Gingivectomy Alternative: Smile Brighter with Brighter Image Lab™

Gingivectomy alternative - BIL Veneers: dental veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Introduction to Gingivectomy Alternatives Many people are looking for a gingivectomy alternative. Gingivectomy surgery (or Gingivoplasty) is a common procedure used in the dental field which involves removing excess gum tissue from the teeth, but it can be uncomfortable and lengthy when performed as an elective cosmetic procedure. This is why Brighter Image Lab offers […]

Instant Gingivectomy How to Get Good Results Fast

Introduction  Every year, thousands of people undergo a painful surgery called a gingivectomy to remove excess gum tissue. This procedure is widely used for cosmetic purposes, as many people are dissatisfied with the look of an overly gummy smile. One woman named Kimberli decided to skip this painful surgery and got an instant gingivectomy with […]