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Uncensored Brighter Image Lab Review: The Best Smile Solution

Brighter Image Lab Review

Many people struggle with an imperfect smile. As a result, they deal with low self-esteem and discrimination on a daily basis. This is wrong. Luckily, Brighter Image Lab is here to help. How do they do this? Through removable veneers.

Their unique Lab Direct process gives clients the confidence of a perfect smile without ever stepping foot in a dentist office.  

Read on for an in-depth Brighter Image Lab review and learn all you need to know about their life-changing veneers. 

What is Brighter Image Lab? 

Brighter Image Lab is a Ft. Worth, TX based company that is dedicated to offering affordable solutions to a variety of smile issues 

This revolutionary company is the first to offer affordable smile design worldwide, through a unique combination of innovation, design and technology. 

Their unique lab-direct process ensures clients receive the best smile enhancement possible, every time. The precision and shine of our revolutionary teeth covers will have you showing off your pearly whites like never before.

Keep reading to find out if Brighter Image Lab PressOn Veneers are the right option for you!

Is Brighter Image Lab Right for You?

Brighter Image Lab will re-design your smile in 3D and build custom PressOn Veneers to fit perfectly over your existing teeth.

These thin, comfortable veneers are made from a crystallized resin that is strong, durable, and designed to last for years with appropriate care. 

BIL Veneers are especially great for: 

  • Clients not eligible for bridges or implants
  • Clients with gapped, crooked, stained, or missing teeth
  • Clients wanting to improve their existing smile
  • Clients looking for a removable denture replacement
brighter image lab review

These veneers are a wonderful solution  if you are wishing to improve your smile. The unique, transformative design is especially beneficial if you are considering dentures.

Dentures can be painful and require multiple dental appointments to complete. They are expensive and come with a laundry list of severe complications that can cause patients extreme pain and discomfort.

PressOn Veneers require no pain or discomfort, no appointments, and no disappointment. When it comes to choosing between our snap on veneers and dentures, our clients have an easy decision. They get to improve their smile and keep their natural teeth. It’s a win-win!

Read on for a Brighter Image Lab review and learn why PressOn Veneers may be your best alternative to dentures!

PressOn Veneers Vs. Dentures

If you’re considering dentures but don’t want to pay thousands or have your natural teeth removed, Brighter Image Lab’s PressOn Veneers may be the best denture alternative for you.

The one-of-a-kind veneer requires no extractions, pain, swelling, or recovery time, and is completely reversible. 

Many people are hesitant to have their real teeth removed, and they should be.

Once your natural teeth are gone, there’s no getting them back.

Even if they’re not perfect, your existing teeth are just as much a part of your body as your fingers and toes.

So, don’t remove them just to get a better smile.

brighter image lab review

Instead, choose Brighter Image Lab snap on veneers to cover your smile imperfections. 

They are light-weight, extremely comfortable, and require absolutely no alterations to your natural teeth.

brighter image lab review

Many clients are also happy to learn that our clip on veneers don’t cover the roof of your mouth the way dentures do.

So, they are much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Our unique PressOn Veneers are a great non-invasive alternative to dentures. 

They are comfortable, durable, light-weight, and gorgeous.

They’re also easy to order!

Brighter Image Lab uses a convenient and easy-to-use online ordering process that makes it easier than ever to improve your smile.

You can complete your order online, take your impressions, and receive your own set of custom veneers within weeks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Continue reading for a Brighter Image Lab review and in-depth look at the ordering process and learn how to order your set of snap on veneers today!

5 Step Ordering Process:

Our 5 step ordering process is simple and easy-to-use. It can be completed online and does not require a single office visit.

Read on to see how easy it is to get your set of PressOn Veneers!

Consider the Cost

Brighter Image Lab has one goal: to make sure anybody who needs a new smile can call their office and say “I don’t have the money, but I want to get started.”  They want to make it that simple, even if you can’t afford their products right away.

The removable veneers start at $750, but there are many payment options for people who can’t afford them. 

Brighter Image Lab’s financing program offers a low $149 down payment, 0% Interest and 100% approval.

They work with you individually to make sure their products are made available to virtually everyone. 

Choose your Shade

Brighter Image Lab’s veneers are available in three shades: Bright White, Natural White and Natural Stain. 

The Natural White shade has the appearance of a well-manicured smile, without being overbearing or fake.  

The Bright White shade is a great option for performers who need their smile to ‘pop’ from across the room. 

