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Finding An Affordable Dental Clinic

Aubrey Hanson

Affordable Dental Clinic

It can be challenging to find an affordable dental clinic. For many reasons the cost of dentistry has continued to skyrocket over the past decade and even basic care can be a huge expense.  

Maintaining oral health is vital for overall health at any income level. Prices should not keep people from getting the care they need. Read on for some helpful tips for how to find affordable dental work. 

affordable dental clinic

Dental Insurance Isn’t The Answer

In industries similar to dentistry, patients are shielded from expense through insurance. Insurance distributes previous payments to pay for necessary procedures. Insurance companies are heavily involved in the entire process and adequate insurance will charge the patient an affordable co-pay. 

Dental insurance, however, is much less inclusive. It will typically only pay for yearly check-ups, a few fillings, and will split the cost of more extensive procedures. 

It can leave patients still having to pay tens of thousands of dollars if extensive work is needed. 

Dental insurance often ends up not being cost effective so many people opt out of using it, even if it is within their means. 

A Free Dental Clinic

One option when seeking out an affordable dental clinic is free, charity dental work. Since oral health care is so important, philanthropic organizations around the country work to provide necessary resources to people who can’t afford a dentist. 

You can use this resource to locate such clinics. 

This option, however, is limited. Many people do not qualify to receive free work, and there may be extended wait times for care. 

affordable dentist

A Sliding Scale Clinic

Some dental offices offer prices that vary based on a patient’s financial status. Patients who make less have to pay less and vice versa.

Dentists will likely include their sliding scale pricing on their website’s so simply search online for sliding scale clinics to find one in your area. There are also directories available that list out sliding scale affordable dental clinics. 

A Dental School

Dental schools offer dental services at a discounted price. Students will operate on patients under the supervision of their instructors. 

This is a great option for people of all income brackets since the prices are the same for everyone and procedures are available to anyone. 

Procedures, especially complex ones, may take much longer than a traditional dentist. Students are new to the techniques and processes and will naturally be a bit slower. 

Dental Tourism


An extreme way to find an affordable dental clinic, is to look outside of your home country. People from the US, Europe, and Australia have started this odd trend of traveling to get dental work done. Dental costs in other countries can be quite a bit cheaper that the savings covers the cost of the trip. 

This option is only reasonable for patients who need (or want) extensive procedures and is unnecessary for average needs. 

As one might think, engaging in dental tourism is quite risky and requires a great deal of research. 

Some dangers are incompetent dentists, dental scams, infection risk, and many more. All dental tourism should be done with extreme caution. 

A Dental Lab

One alternative to finding an affordable dental clinic would be to connect with a customer-focused dental lab.

Brighter Image Lab innovatively creates full-arch, removable dental veneers that they sell directly to clients without the need of a dentist. 

A client can take their teeth’s impression from a mail-delivered impression kit. The lab will then take that impression and create unique veneers to perfect that client’s smile. 

Rising dental costs keep many from the care they need

While dentists often charge around $1,000 for veneers per tooth, Brighter Image Lab offers full arches starting at just $795. They also offer affordable financing with 100% approval. 

Not all dental labs are equal though. Many offer similar items that do not fit well, last, or look like real teeth. Be sure to research extensively before purchasing from an online distributer. 

Shop For Dentists

A final way to find an affordable dental clinic is to simply do extensive research before choosing a dentist. You can call around ask dentists what they charge for specific procedures and what their philosophy is on how they set prices. 

Some dentists work to advocate for their patients and will air on the side of frugality as they diagnose problems. Other dentists may tend to operate on patients as much as possible often-diagnosing citing that they make decisions out of heightened caution. This “shopping” will help you determine who will be best for both your oral health and your budget. 

Preventative Measures


Keeping your dental bills low does not just start with finding an affordable dental clinic, taking preventative measures will also help.

Taking care of your teeth by brushing twice per day, flossing once per day, and having an annual dental checkup will help maintain your healthy teeth. Then you will not need as extreme procedures fixing issues down the road. 

It is also important for children to receive proper dental care. Many issues later in life can be avoided if they receive good oral care from the start. 

The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare offers dental insurance for children to help alleviate the burden of children’s dental costs. 

