Instasmile Client asks for a "REAL" Smile Makeover
Bil Watson

Instasmile client asks Brighter Image Lab for help

A former Instasmile client, Maria, turned to Brighter Image Lab to help her get the New Life Smile she needed. 

Looking everywhere for a change

Maria had been trying online veneer companies. She had been an Instasmile client in the past. She wanted to have a perfect smile so she could audition for Disney roles. She also believed the change would help her to live out other dreams, like being a makeup vlogger and influencer.

Not only was her smile holding her back from pursuing her dreams, but it also affected her social life.

Maria is a very outgoing person but would hide her smile when she interacted with people. Her smile caused her embarrassment and made her come across as shy.

After her disappointment as an Instasmile client, she reached out to us at Brighter Image Lab. We were intrigued by her story and wanted to do what we could to help her.

Bil Watson, CEO of Brighter Image Lab, flew down to give this former Instasmile client a smile makeover. He loves connecting with people who get a New Life Smile – a smile that can change someone’s life for the better.

Maria's disappointment as an Instasmile client

The team got to meet Maria's mom and three friendly kids.

Maria’s kids told us about her experience as an Instasmile client. They said that when she tried on her Instasmile product, they burst out laughing because her smile looked so ridiculous with it on.

“They did not mean to be mean”, said Maria. “They’re teenagers. They’re very blunt and open.”

With the Instasmile product, her teeth appeared abnormally large and stuck out comically. The product was nowhere near what Maria needed. She was so disappointed and felt scammed by Instasmile.

Her Transformation

Bil handed Maria her new, Brighter Image Lab veneers. She was nervous at first, but when she snapped her Brighter Image Lab veneers on her teeth she was thrilled.

"They're perfect!" she exclaimed as she smiled brightly for the whole room to see. "They’re beautiful, they’re just perfect!"

Maria's kids and mother were also beaming with happiness about this new change.

"She’s gonna be smiling more comfortably when she’s talking to people and showing her teeth more and laughing" Her son explained. "She’s going to start smiling with her teeth!"

Maria's mother expressed how the dental veneers gave Maria a new, happy attitude. She explained how Maria's smile now matched her personality much more than before.

Our goal

This is what we hope to do at Brighter Image Lab. We want everyone who uses our dental veneers to be completely satisfied. Our team created amazing dental veneers that compete with cosmetic dentistry for the fraction of the cost. We were so happy to be able to give this past Instasmile client the life-changing, smile that she wanted. Click here to see the amazing products we offer and see if they're right for you!

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