The truth about Instasmile

Learn the Truth About Instasmile – Quality Warning

Watch this video to learn the truth about Instasmile and see why you’re better off with Brighter Image Lab.

Instasmile or Brighter Image Lab?

This client ordered veneers from over 3 years ago. A few months ago, she broke them. When she tried to reorder, she clicked on thinking it was the same product.

When her instasmile arrived, she broke down in tears. She contacted us to see if we could help her with her smile. We asked if she would talk to us about her experience.

The truth about Instasmile – Tamara’s Story:

If you’re online right now, thinking about buying a veneer to help your smile, just know that I’ve done what you’ve done. I’ve been online. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve gotten quite a few products out there.

And then you went to us, tried us out. And that helped you.

Yes, immensely.

And we, were those, that was two-three years ago. So, you wore them the whole time. So, you were just happy they worked.


Did stuff every day and that’s how you lived your life and it was fine.


And then they broke.


So you had 3 years of saying, “Wow, that’s beautiful.”

The truth about Instasmile: It’s just not the same

Yes and I put that in my mouth and that just went away.

We obviously made Tamara a veneer three and a half years ago. And back then we were trying to make them so thin, to try to make them perfect. Then three and a half years, enough happened and they broke.

I had it in my mouth and I was eating I think a sandwich. It kind of popped out and I cracked them, er, bit them. That’s why they broke. I immediately knew that I needed to get those veneers again.

But the very first website that I clicked on was Instasmile. I was like, “Okay, it’s the same one, you know, press-on veneers.” You know, when I got the product, I cried and I don’t want people to to go through that.

And you knew then you’re stuck. And that’s when you got on the chat and said, “Hey
guys I made a mistake.”

Yeah. Back three and a half years ago, there was only one place. Which was you guys.

Which was us.

Just because it looks the same doesn’t mean it is the same

Yeah, and so the very first website that I clicked on was Instasmile. I was like, “Okay, it’s the same press on veneers” or snap-on or whatever it was. it’s the same concept and all.

I just immediately ordered and I said, “Oh, it’s about half as much as I paid last time.”

Did you think you were buying from them or did you think you’re buying from us? Or you were just buying another set that was cheaper?

Another set that was cheaper.

Okay, there’s five thousand dentists in the country that sell what we make. Where they actually say, “We carry a product that’s identical to that called the Snap-On Smile.”

And it’s made as an appliance to change the appearance of people’s tooth anatomy to where if they have gapped teeth, it doesn’t appear to be gapped anymore under any circumstances.

The truth about Instasmile: they don’t make dental veneers

This product is something that you might be able to benefit from on an economy point of view, that says let’s take that situation and cover it up. But by no means will anyone
think you have dental veneers.

No, there’s no doctors that will say “We need to get another tooth cover.” So, if you were to ask every doctor in the country who would sell this or a similar product, they would all say, “I wouldn’t sell it.”

And I thought, if it was you guys, then these were the ones that I probably got. I got those.

And then you waited six weeks.

Six weeks.

So it’s been broken for a couple months.

Mm-hmm. As soon as I put them in, I just…

Tell me.

I was horrified.

The truth about Instasmile is shocking

Did you instantly know or did you have to look at them or did you know when you saw them?

No, I instantly. Actually, as soon as I took them out of the package and just… I immediately knew they were different.

Let’s look at the difference. There are some people sitting at home with a $300 budget and they would go, “Honey, go ahead and buy the cheaper one. That way we will get fixed later.”

And they don’t realize that this one slides all over the teeth and even though they seem like they’re the same, this is a product that’s made by NASA and this resin cost maybe $100 per veneer.

Competing with the cosmetic dentist

Where this would cost like a dollar. We were never successful at getting anyone to accept anything but what was absolutely the best. We have to compete with cosmetic dentistry.

These guys just make people feel like a little bit better for $300. But in your situation,
it was either perfect work or embarrassment. And you were going to go, “I wasn’t trying to lessen the embarrassment. What I was trying to do is eliminate it.”

Like you were expecting something like this.

Yes, yes.

