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Crushing Tetracycline Teeth Stains Cured By Smile Makeover

See how a young woman effected by Tetracycline as a child spent over 15 years with permanent teeth stains. These teeth stains were impossible to get rid of. No amount of whitening or laser treatment could rid her of them.

Meet Brittney

From 9 to 19 was 10 years. From 19 to 29 it was 20 years, you suffered a bad smile with teeth stains for 20 freaking years that you fixed in two seconds. Literally in two minutes we were done that’s crazy.

I’ve had teeth stains since I was 9 years old.They said that I had to take some antibiotic as a child that permanently created teeth stains. They can’t get rid of it. They said even if I whiten them, they’d still be stained forever. I didn’t think they could affect your teeth that much, especially when you’re little. I’m 29 now so I’m about to graduate college. I don’t want to go into the medical field with braces working on pediatrics because then I’ll look like a child too. Anyway if I get braces and straighten my teeth they’re still going to be stained. 

A Life Destroyed By A Bad Smile

I mean I don’t have one picture where I’ve smiled. I learned how to not smile so much that I’m just so used to it. I smiled for real to my daughter once, and she said mom why are your teeth dirty. I tried to explain it to her, but she didn’t get it. She was like well mine aren’t like that and I was like okay. I want to do it for them and for me because I’ve never been happy with my smile. So everyone I see, it affects how they look at me. They probably think, oh she’s not clean or she doesn’t brush her teeth there’s stuff like that. I’ll be seeing children every day I don’t want them to say the same thing my daughter says.

I want them to be like Oh mom she has a good smile. I want mine to look like hers you know.

My boyfriend is my older daughter’s basically step-father. Her dad actually left me because of my teeth. That was one of his things. Everyone has their thing you know. He wanted a girl with perfect teeth because he has perfect teeth. So I just said, I don’t know what you want me to do.

Obstacles Of A Bad Smile

How long before you get married?

Three years, because we have to save.

I hear that a lot but I don’t ever get into a lot of conversations. People will postpone their wedding just for the pictures.


Because you want to have a nice smile for your wedding right?

His parents work for Kodak so they always want to take pictures and they always ask me why I don’t smile. It changes your personality. So you bought the top ones because that would get you something. You probably didn’t buy the bottom ones because they’re expensive.


We’re going to get you the bottom. Let me tell you why, let me see you smile big. I don’t want to do 50% on your confidence.

You can see the staining right?

A Step Forward To A Better Life

Oh I can see it. It’s all been done through medication? Ouch! I can tell you with everything I know, these should be incredibly bright. It’s going take you a few seconds to get used to this. You probably should have a shock, but I’m looking at it and it looks like everything’s going to match up. So let’s go ahead and try it.

Oh my god, this is so weird.

But do you see how perfect that’s going to look. If your teeth were just a little bit yellow then we would just bleach them. You know I’m telling you truth. I’m almost at the point to where we need to get her to come back. We could make them Monday, like why even take those…

How can you make them that quickly? Don’t they take longer?

They do take a long time , but I have magic elves in the back. But I will tell you from what I’ve seen it’s going to be out of the park taking pictures.

Oh yeah, those look great!

You’re going to have a hard time not smiling. I think we can wrap it up for today.But we’re going to schedule for you come back okay? We did it!

What are you doing kiddo? Are you ready for this? A little bit about the story that we’re doing last week I met Brittney for the first time we had never met right?


Personal Relationships Impacted By Teeth Stains

When I did her job we put in the top and I instantly said this girl doesn’t know herself. Like you don’t know how pretty you are. You were blocked up, not a lot of eye contact, and I said if you’ll trust me and give me a week maybe I can show everybody what they should see. And I think the whole world needs to see that your smile is not a luxury. Somebody told me at one time the staining of your teeth was a complication in your last marriage.

We were going to get married and he said I can’t be with someone with teeth like that because he had perfect teeth. He said I tried to, but just I looked at them every day and I couldn’t.

It’s insane and it makes you want to compensate. Everybody has some of those issues but what happens is is confidence is something that you don’t ever value until you don’t have it. I think if there was anything that what we do does for people is tell them that it’s okay for you to stand here in your own skin and be you. But to stay on this blog I wanted to show the world that no amount of bleaching would fix your teeth, no laser whitening nothing, there was nothing you can do or you would’ve done it. So even if you were to straighten them, you’d still had a problem.


Eliminating Teeth Stains

They wouldn’t have been contoured and stuff so I wanted to make your bottom, and I think it’s a big deal so you ready to see them? These are the top. Try those again.

Are they in all the way? Oh my god that’s crazy.

Are you ready to try these in?

Yeah because the bottoms look so bad now.

These are going to be a little tighter. They’re going to be a little weird for a minute once you get adjusted to them. They look amazing!

It looks so good!

They look so surreal no one would ever know that you aren’t a cosmetic dentist.

Life After Tetracycline Teeth Stains

I don’t know how to smile.

You’ve got to try. Do me a favor? You hadn’t done that at all ? You hadn’t done that smile at all, like you didn’t go just that little bit of smile even your daughters don’t see.

Nobody sees, so it probably looks so weird.

We didn’t do that much we did a little bit of makeup, we got your color ,pulled your hair back and gave you some confidence you’re not hiding. I hope you can see this girl needs to show the whole world.

Oh yeah.

Is that hard?

I’m not used to it.

You have natural dimples and you don’t know how to show them. You understand that if the whole world saw that, all these times everyone you know would see somebody different they would know a different person that’s not the girl that walked in here last week.

People will treat me different too. 

The Quick And Simple Process

The people treat you like they see you yeah but you look amazing. If you can, what they’re going to want to ask you is a bunch of questions. Was the impression hard?


How many times did you have to do them?

One time.

No big deal were the instructions hard?


Then they’re going to ask you, do they fit too tight?


Feel too bulky ?


Do you any reason why they feel like they’re going to fall out?

No definitely not!

So in a social setting, you can survive it?

Oh yeah no problem.

Psychological Aftermath Of Teeth Stains

The only thing I know is you still..

I still don’t know how to smile, yeah.

The only that’s going through my mind right now is your little girls are going to be screaming freaking happy when they see mom happy. So your little girls have never seen you smile?


You have just been this happy person that’s been more serious. Well now you get to be less serious.

I couldn’t be more exactly with the results I think,do you like them?

I love them! 

Daily Routine Will Change

I think you kind of knew from last week that they were gonna be pretty good. When you’re 29 it’s hard to believe you’ve anything for 20 years. The longest thing that you’ve done in your life is have to deal around a smile. We fixed it! I want you to see what nobody’s used to seeing you be you. I’m seeing it for the first time. We are going to get our picture taken and then you’re going to practice smiling.


By this time next week yours need to be mad at each other.

Yeah, they will.

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