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Dental Partials Warning:
Don’t Ruin Your Teeth

dental partials

There’s no such thing “minimally invasive” or “minimal prep” veneers. All veneers require a dentist to permanently damage your teeth to apply a temporary veneer.

Dental Partials
aren’t “Permanent"

The only thing “partial” is the tooth damage. If Dentists were honest about the potential for partials to fail after just a few years, a lot fewer people would get them.

Instead, they call them ‘dental partials’. Knowingly glossing over the idea that they’ll be partially destroying your real teeth forever, and replacing them with an appliance they HOPE will last you 10 years before needing to be replaced. So the real choice is:

Drill vs BIL
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Read the WSJ Article

51% of All Cosmetic
Dentistry is Re-Done

The American Dental Association found that MOST of the work done at Cosmetic Dentist offices, is the fixing of previous work that’s failed (or was unaceptable). But since that doesn't inspire confidence, it’s usually not mentioned when a dentist is selling you Dental Partials.

Maybe that’s why the Wall Street Journal reported that the Dental industry is experiencing a “Degeneration of ethics”, as some dentists get right on profiting from bad / failing cosmetic dental work.

Save 1000s Compared to Traditional Veneers

my clients Save 1000s When Compared To Traditional Veneers

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See proof: 100s of Real Clients who did just what you’re doing now. Went online, did their research, and chose Brighter Image Lab. No Dentist Visit, No Drilling, No Pain.

Don't Pay For Your Dentist's Mercedes

We’ve saved our 80,000+ clients an average $13,500 per case. That’s over $1b put back in the pockets of everyday people instead of paying for your dentist’s sports car.

If you know your smile is holding you back, and you’re serious about making a change - I’ll make you this promise: I’ll do everything I can to get you a Full Smile Makeover for close to the cost of a SINGLE TOOTH with Dental Partials - But you have to talk to me. You have to get engaged and let us help you find a solution.

Don't let your Dental Veneers pay for the dentist's Mercedes

(Our clients save $13,500 on average)

Don't Destroy your Teeth to improve your Smile

Nothing’s more important than your smile, and even if you don’t like them, your natural teeth are worth too much to let a dentist grind them down to stumps. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening in Dentist offices all over the country, right now.

Our Removable Dental Veneers truly are the future of smile design - and you owe it to yourself to consider other options before committing to a permanent procedure.

Choose removable veneers instead of dental partials

Improve Your Smile - Improve your Life

If you’re looking for Dental Partials, I hope we’ve given you reason to consider our removable dental veneers as an non-destructive alternative. If you’re needing to replace your bad or failing veneers, I hope you’ll seriously consider Brighter Image Lab before returning to a cosmetic dentist.

And if your current smile is the result of bad dental work - We want to help! Click below and tell us your story. We’ll set you up with a free consultation with one of our Smile Specialists, as well as a free bonus offer. A full-facial analysis and preview for your new smile.

Sign up for your Bonus Offer below.

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You may also qualify for discounts or special offers.

dental partials

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    I hereby authorize the use of my likeness and/or story for any and all purposes. I agree that Brighter Image Lab will not be held liable for any loss, damages of injury associated with applying for, accepting, or using their new smile. I agree that Brighter Image Lab retains the right to make any and all decisions as to the nature of the products or services being rendered and/or to cancel any agreement or work being done for any reason whatsoever. By submitting this form, I confirm I have read and agree to all of the terms & conditions.

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    dental partials
    dental partials

    Meet Bil

    Hi, I’m Bil, a smile designer and an average everyday worker. Since 1997 I've been improving people's smiles. I created my Lab Direct Process to give people a choice!

    A nice smile should not cost $20,000. My work to design technology and create innovation has been life changing for a lot of people all over the world. We believe BilVeneers are the Future of Smile Design because it has helped thousands of people get a new smile without going to the dentist. 

    Now it’s your turn!

    dental partials

    Move Sliders For Before & After Dental Veneer Pictures

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    Allow our team of designers to custom design your new smile Over $1M invested in our Lab Direct Process

    Brighter Image Lab Design Video - Click to play
    Brighter Image Lab Design Video - Click to play

    From beginning to end there isn’t a single step in our Lab Direct Process that hasn’t been researched, tested and scrutinized. These uncompromising standards are what make Brighter Image Lab™ the industry leader in Smile Innovation.

    Brighter Image Lab™ is one of the most technologically advanced design labs in the world, and it’s the reason we can create smiles in a way that other labs can only dream of.

    Dr. Terri Alani Snap-On Smile Pricing
    Dr. Christy Leedy Snap-On Smile Pricing
    Dr. Orlando Stovall Snap-On Smile Pricing
    Dr. Roya Niakiani Snap-On Smile Pricing
    Dr. Timothy Goh Snap-On Smile Pricing
    Dr. Simon Minbauer Snap-On Smile Pricing
    Dr. Raminta Mastis Snap-On Smile Pricing
    Dr. Marc Liechtung Snap-On Smile Pricing

    Compare these dentists to our listed price of $795!

    Our Lab Direct Process has provided 25,000 new veneers online for a fraction of the cost of going to a dentist.

    Brighter Image Lab - The Cost of Dental Work Leaves Most with No Real Choice

    Because the cost of dental work leaves most with no real choice

    No two clients are the same but they all have one thing in common. Their dentist can’t provide them with an affordable choice to improve their smile.

    Press On Veneers™ is an affordable option that can improve your smile, help you look years younger, and increase your confidence – all without a dentist. A new smile is a choice that opens up another world of better choices.

