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Why Are People Searching “Cheap Dentist Near Me”?


Many people are searching on Google for “cheap dentist near me”, “cheap dental care”, and “cheap dentist with no insurance”.

This online trend points to an issue in the United States today.

Millions of Americans struggle to have adequate dental care. Employed people struggle because while employers offer healthcare benefits they often don’t offer dental insurance. The struggle is even worse for the underemployed or unemployed population who cannot afford to pay expensive out-of-pocket prices for what they need. 

Poor dental can cause bigger and more expensive problems in the future. It’s become a vicious and tragic cycle that causes many people to search online for a “cheap dentist near me”

Cheap Dentist With No Insurance

Some philanthropic dental professionals have a helpful solution to people without insurance. These offices offer dental services to lower-income families as charity or with sliding scale prices (prices that change based on income level).

This solution can be great for standard dental work, but it likely will not cover anything beyond what is absolutely necessary.


One of the cheapest procedures available is tooth extraction. This is a process where the dentist removes a problematic tooth. It is a very common treatment for low-income adults.(1)

This procedure is not only painful, but sadly leaves many people gaps where the original teeth had been. Procedures like extraction or natural teeth imperfections can damage someone’s self-esteem and confidence. They can end up living their lives hiding their smiles. 

The embarrassment people feel about their missing or crooked teeth can hurt their chances of performing well in job interviews. It can also keep them from feeling attractive on dates, or in social situations. 

Many people want to be able to smile with confidence and it often takes more than minimal dential care to accomplish that. 

Traditional Cosmetic Dentistry

Procedures for perfecting teeth are called cosmetic dentistry procedures. The procedures are done to make teeth straight, white, and beautiful. They also are extremely expensive. In dentist offices, they usually cost several thousand dollars if not more. They definitely wouldn’t work for all the people googling “cheap dentist near me”.

These procedures are also typically not covered by dental insurance so they are costly for everyone.


Most cosmetic dentistry options don’t work for people’s budgets. 

People have car payments, house payments, school expenses, and dreams of traveling with their friends or family! These needs and desires often go before dental care, especially when the care costs several thousand dollars. 

Many people decide against cosmetic dental care because of the price. They instead choose to live with their imperfect teeth and hide them by not smiling.

Cheap Dental Care That’s Cosmetic

Thankfully, at Brighter Image Lab we figured out a way to provide a cosmetic dentistry solution that’s affordable! We want you to keep smiling! 

Using modern technology we’ve created an affordable mail-delivered dental veneer. Dental veneers discretely go over your original teeth to give you an absolutely perfect smile! Click here to see more of our life-changing products!

dental veneers

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to create professional-grade dental veneers. Everything you need is shipped to you through the mail through our lab-direct process. This process and our high-tech system allow us to keep our prices low and our quality high! 

You can get Brighter Image Lab dental veneers for an initial payment of $149 down and affordable monthly payments! This is much easier than spending several thousand dollars at a dentist’s office. 

You can have a perfect smile that can give you a renewed confidence to tackle whatever you want to in life!

We understand that high dentist prices keep people from cosmetic dentistry that can change their lives. We provide an amazing, affordable option for people searching “cheap dentist near me”. 

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