Teeth Covers by Instasmile or Brighter Image Lab

Instasmile or Brighter Image Lab: The Truth May Surprise You

Watch this video to see whether teeth covers from Instasmile or Brighter Image Lab is the better way to spend your hard-earned money.

Comparing the two

I just don’t want people to spend money on these, if they think that they’re actually going to get a real smile – a beautiful perfect smile.

Hello Bil!

Kiddo! Come on, sit down. Come on in.

How are you?


What are you doing? You back to see me?

When I told you when we met last week I would make these for you, I’ve had some more time to think about what we’re doing. And I’ve had some time to look at what I think these are. And I was kind of shocked.

What are teeth covers called?

I don’t know if you know if it, but I hadn’t seen these. I’d heard about them but I hadn’t seen them. And after looking at them for a little bit of time, I now know what they are. So, we’ll go from there and I think I know how to explain them to you.

You weren’t interested in these, so I’m going to ask you to look at these. I’ve got you a new veneer. I think this is the one you want to go with. Let’s see what we got.

Thank you.

What do you think? Do they feel any different?

They’re amazing.

They look amazing.

Let me see this. These are…

They do look amazing.

That they do.

They just look impressive. I’m always interested in seeing how they look up close. It’s just amazing to me to see that they actually look.

They feel great.

Talk with a lisp? I don’t think, am I talking with a lisp?

We put a new polish on and can you feel the polish?


This veneer has a smooth little bit of stain on it and it’s designed to keep people from having a little bit of lisp. Ouch, that just looks good.

They’re beautiful.

So you think you can talk with them?


I’ve had a week to look at these and I’ve had a week to compare them and with everything I know, my conclusions have come into – is that I just don’t believe that these are any more than a teeth cover.

How much do teeth covers cost?

I was so proud to get into a business that can deliver something that would save people
thousands from a dentist, that the only thing I was trying to be competitive with was the doctor.

And I think what they’ve have done is found a way for people to have to pay for something that’s expensive. And I didn’t believe, that at $300, this kind of quality would be acceptable.

I do know that when you bought from me the first time, you wouldn’t have accepted this. But I do know that from last week, one of the things I’ve learned is that these are designed to cover teeth.

They’re melted plastic

It’s a piece of plastic that’s melted. The product that we make is competitive with any dental veneer that would take grinding or gluing or adhesive. We try to make them compete in an environment that says these were made to build a perfect smile.

That’s the thing about teeth, what’s real and what’s just a cover. With a veneer and what’s just a cover, is close doesn’t cut it when you’re wearing these every day.

Thank you for saying that because close doesn’t cut it. The thing that embarrasses me, that I’m not saying, is that after going on to look at the website, they’re not $300. They’re like $700. There’s no detailing, there’s no contouring, it’s just your teeth.

And you shouldn’t have to pay 200 more dollars because you have a tooth that’s missing or chipped or whatever. Because if not, you might as well just use a bleaching tray.

She just wants to smile

These are perfect and you know I want to smile. I feel confident when I smile. And I’ll go to work, you know I talk with a lot of customers, and a smile makes you personable, likable.

I think we do perfect work. We don’t sell crap. We just don’t and the reason why we don’t is because look what will happen if we try to do them cheaper.

I think it’s probably fair to ask you, would you change them out and look at yourself and see how you feel different about them. Just try it one time.

My Instasmile.

How do you feel now? I’m just wondering.

I don’t want to smile in these.

Why not?

Not an accessory you want to wear

They look like fake teeth and it’s something that you get out of a costume shop, maybe. I mean, I guess they go off of my natural teeth instead of actually making it perfect.

And these two stick out way farther than the rest of them. And they, I mean seriously, when I opened my mouth, I felt like I had buck teeth like a bunny rabbit.

These are bleaching trays or we call them the fusion trays. We probably charge $88. If he was missing a tooth, I would go ahead and put a little wax tooth in there and then just vacuum form over it.

Dental veneer or bleaching tray?

And I guess if it was, if it was that color, I could call this a new dental veneer. When really, it’s just a bleaching tray. Do you know what Instasmile was gonna charge you for doubles? it’s like 600 bucks.



For the basics.


And then when I complained that, you know, that these were buck teeth, even though I bought them to have straight, even teeth. But they said, “No we don’t make teeth even.” But, however, they just said they form it to your natural teeth and fill in the gaps or whatever.

it’s just like just what you said.

Which is what we do here.


We don’t vacuum-form Dental veneers

I guess what I need to start doing is calling these veneers. It’s hard to see the difference between what we do here and here, because someone could come in and say, “Well, how do I know yours is not vacuum-formed?

I hope you can tell by the precision in that, that no vacuum form-

No, there’s no way. And these are, they’re professionally contoured and there was a lot of work into these. And I’ve seen what you do back in your lab. You make these on a computer, right, based off our molds.

We design them on a computer and print them on a 3D printer.

And they’re beautiful! I guess you perfect them in the computer.

If you could see these veneers in high-definition, they would clearly speak for themselves on the way they’re so defined and so contoured. Perfectly measured to be an exact replica of what a veneer smile would look like if it was done by a cosmetic dentist.

Fake Teeth or Dental Veneers: The Choice is Yours

I can’t understand anybody who would review, who would actually have these two products, and think that this is the better product. There’s no possible way. This is perfectly straight.

You can definitely see. I mean, looks like perfect veneers, perfect teeth. You put this in your mouth and then you see all these round… I mean this is rounded and bucked tooth-y.

I mean, I will tell you, this interview humbled me. Because, I remember what it was like when you told me that you’re a single mom and that you were going to have to put it on a credit card, if it was more than 300 bucks.

Embarrassed by “Veneer”

Then that woke me up. When I first met you, you were horrifically embarrassed by that veneer to the point that you wouldn’t even show it to me. And in five minutes, I don’t see you having one iota of concern of showing the whole world your smile up close.

So, if you don’t mind we’re going to go ahead and take some pictures with your shirt on, because you’re wearing the shirt. And then we’re going to wrap it up. And I think people will be appreciative for it.

it’s going to be hard for people to believe that I didn’t call you and ask for this interview, but I appreciate you sending me the email saying, “Hey, can I, is there any way I can get you guys to do my stuff over again?”

I appreciate you making a genuine effort and I appreciate you extending it to us.

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