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Justin Russo practices dentistry at Russo Dentistry in Raleigh, North Carolina. His practice seems to be successful with lots of flashy videos on his website and a host of blog posts and vlogs.

Justin Russo is often shot sporting a shiny blue suit and sitting in a manicured lobby casually giving dental advice.

On one occasion, he spoke out about press on veneers and issues a warning to people interested in press-on dental veneers, “Don’t do it!” He expressed that there were subtle nuances involved in creating dental veneers to be able to make sure they are “properly fitted”.

He urges viewers to come to his office instead of purchasing press-on veneers.


Celebrity Cosmetic Dental Work

His procedures he does and is encouraging his viewers to choose are not cheap. The work he does would likely fall under the catagory of celebrity cosmetic dental work. This type of dental work used to be only done for Hollywood celebrities since they were the only ones that could afford it and were the only ones having close-up cameras in their faces all the time. 

In today's culture the average person has acces to post pictures for hundreds of their friends to see on any given morning. There has alos been a shift toward this type of dentistry for the wealthy, non-celebrity demographic. 

But this type of dental work was never meant to be the standard. 

Russo Dentistry Has Made Jusstin Russo Tons Of Money

Justin Russo at Russo Dentistry has obviously become very wealthy from his dental practice. He is living an advantageous life and is likely quite disconnected from people who struggle to pay for procedures as expensive as his. 

It's easy to see his extravagent way of life from his marketing videos where he sports an expensive suite and $890 Hermès belt

He also posts pictures of him and his family on luxury beach vacations in the Caymen Islands. 

There Are Many People Who Cannot Afford His Expensive Procedures

Many of the people who need cosmetic dental help are from lower income brackets and cannot afford Russo Dentistry and the fancy procedures offered there. His claims that people should avoid cheapter procedures may scare them away from the afordable dental care that they need. 

His statements in his videos can cause so much damage that he may never have anticipated from his elitiest viewpoint.

As a dental professional, his claim is “expert testimony” but it is incorrect.

Russo’s large blanket-statements in his video may in fact violate several sections of the official ADA code of conduct that are set in place to protect the public from dentists like him.

A company called Brighter Image Lab has thousands of satisfied customers that have purchased press-on veneers. The founder, Bil Watson has created processes that allow them to create customized dental veneers that take into account the subtle nuances Russo mentioned. 

Brighter Image Lab veneers are also more affordable for the income brackets that don't have the disposable income for expensive cosmetic dental work or $890 belts.

Other dentists may also create press-on veneers that are completely satisfactory.

He Has No Evidence To Support His Statements

Justin Russo at Russo Dentistry does not disclose any sources in his video about press on veneers, but simply claims that patients won’t get the same result as going to his office.

He expresses that he knows more about creating veneers, which could cause people to fear that other dentists will give their teeth a “chicklet” appearance.  

Section 5.F.1 of the American Dental Association Code of Conduct expresses that on published communications, dentists cannot imply that their work is better than others without reasonable substantiation.

Russo’s arbitrary views are not reasonable substantiated.

He Misrepresents His Competence

In his claims, Russo implies an almost omnipotent understanding of the world of press-on veneers.

He does not cite external evidence.

We have no reason to believe he has studied the topic in depth or recently. Having the title of dentist does not mean he is all-knowing about dental solutions, especially options that are sold commercially and not at his office. His claim may violate section 5.E

He Lacks Dedication To Reasonable Alternatives

Dentists are required to inform patients of any reasonable alternatives to procedures they do (section 1.A).

The language in Russo’s video about press on veneers (as well as his article highlighted on his website’s front page titled Cheap Dental Alternatives) promotes himself and his capabilities rather than a professional, balanced explanation.

Dentists who make generalized claims like the ones in this article cause great harm to people who struggle with dental imperfections and cannot afford every type of procedure. Using his platform as a dental professional to brashly dismiss press-on veneers is out of touch at best, and a violation at worst.


Millions of Americans are unable to pay for necessary dental work, much less expensive cosmetic procedures. People with bad teeth who cannot afford cosmetic procedures often struggle to find a good job.

Patients like this should be encouraged to find high-quality cheaper alternatives, not scared away from any options that don’t happen to be Russo Dentistry.

Britghter Image Lab

Brighter Image Lab is one of those high-quality options. Our team uses modern digital design technology and 3D printing to create amazing dental veneers for thousands of people. Our smile designers customize each individual order to the finest detail.

We make sure teeth look natural using a special resin originally developed by NASA so our veneers don’t have an awkward “chicklet” look.


Dentists have an financial interest in keeping their patients away from cheaper products like ours instead of presenting them to patients as reasonable alternatives.

Do you trust your dentist enough to avoid even looking at other options? Would you rather be someone who sees the full picture?

The cosmetic dental industry makes billions of dollars so it pays to have a monopoly on cosmetic procedures. Do you feel that dentists have worked to keep their illegal monopolies like this in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

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