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Instant Gingivectomy How to Get Good Results Fast


Every year, thousands of people undergo a painful surgery called a gingivectomy to remove excess gum tissue. This procedure is widely used for cosmetic purposes, as many people are dissatisfied with the look of an overly gummy smile.

One woman named Kimberli decided to skip this painful surgery and got an instant gingivectomy with dental veneers from Brighter Image Lab. We changed her gummy smile in minutes with no dentist, no lasers and no pain!

In this blog, we will discuss Kimberli’s story, her smile transformation and the gift she gave to one single mother who needed a new smile.

Kimberli’s Story 

When we met her, Kimberli she was all too familiar with the hardships and mental toll that can come with having a poor smile. She shared her struggles with us and opened up about how she had been bullied as a high schooler. As she spoke, it showed on her face that her smile had been a heavy burden for many years.

Kimberli’s poor smile affected her self-esteem and self-confidence. Her smile insecurities were something she contended with on a daily basis, and she was ready to make a change.

When we spoke, Kimberli told me about her past experience competing in pageants and all the plans she had for the future. She desperately wanted a full smile that would shine through on stage and give her the confidence to compete. 

Kimberli’s Natural Smile 

Kimberli had a gummy smile and her teeth appeared very small. Before coming to Brighter Image Lab, Kimberli considered getting a gingivectomy to enhance her smile. A Gingivectomy is a surgery used to remove gum tissue, or gingiva. This can be done to treat conditions like gingivitis or to remove extra gum tissue for cosmetic reasons, such as to modify a smile.

Gingivectomies are ultra-conservative procedures that deal with cutting the gum line higher than the natural tooth. In Kimberli’s case, a gingivectomy would make her smile look less gummy and her teeth look fuller. The problem with gingivectomies is that not all parts of the gum always re-adhere back to the natural tooth. Although the procedure is more or less successful in most cases, even a one percent change of not fully recovering is a major concern.

Luckily, Kimberli chose to come to Brighter Image Lab rather than undergo a painful and possibly complicated procedure. 

When Kimberli came to us, she asked if we could design her a smile that was a little bit higher. With BilVeneers, Kimberli was able to achieve an instant gingivectomy. We took many chances when designing Kimberli’s BilVeneers, because we wanted her to be able to see what her smile would look like under the best circumstances.

Kimberli’s Instant Gingivectomy

I was so excited to see Kimberli in her new Bil Veneers. It was important to me that when she put them on, she felt all the confidence of a perfect smile. I hoped her instant gingivectomy would transform her smile in a way that positively impacted her life. 

When people have to live their lives with a smile that they’re unhappy with, it greatly affects the way they see themselves. I wanted Kimberli to see her true self when she put on her new smile, to discover all the possibilities that come with a brighter image.

When Kimberli finally tried on her veneers, she was absolutely amazed: “They’re perfect. They’re super bright and they look amazing!”

Before Bil Veneers, Kimberli was considering an invasive gingivectomy to enhance her smile. Luckily, she found Brighter Image Lab and we were able to transform her smile with zero appointments or procedures. Now, she has a brighter, fuller smile that truly brings out the best of her. She got an instant gingivectomy with Bil Veneers and saved thousands!

Now when Kimberli is on stage, she can have a perfectly gleaming smile. The gloss on her veneers will catch all the light in the room and stun every single judge. Kimberli couldn’t have gotten a whiter, fuller smile anywhere else or with any other product. The instant gingivectomy she achieved with Bil Veneers is truly one of a kind.

Kimberli’s new smile is stunning. Her mouth looks full and her gums are pushed to the background. When you look at her, all you’ll see are her teeth shining through. Her instant gingivectomy was just the thing she needed to enhance her smile.

instant gingivectomy

New Life Smile 

When Kimberli spoke with us, we talked a lot about our non-profit, New Life Smile.

New Life Smile is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the underprivileged overcome the disadvantages of a socially unacceptable smile. We accomplish this by providing selected applicants with access and funding to affordable, non-invasive smile makeover services, removing a significant barrier and allowing them to advance their lives, personally, socially and financially. 

After we did Kimberli’s smile, she wanted to make sure we did a smile for someone else absolutely free. Kimberli could have gotten her dental veneers for free, but instead, she made sure a complete stranger got their smile transformation at no cost to them.

I told Kimberli about another lady in North Carolina that was in a car wreck and probably wouldn’t be able to afford her Bil Veneers. This woman had been on our Smile Giveaway list for more than a year, so she had been holding out for a new smile for some time. Thanks to Kimberli, this woman had her smile completely transformed.

Kimberli’s Life-Changing Gift

Kimberli could have gotten her new smile for free, but she chose to pay out of pocket and give her free smile to someone who needed it more. The smile she funded went to a woman in North Carolina named Lexi.

Lexi is a 21-year-old single mom who was in a car accident that stole her smile for over 6 years. Lexi’s damaged smile caused her to struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence. Her smile was a burden on her that affected her everyday life.

After years of living with a damaged smile, Lexi took action. She went to the Brighter Image Lab Instagram page and started interacting. She left us comments, shared her story and got the word out about her smile. She had a need, and she did something about it. 

I’m beyond proud of what we were able to do for Lexi. Six years without smiling is a prison sentence, and now that she’s been freed, I know Lexi will only continue to grow into the person she wants to be. 

instant gingivectomy


Kimberli’s smile can set an example for a lot of young ladies. With young people undergoing cosmetic dental procedures at an alarming rate, I hope Kimberli’s story can let them know they have a choice. An instant gingivectomy with Bil Veneers can save you time and money.

If you want to transform your smile, it’s not invasive procedures or nothing. There are other, less invasive options available for people who want to improve their smile.

Kimberli’s drive made her smile transformation possible, and her generosity changed a life. Because of her, Lexi has new smile that fits her face and compliments her features. Both of these women took action and transformed their smiles with Bil Veneers.

If you’re unhappy with the look of your smile, you don’t have to grind your teeth down, get a gingivectomy or have laser surgery on your smile. Bil Veneers are non-invasive and pain-free option that have the power to completely transform your smile.

Kimberli and Lexi got life-changing results with our gingivectomy alternative, Bil Veneers, and you can too! Simply click below to start your order today.

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