Pageant Smile – One Beauty Queen Wins The Ultimate Prize

Introduction  A cosmetic dentist wanted over $20 thousand dollars and to drill down her already amazing teeth to give this pageant contestant veneers, but she said NO! Instead, when Monica Aguilar, 2019 Miss Intercontinental Runner Up, decided to get a perfect pageant smile with dental veneers, she reached out to BIL. We believe that healthy […]

Dental Veneer For Stunning Miss Atlanta Georgia

Miss Atlanta Georgia Gets No Dentist Dental Veneers

Watch below as the stunning Miss Atlanta Georgia gets a dental veneer and reveals her amazing new smile makeover! I can tell from talking to you that your spirit is every bit as big as you. You know some people’s Instagram is a lot bigger than they are, but I can tell you your Instagram […]

Pageant Queen Gets Dazzling Smile With Incredibil Veneer

Pageant Queen gets New Incredibil Smile Makeover

We Did Great But We Can Do Better How long you been wearing these pageant veneers? I’ve had these now for I’d say about maybe eight to ten weeks. They look amazing! Thank you I love them like. It was shocking to me because they look real. Yes. So I think you probably have heard […]