25 Breathtaking Before and After Smile Makeovers

25 Amazing Before and After Smile Makeovers by Brighter Image Lab

Before and After Smile Makeovers by Brighter Image Lab Watch this video and see some before and after smile makeovers to learn just how Brighter Image Lab gives you a choice besides Invisalign, braces, or clear aligners. Before and After Smile Makeovers without Invisalign Hi everyone! On this week’s VLOG, we want to talk to […]

Honest Brighter Image Lab Veneers 4 Minute Review

Brighter Image Lab Veneers Review

Watch our client in Washington give her Brighter Image Lab Veneers review. She spells out exactly what it is like to wear Brighter Image Lab Veneers. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like being a client for Brighter Image Lab

Smile Makeover Hack without Invisalign or Cosmetic Dentist!

Perfect Smile Makeover without Invisalign or Cosmetic Dentist!

Smile Makeover Story: What Do You Expect From PressOn Veneers? What do I think is gonna happen? Hopefully I’m gonna get a pretty new smile. I’m really excited about that because I I feel like I haven’t had one since I was a little girl. Like a whole new person I hope I do I […]

Snap On Smile Dentist

Snap On Smile cost from a Cosmetic Dentist

The Truth About Snap On Smile Dentists This is a Snap On Smile – guys if you’re online and you’re looking to improve your smile with a snap on smile, I want to tell you a couple things. I’ve heard from the #1 snap on smile dentist in the world, and she still can’t make […]

Influencer Smile Makeover Sadly Dentist Failed Her 2 Times!

Influencer Smile Makeover

Watch as Brighter Image Lab gives this influencer smile makeover to this young lady. It’s hard to influence others without a good smile. Influencer Smile Makeover for a Great Young Lady Most of your social media is for products related to fitness or beauty. After this weekend you’re really about inspiration and communication and being […]

Impressive Makeover Testimonial Changes 1 Woman’s World

Makeover Testimonial and Casey Neistat Love Billy shirt for Brighter Image Lab

Makeover Testimonial and Brighter Image Lab Receives a LoveBilly T-Shirt from Casey Neistat  Watch this video to see another inspiring makeover testimonial and how you can win a Casey Neistat LoveBilly t-shirt. Package from Love Billy Is Bil expecting a package? Hey Bil, a package came for you today from New York from LoveBilly.com. We know […]

Latest New Life Smile Clients Selected by 3 Team Members

New Life Smile Clients - How are they selected?

Get an Inside Look at How We Choose New Life Smile Clients Watch this video to get a candid look into how New Life Smile Clients are selected to be the next makeover. I need a haircut I was supposed to do a lot of stuff today. Before I get started, I feel weird about […]

Extreme Makeover Press On Veneers 1 Woman’s Amazing Result

Extreme makeover with Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Brighter Image Lab Gives an Extreme Makeover with New Life Smile and The Results are Amazing. Watch this video to see an extreme makeover that shows why changing your smile, with Brighter Image Lab, can change your life. Stacy’s Story: An Extreme Makeover Oh Wow! Is that Stacy? Oh my goodness. So beautiful! That is […]

International Model Gets 2 Beautiful New Smiles

International model smiles with Press On Veneers from Brighter Image Lab

International Model Gets Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab Watch this video to see how Brighter Image Lab got an international model to photograph her smile for the first time. International Model finds Brighter Image Lab It was, I don’t know, I can’t remember how I came across your page, honestly. I think, yes, it was […]