Finding An Affordable Dental Clinic


Affordable Dental Clinic It can be challenging to find an affordable dental clinic. For many reasons the cost of dentistry has continued to skyrocket over the past decade and even basic care can be a huge expense.   Maintaining oral health is vital for overall health at any income level. Prices should not keep people […]

Why Are Dentists So Expensive?


Why Are Dentists So Expensive? Normal dental work and checkups can be quite expensive. A simple teeth cleaning can cost $90-$300, not to mention x-rays and the occasional filling. This is an expense many people cannot afford or prefer to avoid.  Avoiding preventative measures, however, can doom patients to incredibly expensive procedures in the future, […]

Affordable Dental Choice (That Doesn’t Cost $10K+)

Affordable Dental Choice (That Doesn’t Involve A Dentist)

Every day we are confronted with numerous choices: Get up bright and early or hit the snooze button? Healthy lunch or fast food? This got my office to questioning, why is there not an affordable dental choice?