And you got something…

The truth about Instasmile: It looks fake

I got that. This is all bulky and it’s fake looking.

And then so you said, “I can’t, I can’t go with that one. And if I can’t go that one, then I’m just going to try to fake it and see if they’re as bad as I think they are.

Right. A lot of people never knew I had the veneers when I smiled, you know, when I purchased it three years ago. And then when I got this, they immediately knew I had a tooth cover.

Which makes it worse!

I didn’t even have to smile. Just when I was talking, they knew that- they looked at me differently.

And you felt it.

Yes,  immediately. You know how nice people are. They’ll look and you can obviously tell
they’re staring at it, but they’re not gonna say anything. And they do a double-take. Like, “What is in your mouth?”

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Comparing Brighter Image Lab to Instasmile

if you’re going to compare us to an Instasmile, then you have to say this product is truly a dental veneer that’s pressed into the tooth, that’s made to fit so tight that it will compete or compare with the appearance that a person would have if they were smiling naturally and had dental veneers done.

One is a dental veneer and the other one is a teeth cover. I got a good idea. Let me show you something. I didn’t know about it until just now. Here’s, this a perfect example.

This is not a dental veneer. Do you see how there’s no crevices right here? It’s not a dental veneer. The fact that I vacuum formed it in the mouth, this is an identical indention of a person’s existing teeth.

The truth about Instasmile: It’s a tooth cover

So, just because they’re missing, let’s say I come in and I put a fake tooth there so it has the appearance of a tooth. The only benefit that this person gets is he’s got a tooth cover.

But it’s not a dental veneer, just because it will twist and change. Well, the only difference between this, that we sell for $47, and this right here, is the color and they trimmed it.

I think these are designed by gravity. Like, I think the way they do it is, they put they put it under a vacuum former, they block it out, and they vacuum form it down.

And so whatever suction is to that is how it adheres. This was made with the melted plastic. And so, when it’s melted and it cools, there’s no way to put any detail right here. So, it’s less detailed than you have already.

Brighter Image Lab: The digital difference

You could pretty much tell that this was made in a digital environment. That this was computer designed, drafted, engineered in a 3D design.

What would you tell somebody that was online and says, “Tamara, I’ve looked at your interview, what would you do if you only had 300 bucks?” What would you say?

When I put these in, I did not want to smile at all. I wanted to hide it.

A single mom, working all the time. If you can get a deal, get a deal.

That’s exactly.

The truth about Instasmile: Is it a ripoff?

I’d rather smile like this than put this in. I don’t, it’s just my, just because it’s obviously fake. For an alternative for 300, actually $320 is what I paid for them, it’s a ripoff for something like this. I would not smile with this.

And actually, to be honest with you, you have what’s called a natural smile. If you can’t smile at a wedding and a party and laugh and joke, then your guarded as if you can’t smile at all.

And that’s what you get when you buy something that just covers your teeth. Calling it a dental veneer, because you want to compete with somebody who makes them, doesn’t make you a dental veneer company.

As soon as you know that you want, that this is the route you’re gonna take, you save your money for a good product and for a real veneer. Not this. I would not go out on a date with this.

With the Brighter Image veneers that I had, I felt it was my real smile.

We don’t want to take anybody’s money and have them cry about it. And I guess
you’re a witness that some people will get this and actually cry.

For anybody who’s considering removable veneers, you’re stretching it at $300 to buy this Instasmile. I would save your money. When I found Brighter Image Lab, I couldn’t, I couldn’t stop smiling. They were, they were perfect.

I think what I’ve gotten most from the interview today, is they’re just not the same. Let’s just get you a different set of veneers and hopefully the truth will speak for itself. I promise you, you’re going to like what we do.

My job’s to make you look good, not to make you look bad. It always takes a lot for people to talk about their smile, but I very much appreciate Tamara being willing to let us do this interview.

The truth about Instasmile: A waste of money?

And I know it was really important to her to say, “Bil, don’t let these people waste their money.” And I think she wanted to be a voice for that and I think she’s done an excellent job for us.

We hope this video has been helpful for you and we’ll see you next time. Thanks.

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