No!​

That's a lot to get used to. ​How does it feel? ​It's crazy ​beautiful.

Feels great. I can't believe this​.

You know a large percentage of the people that come to me and never came to me look good, whenever​ time, I ha​d to look a bit better I met a young lady in Ohio called me and said that I need I mean a really great smile, it...

Was this Brittney?


I watched it​.

And she's like you can do this and she was in the dentist for four years and he couldn't fix her smile and so that's when we really got on let's make these more perfect​. So with that I'm getting to see the work for the first time I don't get to see it up this close​.

I am so happy!

I have to tell you something else.

Tell me!

​People are gonna ask we don't know each other​?


And we never met before today, right?

No, no, no, no, no.

Like, we instagrammed one time​.

Yeah, I reached out to you I didn't know I was reaching out to you. I didn't know who I was reaching out to because​...

I think was like a Saturday or Sunday morning​?

It was a Sunday morning​!

You didn't try these on before today​?


Ok, and so with that​...

Oh my god!!! Like, I, this is unreal!

Another thing I liked about you're graduating from college. These smart girls that they do their work, they don't drill. ​You obviously

know enough people to know any cosmetic dentist in Florida. If you wanted to make that choice you could've easily made it and it wasn't an accident that you put that in our first message​. Like, I'm not drilling, so help me​.

And I'm thinking how does she know to say that like I'm always concerned that somebody in my office might have heard me say it so they go I'll just tell them this, but we were looking at trying to start a campaign that says don't drill​. And I knew you were doing your investigation, and I knew that you could make other choices and I know there's a time to where you don't want to be making mistakes. ​

You got too many people coming in, but I will tell you I have been here for the last 15 minutes or so and I don't see anything about you that's going to have anything but positive on you making an impression, or you​ no longer have the negative. I don't think you're ever going to worry about that one tooth being too small​. It looks perfect now​.

They're perfect​.

Let me see. ​They're perfect, perfect​> Like the tips match exactly, bite for bite.

I'm so excited​.

It's still way hard for you believe​...I can feel the energy of shock​.

I can't believe this is real. I love them so much!​

This is insane crazy.

They're so perfect​.

Your parents are gonna see you for graduation​. Your mom's gonna see you for Mother's Day, and you're gonna walk your

stage you're gonna have your friends​.

Oh my god!

And there aren't going to be one more, I have to, oh these are my...These people will judge me​...

Smiling the entire way down​.

We did pretty good.

I have to see again. Oh my gosh​.

We did good.

You did good​.

We did good.

I know Kariann always had the best teeth. ​She's my twin, I got robbed. ​Hey, can you believe it?

They look so good!​

You're the first one I'm showing.

Oh! How do they feel?


Oh my gosh​.

Aren't they amazing kk?

You're so happy. You're smiling!

I know I'm so happy!

You're smiling, that's awesome.

I know!

learn more at

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I understand that the full price for Removable Veneers is substantially higher than the prices displayed on this site, and would like to take advantage of the 60% limited time special discounted pricing and only pay listed price plus $46 for the 3-way shipping and processing. I also understand that receiving this discount is contingent on my adherence to the Terms and Conditions linked below. I understand that each set of veneers are custom made for me, that available spots for new clients are limited. By ordering, I confirm I am fully committed to the process and I understand that any payment is non-cancelable and non-refundable and I confirm I have read and agree to all of the terms & conditions.

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As Featured On ABC affiliate WFAA channel 8
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Inc 5000 - 2019 Honoree
As Featured On ABC affiliate WFAA channel 8
As Featured on Good Morning Texas
As Featured on The Doctors
Made in Texas - Celebrating 20 Years
As Featured on VoyageATL

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