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Affordable Dental Choice (That Doesn’t Cost $10K+)

Lack of an Affordable Dental Choice

Fees and prices in the dental industry continue to rise, and more Americans are finding it harder to keep up with the increasing costs. In fact over 74 million people, nearly 25% of Americans, don’t have dental insurance plans. This makes an affordable dental choice hard to come by.

On top of this, 125 million U.S. adults (54%) are living paycheck to paycheck. this means majority of Americans don’t have extra money to cover necessary dental work, leaving them with bad smiles.

One could argue that those with bad teeth who don’t have a great deal of disposable income do have an affordable dental choice – stop smiling. We simply aren’t willing to accept that.

Below is a list of resources and providers for those struggling to find ways to save money on dental work, as well as the Brighter Image Lab smile solution for people with bad smiles. If you’ve been searching for easy steps to save on dental care, this post could help you!

Why Preventative Care is Important

Being able to visit a dentist regularly is harder than ever because of the high cost, but why should we still try to search out a dentist when we can?

Oral healthcare is important for a number of reasons. Beyond the obvious consequences of poor dental hygiene such as cavities and bad breath, oral hygiene affects our mental and physical health as well.

Bad oral health that’s not monitored can turn into gingivitis and tooth decay. Both can be painful, and if the gingivitis progresses it could turn into periodontal disease.

There is also research to suggest that periodontal issues have direct links to heart disease. Bacteria from the mouth get into open oral sores from gingivitis, and inflame blood vessels that can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

You can read more about the links to dental hygiene and physical health in our other articles about the science behind smiling, and the full effects poor dental health can have.

Affordable Dental Choice

Consequences of a Bad Smile

Anyone with a bad smile can tell you that it’s greatly affected their life. Studies have shown that people with bad smiles can be judged and discriminated against by their peers, family, and coworkers.

Those with missing, broken, and discolored teeth are less likely to be considered for job positions, and can make $1,000,000 less in household income than those with better smiles.

A bad smile can also affect personal relationships, and drive off potential romantic partners. Thankfully, if you’re not able to find affordable dental care to fix your smile through traditional means, Brighter Image Lab could be the solution for you. Keep Reading to find out more!

Resources for Cheaper Dental Care

Dental Schools and Hygiene Clinics

One of the best ways to find cheaper dental care options is to make appointments through a dental college or university. Students need patients to practice routine cleanings and regular dental procedures, and are supervised by licensed dentists. But not everyone is comfortable with inexperienced hands performing necessary dental work.

Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

State and federal governments have put together grants for low-income pregnant women and infants who don’t qualify for CHIP or Medicaid dental insurance. Those 21 and under qualify for services, and pregnant women are eligible until 3 months after giving birth.

CHIP and Medicaid

Those 20 and under can qualify for CHIP or Medicaid programs which offer dental insurance services. Eligibility can vary by state, so make sure to check your state’s qualifications.

Medicaid can also cover pregnant women up to two months after giving birth. Case managers can help determine whether or not you qualify for dental care.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Also known as community health centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers cater to underserved communities. Some offer additional services to traditional healthcare like mental health, substance abuse, and sometimes dental.

Just visit the HRSA Find a Health Center page to find a FQHC near you.

The Brighter Image Lab Alternative

While resources exist for those who are low-income and unable to afford dental insurance, even fewer help those who make too much, or whose dental insurance still doesn’t cover enough of the cost of dental procedures.

Brighter Image Lab has been working diligently since 1997 to provide an affordable dental choice that doesn’t require seeing a dentist, but can be done in the comfort of your own home.

PressOn Veneers are a revolutionary product in alternative smile care, and cost a fraction of what you would pay for veneers from a cosmetic dentist.

Made from a proprietary blend developed with NASA and advanced 3D technology, Brighter Image Lab’s dental veneers do more than just cover your teeth. They actually improve your smile.

Each order is custom made, ensuring that the veneers snap on over existing teeth. Our smile specialists work with impressions you provide with our impression kit, like you would at a traditional cosmetic dentist’s office, and photos of your mouth to design a new smile specifically suited to you.

If you suffer from broken, missing, and discolored teeth and can’t afford to get your smile fixed, Brighter Image Lab could be right for you.


More Americans and people worldwide are struggling to find affordable dental care despite the growing number of dental clinics. While some resources exist to help those struggling to afford dental care, they’re too limited and leave many unable to get the work they want done.

Brighter Image Lab is proud to offer affordable dental choice alternatives in our PressOn Veneers for those with broken, missing, or discolored teeth. Stop searching for expensive traditional care and try Brighter Image Lab today!

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