The Natural Stain shade is only for use in extreme cases where the client needs to match discolored teeth. 

Make Your Impressions

After you place your order, the company ships you a specialized impression system that has all of the materials and instructions you’ll need to take impressions of your own teeth at home. You will also receive a pre-paid envelope for returning your completed impressions to the lab.

Brighter Image Lab offers an impression system so advanced that you will no longer see the value in paying your doctor 100’s of dollars for impressions. 

They also uses the latest in impression technology, such as model manipulation, which allows technicians to fix compromised impressions. So, even if your impressions aren’t perfect, your veneers will be.

As long as the lab receives a bite mark with a gum line, they can build a smile on it. 

Wait for Your Digital Design 

Once the lab receives your impressions, the smile technicians use 3D scanning to create a digital model of each tooth. They then use this model to determine the fit and look of your veneers. 

Your design is then sent to our design lab, where it’s created, and then detailed and polished by hand. 

Your completed veneer will go through 2 phases of quality control to check for imperfections, and eventually be shipped right back to your door. 

Receive and Care for Your Veneers

You should expect to receive your new snap on Veneers in 15-30 days.  

Brighter Image Lab veneers are strong and durable, allowing you to eat or drink while you wear them. Our top-of-the-line removable veneers are also easy to maintain, requiring little more than denture cleaner to clean them.  

Follow these simple steps to prolong the life of your temporary veneers:

  • Remove veneers at night, anput iyour UltraSonic Cleaner with any denture soak.
  • Avoid eating any challenging foods (tough meats, hard breads, exc.)
  • Keep your Veneers in the protective case any time you aren’t wearing them 
  • Rinse veneers thoroughly after each meal. 

It’s as easy as that. Consider the cost, choose your shade, make your impressions, wait for your digital design, and receive your veneers! With Brighter Image Lab, it has never been easier or more convenient to transform your smile.

Our unique 5-step process has helped thousands of clients improve the look of their smile, and you could be next!

Still not convinced? Keep reading for an uncensored Brighter Image Lab review and let our clients speak for themselves!

How to Spot a Fake Review

When you buy products online, you most likely look to the reviews to help make your decision.

On amazon, you may scroll down to see what other options are available and pick whichever has the highest rating. 

We all know that online reviews can be faked. It’s no secret some retailers pay for positive reviews for their products and negative reviews for competing brands.

While you may think you can spot a phony review right away, it can be very difficult. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you distinguish fake reviews from authentic customer feedback. Here are three:

Lack of Detail

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Fake reviews often list general features rather than dig into specific aspects of the product.

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Fake reviews more so set the scene using words like “vacation,” “business trip” or “my husband.” 

Includes More First-Person Pronouns

When people try too hard to come off as genuine, they often talk more about themselves than others.

So, watch out for words like “I” and “me” when trying to spot fake reviews.

If the reviewer is being disingenuous, odds are they’ll use a lot of first-person pronouns.

Has More Verbs Than Nouns

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Because people who write false reviews often substitute pleasant (or awful) sounding stories for actual insight.

When searching for authentic reviews, focus on ones that use more nouns.

This will help you weed out and avoid misleading reviews and make the best, most informed decision about your purchase.

Since Amazon’s early days, reviews have been the one thing customers rely on to determine a product’s quality and authenticity.

Amazon often lists hundreds or thousands of product reviews, but many of those reviews can’t be trusted. Thousands of fake reviews have fooled Amazon customers over the years. Don’t be the next to buy a product based on a fake review.

Continue reading for a variety of authentic, uncensored Brighter Image Lab Reviews you can trust!

Uncensored Brighter Image Lab Reviews

Brighter Image Lab veneers are a new lease on life for many clients who felt they would have to settle for the reality of their broken, unsightly smiles. They have instilled self-confidence and boosted the self-esteem of countless people all over the world. 


Brighter Image Lab was founded to address the need for affordable oral health solutions. Today, the company continues to disrupt the cosmetic dental industry by offering cost effective solutions for a variety of smile issues.

With the latest technology and groundbreaking innovation in the field, Brighter Image Lab allows you to achieve a beautiful smile without the cost and hassle of cosmetic dentistry. 

The company continues to provide an option for those who feel they’ve run out of options. Their snap on veneers are an achievable solution for many of your cosmetic dental needs. 

Choose to buy Lab Direct with Brighter Image Lab below and start your journey to a brighter image today! Don’t forget to leave a Brighter Image Lab review yourself!

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