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Temporary Veneers

Aubrey Hanson

Temporary Veneers – A Great Smile Solution. No Dentist Needed.

Do you ever look in the mirror and simply wish you had a brand-new smile? Do you suffer a bad smile or from dental problems like crooked teeth, chipped or stained teeth, or even missing teeth?

What would a new smile add to your life?

Would you be able to smile and laugh while still feeling attractive? Would you be more confident at work or going on dates?

Studies show that a perfect smile dramatically alters how people perceive each other.

bad smile

You Likely Think the Process Will Be Difficult


Stressful Dentists Appointments

Do you picture long, expensive, painful dentist appointments that you would have to take off work for? No one likes going to the dentist and having a stranger poke around in their mouth. It’s also difficult to find a dentist you can trust won’t overcharge you.

You likely will have to sheepishly ask around for references to make sure you can find someone you trust to do the work.

Even then, there may be a long wait time to simply get an initial consultation.

Unreasonably High Prices

You probably think fixing your smile will cost a ton!

Dentists can charge several thousand dollars per tooth to do cosmetic fixes. Also, dental insurance almost never covers those cosmetic procedures.

Most people simply cannot afford this crazy expense when there are other bills to pay. It’s especially difficult to justify the cost for something optional and cosmetic.

Painful and Intense Procedures

Even if the procedures were affordable, many people avoid going to the dentist are out of a reasonable fear of pain.


Many dental procedures are painful or damaging. Traditional dental veneers require tooth enamel removal that shaves off .5 MM of one’s perfectly healthy teeth!

But lucky for you, you can fix your smile without any of these issues!

Brighter Image Lab Temporary Veneers For Teeth

Temporary veneers - also called clip-on veneers or removable veneers (or a Brighter Image Lab-specific product PressOn Veneers) are a unique and innovative dental solution.

temporary veneers

Temporary Veneers Don’t Require A Dentist

Brighter Image Lab products are shipped directly to you. First, you’ll receive an impression kit that includes what you need to take a simple dental impression.

temporary veneers

Next, you’ll send the impression back to the lab and the smile designers will create unique and perfect temporary veneers for you.

You’ll receive the temporary veneers back in the mail and you can start wearing it (or both) immediately!

The process is simple and easy to navigate. The team at Brighter Image Lab works to make the processes as stress-free as possible.

Temporary Veneers Are Affordable

Rather than paying a dentist tens of thousands of dollars, choose Brighter Image Lab’s temporary veneers. They cost $795 and up. They also offer 100% approval financing for a payment plan that can be as little as $24/week!

Temporary Veneers Aren’t Painful

Brighter Image Lab's temporary veneers are full arches that simply click into place, over your natural teeth. Nothing needs to be removed, which makes the process completely reversible.

You may experience a slight discomfort as you get used to wearing the veneers, but a drill, file, or pliers won’t be anywhere near your teeth.

temporary veneers

Ready for a new smile?

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Getting A New Smile Will Impact Your Life In Many Ways

Brighter Image Lab often receives testimonials from their clients on the ways the temporary veneers positively affect their lives.

They enter the world with a new confidence and have better luck taking on the challenges of life like job interviews, customer service positions, and even dating and romance!

They didn’t know how much their lives would change until they clicked in the temporary veneers and fell in love with their new smiles and eventually new lives.

Here are examples of some of the many smile makeovers:


Female: Age 25-35

missing teeth fixed by temporary veneers

Female: Age 25-35

crooked teeth with temporary veneers

Male: Age 25-35

perfect smile by temporary veneers

Female: Age 35-45

smile with temporary veneers

Female: Age 45-55

best temporary veneers

Female: 35-45

temporary veneers online

Male: 45-55

chipped tooth smile with temporary veneers

Female: 25-35

Brighter Image Lab works to provide a new smile to people everywhere. They work to make it accessible and affordable. There are so many people who could benefit from having temporary veneers for their teeth, but they simply are unaware of the option.

They think they have to go to a dentist, spend lots of money, and endure a long painful procedure. Isn’t it great that there is a better option? Let Brighter Image Lab change your smile and start showing that smile off with a brand-new confidence.

More on The Best Temporary Veneers

How Long Do Temporary Veneers Last?

Temporary veneers for teeth are somewhat of a misnomer. Brighter Image Lab veneers can potentially last five or more years without needing to be replaced.

Can I Eat While Wearing Temporary Veneers?

Veneers are designed to survive a social setting so you should not have to take them out to eat. Client experiences vary and some foods are more problematic than others. One should take caution in eating certain items like steak, nuts, or popcorn.

How Can I Get Temporary Veneers for Teeth?

