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Tooth Contouring and Special Dental Veneer Financing

What is Tooth Contouring?

Enameloplasty, also know as tooth contouring is a simple procedure utilized by various dentists across the world. This short and efficient procedure is used to gently remove minuscule amounts of enamel to reshape and change the length of your existing teeth.

Meet Reggie

I think me and you would tell them man just let them finance you. What I’m hoping is that this will be a chance for you to be an example to people. Figure out a way to use some of that money, so this can literally change your life.

I could never imagine that Brighter Image Lab would be calling my phone to go through this process to get the smile that I want. I was very nervous to be at another dentist office after I swore them off for life. I think without the tooth contouring process, my veneers wouldn’t have had the same effect that I was looking for initially when I was decided to get veneers.

As far as the financing is concerned it’s just a great option to have. I just feel like Brighter Image Lab really thought about everything, but especially they thought about the little guy. I’m just ready to get back to to the Reggie that was smiling at everyone he comes in contact with when he was 18. That’s what I’m looking forward to getting back to.

We’ve never met each other, Bil Watson.

Mr. Bil, it’s so nice to finally meet you sir.

I’ve seen you on our last interview where they took you to the dentist. Thank you more than you know for letting us do this.

Thank you!

Thank you works both ways.

Absolutely sir, it does.

I think you went online and you financed with us.

Mhm mhm 

A Problematic Need for Tooth Contouring

We had a tooth that was long. How long did you have it, for your whole life?

Um no, actually I played baseball in high school and got hit in the face with a baseball. I just started noticing growing.

We went ahead and designed the job and did it, and I looked at it for a few days. Then I said bring me that case back, and asked do you think we could call this client and see if he would be willing to work with us. One of the things I wanted to do a blog with you about is you’re in Texas, you’re here in Dallas, Texas. If you get down to Biloxi, Mississippi, Shreveport, Louisiana, or Clovis New Mexico, all these places think it’s just so expensive to have one tooth taken down that they don’t do it. I’m guessing the fear that you had was that it was going to cost too much to fix. If you would have known you could have gotten that done for 80 bucks, 100 bucks, or 200 bucks I get the feeling you would have done it a longtime ago.

A Fear of The Dentist

Probably not though, I had a fear of dentists since I was 6 years old. I went to a dentist office and I swore dentists off for the rest of my life after that experience when I was 6.

That wasn’t what this VLOG is about, but I want to talk about it if you don’t mind .

Sure, absolutely!

I can’t tell you how many people, I need to calm down I’m so animated about dentists, I know that industry. That model is broken please if you’re a dentist listening, they have to become more approachable. The people think that the fear of dentists is like a phobia that’s not natural like it doesn’t come from a real result. It comes from somewhere.

For me, it was traumatic. It wasn’t even so much as fear, it was trauma.

Reggie I always tell people, so many of our clients won’t go to a dentist unless it’s pain or trauma. It’s a tough conversation to sit there man-to-man two men talking to go oh I’ve followed battleship, but I will not go to the dentists.

Absolutely right, absolutely yeah. 

Send Us Your Photos

Back to what we were talking about, my story with that. As I kept looking at this case here’s what I heard a little bit about you that I didn’t know. You you were just a case to me, and you sent me pictures. Pictures mean the world to me I’ll tell anybody who’s listening right now anybody who ever thinks about buying a veneer from me, please send me pictures.


Let me tell you why, I think I have it right here. Just that picture alone tells me this is a guy that cares about the world. He cares about who he can help . I knew that if I could just take this right here, that would be a game-change.

Game-Changer. Yes Game-Changer Bil. Game-Changer.

So you look at it, well you look at that right there and then you don’t do it. It’s a big deal.

It’s amazing!

Tooth Contouring Process Revealed

So getting Dr. Williams to come in and complete the tooth contouring, and then the fact that she moved some of it. Well how long did it take her do it?

Oh, about two to three minutes.

And did it hurt?

Absolutely not!

Did you have to get shots?

No it didn’t have to have anything at all.

