Extreme smile makeover from Brighter Image Lab

2 Minute Extreme Smile Makeover Contest Without a Dentist!

Bil Watson

Extreme Smile Makeover Contest Changes One Client’s Life and Will Change You

Watch this video to see how changing your smile with dental veneers can change everything thanks to an extreme smile makeover contest from Brighter Image Lab.

Does a broken smile change a person?

Or does a person change when they see a broken smile?

Tiffany never stopped being herself. It just became difficult to see her.

Ask yourself this: Does a broken smile change her? Or does it change you?

Her broken smile limited her choices

This week, I actually met someone that was so incredibly different that it made me stop and look at myself. Tiffany has a really bad smile. The dentist said she needed dental implants. She put herself last for the longest time. She told me how it hurt to not be able to make any choices.

And after meeting her, I never met anybody I wanted to help more. I think I can show the world who you really are. We told her it’s gonna take more than just teeth whitening to complete her smile. She’s going to have to let us add a little bit of hair and a little bit of makeup.

We did her makeover free of charge

There’s got to be a reason why we do what we do and it doesn’t have anything to do with who can afford it. I didn’t give a damn whether she had any money. It just never came up. None of this was gonna matter if this smile didn’t take.

Free Extreme Smile Makeover Winner!

Changing her smile changed her entire life

It was amazing. it just changed, right there, instantly in front of us. Changing her smile allowed us to see how amazing she really is. From bad to beautiful, we did it lab direct using composite resin veneers instead of porcelain veneers.

There was no visit to cosmetic dentists for dental crowns or a deep cleaning. Just a nice, natural smile she’s wanted for a long time.

This makeover changed how we saw her, and how she saw herself

Sometimes you’re just glad you do what you do. It didn’t change who she was, it just changed who we saw. Now we get to see her differently. It’s going be hard to believe that the person you see in the smile makeover before and the after is actually the same person.

Changing her smile changed everything. It actually allowed us to see how beautifulher smile really was. We did it for Tiffany, we’ll do it for you.

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This extreme smile makeover contest took place in Fort Worth, but we can help you get a new smile all over the world without going to a dental office. To submit your a free smile makeover application, visit this page.

We do not run a smile makeover contest, because we believe a smile shouldn’t have to be “won”. Free makeover selections are made by a committee using various criteria.

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