Final Thoughts

Finding dental care is extremely important. Everyone should maintain their dental health, no matter what their budget. The options above are some creative options for a variety of costs. If you have trouble finding an affordable dental clinic, reach out to us here at Brighter Image Lab – we’ll be glad to help you!

If your teeth are healthy but you simply have a bad smile, we can help you out with that a great deal! Help is just a click away!:

affordable dental clinic

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Why Are Dentists So Expensive?

Aubrey Hanson
why are dentists so expensive

Why Are Dentists So Expensive?

Normal dental work and checkups can be quite expensive. A simple teeth cleaning can cost $90-$300, not to mention x-rays and the occasional filling. This is an expense many people cannot afford or prefer to avoid. 

Avoiding preventative measures, however, can doom patients to incredibly expensive procedures in the future, like crowns, bridges, and the ever-dreaded root canal. All this explains why thousands of people search online every day, trying to find an affordable dentist.

But why are dentists so expensive in the first place? Why does something as necessary as oral health have to break the bank? There are many reasons for this issue and several steps people are taking to make their care more affordable.  

The High Cost of Being A Dentist


It is easy to demonize dentists for the high fees they charge to their patients. We typically imagine them pocketing the entire bill and spending it on a fancy new car or luxury vacation. Some dentists are in fact, scam artists and have predatory pricing practices. But the reality for most dentists is that being a dentist in itself is expensive. 

Why Are Dentists So Expensive?

High Dental School Fees

The cost of going to dental school has doubled since the 1990’s. This has left many young dental school graduates in over $200,000 of debt starting out. This dauting debt will hinder young dentists from earning a good living for several years. 

Like all education, costs have grown and grown. In the past, students could quickly pay off the cost of an education, but today, crippling debts are the norm. This is the first of many changes driving up the cost of dental work. 

High Starting Costs

It costs quite a bit to run a dental practice. Starting costs will include office necessities and a ton of expensive dental equipment. High-end dentist chairs can cost $10,000 or more! The sum of these start-up costs is generally estimated to be as high as $500,000! 

Dental technology requires a lot of research and development and is in an extremely niche market. To be able to develop the state-of-the-art technology that is now the norm, dental equipment companies have to charge a high premium. 

Dental technology wasn’t always so advanced. The cost of this advancement trickles down to the patient sitting in the fancy (and expensive) dentist chair. 

High Operating Expenses

Dental offices have to pay rent costs and they have to have multiple staff on hand. There typically are receptionists, dental hygienists, and possibly other specialists who all have salaries that must be paid. 

Gone are the days where a single dentist would set up his practice and operate it alone. The world has shifted and the demands of operating a modern practice are much higher. 


High Marketing Expenses

Dentists are retiring later and later in life, but new dentists are still entering the market at the same rate. Some markets now have too many dentists and they are having to compete more and more for each patient’s business. This means they have to add marketing expenses to their budget which also drives up the price of dental work for the patient. 

In the past, dentists were able to simply open their practices and it was reasonable to expect a steady stream of patients through the door (as long as they were good dentists). The necessity of marketing is a new, expensive, and unfortunate phenomenon dentist have to navigate.

Insurance Doesn’t Help Much

Even though medical services in non-dental fields are often just as expensive as dental work is, patients are often shielded from the realities of these expenses, thanks to their standard health insurance plans. 

People with health insurance often pay an affordable co-pay and are unaware of what the medical professional actually charges. 

Dental insurance, on the other hand, does much less. It often only covers the cost of annual cleanings, some fillings, and just a portion of more expensive procedures. 

Often, when a patient needs extensive work, dental insurance doesn’t help much. Many people don’t have dental insurance because of this.  A typical result is simply not going to the dentist, even though dealing with dental issues can be extremely necessary and avoiding treatment can be intensely painful and even deadly. 

Possible Solutions

Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask a dentist if there are cheaper options. Often you can avoid certain costs upon request, like bi-annual x-rays or deep cleanings. 

Also, you don’t have to accept everything a dentist says at face value. After a diagnosis, go home and research the prescribed procedure. You can also get a second opinion or second quote that may be cheaper. 

Dental Schools

Dental schools, while expensive for students studying dentistry, can be quite cheap for patients. Dental schools often offer procedures at discounted rates.