Dentists And Patient Sensitivity

You know how many more doctors across the country would see clients if they could just go, hey man let me do that for you. They spend thousands of dollars getting people in their door when people would line up if they just go hey we’re not trying to judge you today, but if you’ve got this tip right here you want taken off we can move that. If they did more of that then guess what…you haven’t been to a dentist in 20 years…

That was thirty years.

Thirty years and now you’ve been twice to look just because she’s shook your hand.

Just because she treated me as if she was sensitive to what I’ve been through previously,

Do You think you’ll ever forget her name?

I will never forget her name.

But it shouldn’t have taken a guy on the internet to tell you that.

But thank God it did.

tooth contouring and dental veneer financing

Why Tooth Contouring is Needed

So with that I saw that I could get you a great smile. I’m going to see if I’ve got your models on here at all. So when you see it on a model, well it looks really bad on when you look at it that way, and the fact is you can see how it’s socially acceptable in color.


But I’m like if we really want to help this guy I don’t need to extend these teeth down to make that look better. Because then he’s going to be like wow are those regular and you probably could have pulled it off but you would always be doing like a half smile. Now you get to live your life.

For myself I would favor the left side of my mouth. Having this bad tooth literally changed the way my brain thought.

You’ve had to feel differently with that tooth gone. 

Tooth Contouring Was The First Step To A New Life

My life has already changed during this process. The process has been so rewarding for me but just the knowledge that I’ve gained. The dentist that you guys work with is exceptional. The confidence is just something that you really can’t perceive the importance of until that confidence level has changed.

I want to talk about one more thing before we put these in. When you came to us I don’t know if people know it but you’re actually a real client. We didn’t call you, you came online. You actually chose financing.

That’s right!

Was it hard?

Financing Your Dental Veneer

It was so easy. 24 hours I paid an initial down payment very cheap just $149. Payments are so low. Twenty-five dollars a week you don’t even think about it. I burned through that at jack-in-the-box.

I think if me and you were talking at the gym you would say you really need to let those people know they could get financed.


We’re getting out of where we can help people who really want a nice smile at the highest level, but I also want to be someone who says anyone who needs it. The last thing I would hate to meet you at the gym and say you went for 3, 4, or 5 more years without knowing what you feel like in a best smile. You know in five years you’ll be 40 or something, so let’s see if these work.

I appreciate it.

The Simplicity Of Dental Veneers

Let’s just start and I’m going to give you both of them at the same time. Let’s do this one first.

Okay, so this is that top I’m presuming?

Yes sir.Okay let me see what you got.

They look wonderful!

Yeah, you’re just seeing the reflection. Oh wow!

Now let’s look at both of them together.

They’re so easy to put in.

Let me see. Can you close them all the way?


I’m trying to think what doctor Williams is going to say to me. How do they feel ?

Wow! I mean they are gorgeous and and they’re very easy to put in I was concerned before getting them how they will stay in but they’re secure. They’re not slipping, no play, and they look wonderful. They look amazing! 

Product Quality

You never tried them in before today?

No, God no!

It makes you want to do different things. If you don’t mind I’m going to hold the mirror for you for a second. So I’m going to try to get you to see the mirror.

I just can’t believe it, they look perfect!

It’s just a regular smile, it looks perfect and I can’t see where anyone would think there anything other than dental veneers. It’s got to be a big change. I would hate to think that we had to design that with a longer tooth, that 75 or 80 dollars took to fix around just a little bit of fear. What I like about this vlog is it shows people they can go to the dentist, have a little bit of stuff done, and still get these until they can decide what they want done. So it merged two paths.

I appreciate it!

Final Remarks

So I think we’re going to wrap it up. A couple things..


They don’t have to be afraid of the debt. Your smile is not a luxury. I think you believe that because I think you’ll see it as a tool that’ll make people want to be more like you. The other thing is they don’t have to be afraid of financing, which makes 80% of people say no. Then they can shop around until somebody will agree to tooth contouring. I get this feeling that you’re going to take this real GQ image and people will see it real quick. I think your friends will benefit from it in one day. Your mom will see a happier you. It’ll make them feel like you’re doing the things that you’re supposed to be doing in life. You did good.

Thank you sir.

Let’s say goodbye. Thank you guys so much more than you know, and we’ll pick it up next week.

Tooth Contouring and Dental Veneer Financing

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