    The Lab Direct™ process allows us to serve clients all around the world from a single location. Through a unique combination of Innovation, Design and Technology, we’re the first to offer affordable smile design worldwide, and we’ve done it online with discounted pricing.

    You really can bring your smile to its ultimate level

    Real Brighter Image Lab Client Before and After
    Real Brighter Image Lab Client found out how little our dental veneers cost

    Without paying $20,000 for a cosmetic smile makeover

    If you’ve considered dental veneers in the past, you know they’re a major procedure that’s expensive and absolutely non-reversible.

    Our clients achieve amazing results at a fraction of the cost with no painful procedures.. Don’t be fooled, when offered an affordable, reversible alternative, our clients have a much easier decision.

    Actual Brighter Image Lab UK Client - The price of living with a bad smile is too much

    The Price of living with a bad smile is, ultimately, too much

    Some of the most beautiful women in the world are wearing our Dental Veneers. Why let your smile be an embarrassment when it could be your greatest asset? Clients like Sara put faith in us to deliver their smiles worldwide. Scotland, London, Sydney, Toronto or Mexico City and many more.

    See Up Close – The Right Smile Can Make A Man

    Real Brighter Image Lab Clients - The Right Smile Can Make A Man

    For many men, the idea of a “Smile Makeover” isn’t something they’d normally consider. But when it comes to our New Dental Veneers, they realize it’s an opportunity to get back something they’ve lost, or in some cases, become the person they always thought they’d be.

    It’s just one more tool to help them navigate the unique pressures they contend with day-to-day. Designing a smile for a man presents a different set of challenges and we believe our results show it’s not only something we do, but something we consistently do very well.

    The Future of Smile Design
    I try to see the future in every smile design - Bil

    Watch Video to Better Understand Our Process

    Brighter Image Lab Direct Process Video - Watch Now

    Our #1 Fit Philosophy is - To Make the Best 1st Impression

    It's this simple: we have one size - It's the correct size made from your impressions. As our client, you start your job by supplying us a great impression of your teeth! Exact impressions of your teeth make a great fitting dental veneer EVERYTIME!

    Our clients start every job, we simply finish it by designing your dental veneer from your impression. Our Process is unique because our clients start creating their veneers themselves. They take the initial impression of their existing teeth. This allows us to have the exact teeth size and statue which fits accurately. The Brighter Image Lab® foundation was established on finishing the design process from the impression we receive.

    Make the Best 1st Impression

    Life's too beautiful to have a smile that does not fit your face. A correctly fitted dental veneer alleviates years of embarrassment, allowing you to transform your whole self image by yourself.

    Brighter Image's Veneers are custom designed to wear evenly, and be comfortable through long days, with no need for removal. It starts by receiving a great impression from clients! It ends with designing you a wonderful new smile that can change your life.

    5 Things you should know about the fit and feel of your veneers

    Our technology allows us to make dental veneers that are extremely thin. Even though this layer is very small, it is important to understand that the veneers will always feel:

    1. Thicker - than your teeth

    2. Longer - than your teeth

    3. Wider - than your teeth

    4. Adhesive - may be required

    5. Remakes and/or Adjustments may be necessary.

    Vertical Tooth Diagram of Removable Veneers from Brighter Image Lab

    In the past, these aspects were viewed as a negative, but more and more people are praising the increased dimensions as a positive, because of the improvements to the overall look of the face and smile. Elongating the smile makes it more prominent which can give the appearance of youthful energy and decrease that undesirable ‘tired‘ look. Widening the smile, helps the face look smoother and more even. These changes are all on a very small scale, but you can see from our photos that the results are incredible!

    Cross Section of a Removable Veneer from Brighter Image Lab

    10 Main reasons some clients might not like custom veneers:

    1. Didn't need veneers/Teeth already look good.

    2. Didn't expect veneers to feel how they feel.

    3. Didn't expect to add bulk to smile or look larger.

    4. Didn't understand importance of a good impression.

    5. Didn't Understand that custom work is non-refundable.

    6. Ordered expecting delivery for a specific event.

    7. Didn't understand that production timelines are estimates.

    8. Didn't send the required photos / sent too late.

    9. Didn't allow time for acclimation / adjustment

    10. Expected too much from the veneers.

    Psychologically, Press On Veneers can change the way you view yourself and the way others view you. It will take up to two weeks or more for your mouth to become accustomed to wearing Press On Veneers. It may take you longer to become accustomed to seeing yourself wearing the veneers. Friends, family, and loved ones may not support your new smile.

    All of these issues may be resolved with time and frequency. As with all things, your body will grow used to wearing and seeing yourself with the veneers the longer you wear them. That's the time to show your friends, family, and loved ones your new smile.

    They Don't Send Our Client Service Team Flowers For Nothing

    The Brighter Image Lab Client Service Team Members regularly receives flowers
    Brighter Image Lab Client Services Agent receives flowers

    Our unique process requires a lot of interaction with the client in order to achieve a perfect custom fitted veneer, so we make sure to provide an amazing support team to help you along the way.

    Our Account Representatives ensure you make the most informed decision about custom designed removable veneers. If you still have questions about the Lab Direct Process or what Press On Veneers can do for your smile, we ask that you send us your photos and call or chat with one of our Smile Specialists now!

    We're here to help you make your impressions, track your order, and most importantly, help you adjust to wearing your new smile. Ready to make the change you should have made years ago? Start your order now.