Tooth Polisher: The Best Way to Protect Your Teeth

Bilistic Pro Series tooth Polisher from Brighter Image Lab

Introduction You can brush your teeth two times a day and still have visible stains.  There is a tooth polisher available that can easily remove stains from your teeth, but you can’t legally use it because you didn’t go to dental school.  At Brighter Image Lab, we think that is an excuse that the dental […]

Dental Care For Adults Without Insurance


It’s A Confusing World Out There. Here’s Some Advice for Dental Care for Adults Without Insurance A recent study showed that an alarming 37 million people in the US do not have dental insurance. This leaves a dramatic amount of the population vulnerable to financial ruin for simply needing to see a dentist. Many Americans […]

Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago


Searching for Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago? Here are the top options! Many people struggle with their imperfect teeth and long for a bright and beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is the way you can achieve the smile of your dreams! Here are some top cosmetic dentistry options for Chicagoans!  Chicago Dental Studio  The locations average 4.9 […]

Best Tooth Polisher At Home

New Tooth Polisher – Designed To Compete With Dentists

Owning an electric tooth polisher at home used to be an unattainable wish. Now, there are several on the market from which to choose. How do you make a decision? Here is an easy to read list comparing the top brands available, to make your decision easier.  Bilistic Pro-Series Plus Tooth Polisher Quiet hand-held polisher. […]