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Does Instasmile make professional teeth veneers or cheap teeth covers? The truth may surprise you.

What you need to know before you buy an Instasmile

When looking for a solution to problems with your smile, there are so many options and it's difficult to know what to choose. Instasmile has made lots of promises and seems to have a great price! However, the age-old saying is often true: "You get what you pay for". This sadly is the case with Instasmile's teeth veneer and Tamera's story shows exactly why.

  1. Instasmile simply makes teeth covers

    • Teeth covers are easy and cheap to make. The process to create them is called vacuum forming and would not have any intense tooth detailing or design work to get them to fit.
  2. Teeth covers aren't made to look perfect

    • Since they use your own teeth for the mold, your new Instasmile tooth veneer for teeth may fit but will have the same issues as your teeth currently do. This often defeats the entire purpose of getting a new smile!
    • Tamera has an issue with her two front teeth being crooked and longer than the others. 
    • However, when she received her Instasmile teeth covers, she was shocked that her smile did not change. They mirrored her teeth imperfections she was trying to hide from people!
    • "I felt like I had buck teeth, like a bunny rabbit", she explained since the Instasmile teeth covers would highlight her natural smile teeth problems.
  3. Teeth covers look like they're from a costume store

    • The Instasmile appears less like a cosmetic dentist solution and more like a costume store smile teeth cover. The bulkiness and poor fit in the back can cause lisping. It can also be obvious that something (that's not your own tooth) is in your mouth.
  4. One Instasmile tooth cover is overpriced for what you get

    • The process to make a tooth cover is fairly simple and is the same process that Brighter Image Lab uses to create teeth whitening trays that mold to your current teeth.
    • At Brighter Image Lab, we sell our best teeth bleaching at around $88 while Instasmile charges around $300 minimum for their product.
  5.  Instasmile teeth covers simply aren't dental veneers

    • Cosmetic dentist veneers are supposed to give you a perfect smile and make you look better.
    • The product that Instasmile sells does not compete with professional dentist work. It is a cheap alternative that they want people to buy to cover a tooth, thinking they will get the real deal.
    • Because their process simply mirrors your natural teeth, it makes their job extremely easy and cheap. A tooth cover is great for them and their profits, but bad for you, your smile, and your wallet.
  6.  "Close doesn't cut it"

    • Tamera explains that she was too embarrassed to smile while wearing her Instasmile teeth covers. She bought what she thought would be quality cosmetic dentist veneers, but it ended up being a cheap imitation of her natural smile.
    • At Brighter Image Lab we create our products at the highest quality they can be to give our clients an amazing smile makeover. Our veneers give people a perfect smile. Our process uses the finest quality materials to compete with cosmetic dentistry. They work and look good enough for pageant contestants and professional models to wear.
    • We use digital modeling to create a perfect smile design for each client and then 3D print that design. We don’t use vacuum forming to mask a tooth at all. This gives our clients a cosmetic smile designed to be perfect! Take a look at our products yourself!
    • In the words of Bil Watson, (Brighter Image Lab CEO), "We don't make crap. We just don't".
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