Dental students will do procedures under the supervision of more seasoned teachers. The work is often quite good but can take longer than a traditional dentist since the students are inexperienced and still learning. 

Dental Tourism

The interesting phenomenon known as dental tourism has become popular as dentists in the US (and Europe and Australia) have become unbearably expensive. 

Patients will travel to countries to get procedures done at much more affordable prices. Incredibly, the cost of traveling and the foreign procedure is often cheaper than when procedures are done domestically. 

This can be a good option for some people but there are many horror stories about botched procedures and crooked foreign dentists operating on tourists in unsanitized hotel rooms. 

Brighter Image Lab

Brighter Image Lab is a great option for cosmetic dental solutions, and it’s especially great for those who wish to avoid the dental office altogether! 

This lab offers removable dental veneers without having to go through a dentist. Clients simply make their own dental impressions from a home-delivered kit. After sending their impressions back to the lab, the lab’s talented smile designers create thin dental veneer arches that clip on perfectly into place. 


Clients are able to cover up large cosmetic issues like stains, crooked teeth, or even teeth that are missing all together. 

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest – 100% Approval*

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some clearer insights into the question, “Why are dentists so expensive?”, you now know a bit more about what to expect. You also now know more about the inexpensive solutions offered here at Brighter Image Lab.

Make wise decisions about your oral healthcare moving forward, and be sure to do a lot of research before making expensive decisions. 

dental care

Dental Care in America is Not Affordable for 130M Families

Bil Watson

The Decline of Dental Care in America

Picture the ideal “American dream” family. A father with a job that pays well, a nurturing mother, and their 2.5 children. This family has the time and money to schedule all of their necessary dental care.

In this reality, the father’s job probably has excellent benefits that include dental insurance. The mother will take the children to their dentist appointments. The children grow up with the assurance of regular dental care. The kind of care that provides braces to fix any issues with their smile.

This upper middle-class family with already perfect teeth easily makes the recommended bi-annual trips to the dentist for upkeep. Unfortunately, this is not an actuality for the majority of families. Many poor and lower-middle-class families do not receive adequate dental care, in part because most dentists want customers who can pay cash or have private dental insurance.

This prevalent problem raises the following question. Is the dentist in the habit of helping people, or in the business of making money? Look at the following statistics and decide for yourself.

The Cost of Dental Care in America

cost of dental care in america

Dentist fees have risen much faster than inflation. In real dollars, the cost of the average dental procedures rose 25% from 1996 to 2004.

In addition, dentists’ incomes have grown much faster than that of the typical worker. American dentists in general practice made an average salary of $164,570 in 2012. In contrast, the average salary among the general public was $51,017 that same year.

The American Dental Association believes this imbalance comes from a shortage of dentists. However, we believe the true problem stems from dentists unwillingness to practice in areas where they are needed.

Dentists have a disproportionate presence in affluent suburbs. However, those who are most in need of care are concentrated in inner cities and rural communities. As many as 130 million Americans do not have dental insurance coverage. Some of those have to use Medicaid to even gain access to dental care.

dental insurance coverage

The State of Dental Care in America

Unfortunately, only about 20% of the nation’s practicing dentists provide care to people with Medicaid. Of those who do, only a small percentage primarily serve the poor, chronically ill, or rural communities.

The “typical” family referenced earlier is merely a fantasy for the majority of hard-working people. Taking care of a family doesn’t afford regular dental visits, much less any sort of cosmetic dentistry.

Those who can afford dental care don’t need it. Those who need dental care can’t afford it, and as a result, may be in desperate need of an affordable dentist.

Affordable Dental Choices are Available

Brighter Image Lab has been providing an affordable dental choice with their Press On Veneers since 2010, and BILVeneers was introduced in 2017.

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest – 100% Approval*

Affordable Dental Choice (That Doesn’t Involve A Dentist)

Affordable Dental Choice (That Doesn’t Cost $10K+)

Bil Watson

Lack of an Affordable Dental Choice

Fees and prices in the dental industry continue to rise, and more Americans are finding it harder to keep up with the increasing costs. In fact over 74 million people, nearly 25% of Americans, don’t have dental insurance plans. This makes an affordable dental choice hard to come by.