Simply go to Brighter Image Lab’s website to browse the different options: the PressOn Veneers, the BILveneer, and the IncrediBIL. There you’ll find these types of temporary veneers for teeth, as well as some other helpful products like a tooth polisher and teeth whitening kit.

Do Temporary Veneers Come In Different Colors?

Yes. They come in three shades. The brightest is typically the best for people who need their smile to pop: TV personalities, pageant contestants, etc.

How Long Does It Take?

From the time the lab receives the impression, it takes around 30 days. This may vary somewhat in 2020 due to Covid restrictions. There is also an option to pay for 15-day priority delivery.

How Do I Maintain the Temporary Veneers?

For temporary veneer aftercare, simply soak the veneers in denture cleaners each night. This gets rid of any bacteria that build up while wearing them throughout the day.

Are the Temporary Veneers Available Outside of the US?

Yes, Brighter Image Lab services countries around the world. Around 40% of their orders come from outside of the US. The main office is in Ft. Worth, TX but they can deliver anywhere that can receive a FedEx package.

Am I Eligible for Brighter Image Lab Veneers?

Most people are eligible for this product. To double check, simply take the quiz below.


Instant Smile Veneers

Aubrey Hanson

Instant Smile Veneers - New Technology

Dental technology has grown in leaps and bounds! Dentists used to have to perform every type of procedure, even simple teeth whitening. That’s quickly changing! You can get more commercial dental help than ever before, which is great for you and your wallet! 

People are able to get a transforming smile without having to go to a dentist office! This innovation is set to save patients tons and tons of money as well as precious time!

You have to watch out though! Some instant smile veneers are absolute trash!

instant smile veneers

Instasmile Temporary Veneers Are...Trash

cheap instant smile veneers

Sadly, some companies are taking advantage of this new norm and offering a terrible product to unsuspecting customers. Instasmile is a company that offers a low-quality version of instant smile veneers. The company acts like they really help people but they are more of a scam than a service. 

Instasmile markets to a younger and less skeptical audience pretending to be a high-quality dental veneer and charging a high amount.

After looking into the product further, it is obvious that there are so many issues:

Tooth Cover Copy

Instasmile does not do designing on the smiles they sell. They simple create a cover to make teeth whiter or fill in missing teeth. There are a ton of people with teeth that are crooked and an Instasmile will only make the problem more noticeable. This is especially bad for people with “buck teeth”.

Way Too White

It’s great to have white teeth, but Instasmile tooth covers are so white that they look silly! Veneers should be discrete, and the awkward whiteness makes it clear that your teeth are fake.

Cause An Embarrassing Lisp

I’ve watched videos of people on YouTube as they talk about their Instasmile. I can definitely notice an odd lisp when they talk. This is because the material that Instasmile is made of is super thick and can mess up natural speech!

Break Quickly

Dental veneers don’t last forever but they should last several years. One youtuber complained about how his broke after only six months! In the comments people said that he should have bought a different version of Instasmile but I don’t understand why they would even be selling a product that they don’t expect will work! Do they just hope to make more money and try to up sell clients after their low-quality product breaks?


Terrible Customer Service

This brings me to my final point. I see continual dissatisfaction from Instasmile clients when they talk about their interactions with the company. “They’re not friendly!”, stated an agitated customer as she lamented about an issue she had tried to resolve. Instasmile’s customer service reps give clients the run around when they come with complaints or questions. The Better Business Bureau shows a ton of dissatisfied customers who weren’t able to get their products on time or get their money back. Could this even be considered fraud?

Instant Smile Veneers That Actually Work - Brighter Image Lab

Some people buy trash like Instasmile because they find out that cosmetic dental procedures in a dentist office are tens of thousands of dollars! We understand that paying that much is out of the question for most people. However, just because you don’t want to spend a fortune, doesn’t mean you have to buysomething as bad as Instasmile! 

Brighter Image Lab offers instant smile veneers that in not only affordable, but is also high-quality! See for yourself some of the differences!


instant smile veneers

Brighter Image Lab

instant smile veneers

Our talented smile designers use modern digitizing technologies and 3D printing to create our amazing products. They design veneers to not simply copy your original teeth but to redesign your smile to give you perfect teeth! They look natural and are not awkwardly white.

They are also so perfectly designed that they won’t cause an embarrassing lisp, and even though they are thin, they are strong enough to last!

We want as many people as possible to have access to the smile of their dreams, so we offer affordable finance plans that can be as cheap as $24 a month!

Give us the opportunity to fix your teeth! We won’t disappoint you like other companies would! Click here to view our amazing products!

instant smile veneers

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