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Our videos say a lot about who we are and how we do things. We pour a lot of work, time, and resources into creating amazing visual content. In fact, we are so committed to making quality video productions, that it is our preferred method of communicating new products, how-to instructions, and even telling our clients’ stories. Click on any of our videos below and experience what Brighter Image Lab has to offer.

NEW BIL Veneers! -100% Digital 3D Dental Design and Technology by The Most Experienced Hands in the Industry, BIL Veneers are the WORLD’S Finest Removable Veneer Online! by Brighter Image Lab. Over 50,000 dental veneers designed for clients world wide. Most Trusted – Experience – Proven – Online Since 1997

What if you could improve your smile, affordably, at home, without a dentist? At Brighter Image Lab, YOU have the choice! For 20 years, we have been improving smiles for tens of thousands of clients with 3D digital design and processing, Lab Direct, with NO DENTIST VISIT! What are you waiting for!? Visit Finest Smile Designers in the World.

Brighter Image Lab – Did this Amazing Smile Makeover – Under $1000 – Took 1 Minute – Improve your smile at

Yesterday, Nationally Television Program, The Doctors, featured Brighter Image Lab’s, Press On Veneers™ in a special segment. Referred to as “Mail Order Veneers”, “Lab Direct Veneers”, or “Removable Dental Veneers – these two women used our custom smile design services to transform their smiles. If you have bad teeth or are embarrassed to smile, visit

At Brighter Image Lab we don’t believe anyone should be embarrassed to smile because of Missing Broken or Misaligned Teeth. Even aging stains can hold you back. Every day we work with clients looking an alternative to Invisalign braces, snap on smile or dental veneers. Now accepting clients worldwide at

Watch Brighter Image Lab, Director – Bil Watson – showcase Bil Veneers to thousands of viewers on Good Morning Texas. We were invited by WFAA Channel 8. Learn more at

When Kimby Kloss decided to improve her smile with dental veneers she reached out to BIL. We believe that Healthy Teeth Should NOT Need Drilling. See how her results speak for themselves. Non-Invasive Cosmetic Dental Veneers NO Dentist, Amazing Results in Seconds! Learn more at

New Incredibil™ Dental Veneers with Translucent Technology by Brighter Image A Cosmetic Smile Makeover Online – No Dentist Dental Veneers! See Live Results with Real International Client.

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    We knew you'd be listening! Select the station you heard us on below to enter to win a FREE Smile Makeover!

    How Does This Work?

    Brighter Image Lab provides life-changing smile makeovers to thousands of clients every year.

    We also partner with a non-profit named New Life Smile who matches people like you, with public and private funding sources to hopefully cover a portion (if not ALL) of your smile makeover costs. We’re ready to help right now!

    We’ve already given away free smiles to people in your area and we’re ready to do a lot more!