On top of this, 125 million U.S. adults (54%) are living paycheck to paycheck. this means majority of Americans don’t have extra money to cover necessary dental work, leaving them with bad smiles.

One could argue that those with bad teeth who don’t have a great deal of disposable income do have an affordable dental choice – stop smiling. We simply aren’t willing to accept that.

Below is a list of resources and providers for those struggling to find ways to save money on dental work, as well as the Brighter Image Lab smile solution for people with bad smiles. If you’ve been searching for easy steps to save on dental care, this post could help you!

Why Preventative Care is Important

Being able to visit a dentist regularly is harder than ever because of the high cost, but why should we still try to search out a dentist when we can?

Oral healthcare is important for a number of reasons. Beyond the obvious consequences of poor dental hygiene such as cavities and bad breath, oral hygiene affects our mental and physical health as well.

Bad oral health that’s not monitored can turn into gingivitis and tooth decay. Both can be painful, and if the gingivitis progresses it could turn into periodontal disease.

There is also research to suggest that periodontal issues have direct links to heart disease. Bacteria from the mouth get into open oral sores from gingivitis, and inflame blood vessels that can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

You can read more about the links to dental hygiene and physical health in our other articles about the science behind smiling, and the full effects poor dental health can have.

Affordable Dental Choice

Consequences of a Bad Smile

Anyone with a bad smile can tell you that it’s greatly affected their life. Studies have shown that people with bad smiles can be judged and discriminated against by their peers, family, and coworkers.

Those with missing, broken, and discolored teeth are less likely to be considered for job positions, and can make $1,000,000 less in household income than those with better smiles.

A bad smile can also affect personal relationships, and drive off potential romantic partners. Thankfully, if you’re not able to find affordable dental care to fix your smile through traditional means, Brighter Image Lab could be the solution for you. Keep Reading to find out more!

Resources for Cheaper Dental Care

Dental Schools and Hygiene Clinics

One of the best ways to find cheaper dental care options is to make appointments through a dental college or university. Students need patients to practice routine cleanings and regular dental procedures, and are supervised by licensed dentists. But not everyone is comfortable with inexperienced hands performing necessary dental work.

Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

State and federal governments have put together grants for low-income pregnant women and infants who don’t qualify for CHIP or Medicaid dental insurance. Those 21 and under qualify for services, and pregnant women are eligible until 3 months after giving birth.

CHIP and Medicaid

Those 20 and under can qualify for CHIP or Medicaid programs which offer dental insurance services. Eligibility can vary by state, so make sure to check your state’s qualifications.

Medicaid can also cover pregnant women up to two months after giving birth. Case managers can help determine whether or not you qualify for dental care.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Also known as community health centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers cater to underserved communities. Some offer additional services to traditional healthcare like mental health, substance abuse, and sometimes dental.

Just visit the HRSA Find a Health Center page to find a FQHC near you.

The Brighter Image Lab Alternative

While resources exist for those who are low-income and unable to afford dental insurance, even fewer help those who make too much, or whose dental insurance still doesn’t cover enough of the cost of dental procedures.

Brighter Image Lab has been working diligently since 1997 to provide an affordable dental choice that doesn’t require seeing a dentist, but can be done in the comfort of your own home.

PressOn Veneers are a revolutionary product in alternative smile care, and cost a fraction of what you would pay for veneers from a cosmetic dentist.

Made from a proprietary blend developed with NASA and advanced 3D technology, Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers do more than just cover your teeth. They actually improve your smile.

Each order is custom made, ensuring that the veneers snap on over existing teeth. Our smile specialists work with impressions you provide with our impression kit, like you would at a traditional cosmetic dentist’s office, and photos of your mouth to design a new smile specifically suited to you.

If you suffer from broken, missing, and discolored teeth and can’t afford to get your smile fixed, Brighter Image Lab could be right for you.


More Americans and people worldwide are struggling to find affordable dental care despite the growing number of dental clinics. While some resources exist to help those struggling to afford dental care, they’re too limited and leave many unable to get the work they want done.

Brighter Image Lab is proud to offer affordable dental choice alternatives in our PressOn Veneers for those with broken, missing, or discolored teeth. Stop searching for expensive traditional care and try Brighter Image Lab today!

affordable dental choice

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