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3 Affordable Dental Veneers – Brighter Image Lab Cost

Bil Watson

Imagine needing to change your smile. However, after going to the dentist, you receive a dental treatment plan that’s more expensive than your car. Instead of searching for the Brighter Image Lab cost, you do what most people do: fold up the treatment plan and set it aside, and continue to deal with the pain of a bad smile. Many people are left in this predicament and their hopes are gone.

A Smile Makeover should not cost $10,000 or more. The Lab Direct Process from Brighter Image Lab is specifically designed to save you thousands. Compare the Brighter Image Lab cost to Invisalign dentists charging up to $8,000 for adult braces. Our Instant alternatives are only $795!

What is the Brighter Image Lab cost?

Brighter Image Lab Cost Challenges the Dental Industry

“At Brighter Image Lab, we didn’t set out to challenge the dental industry.” says Bil Watson, Director of Brighter Image Lab.

“We saw our clients struggling with severe problems, and we saw that most of them were out of options. We didn’t spend thousands of hours to painstakingly develop revolutionary new products because we wanted to.”

In the past, people turned to dentists as the sole source of information for a smile solution. With the advancement of the Internet, many people are now looking beyond the dental industry for less expensive alternatives. They find these solutions when they find out how low Brighter Image Lab costs are, for our high-quality custom press on veneers.

For most, a real solution just is not attainable. Dental veneers, dentures, and implants are “high end” products within the dental industry and most people aren’t looking for a “high end” product. They need an affordable answer to allow them to smile again

The Brighter Image Lab Cost Created A Solution

In 2010, Brighter Image Lab created the Press On Veneers to answer the demand for these affordable products. In the beginning, it was a struggle. No one had created a product like this without a dentist, and it wasn’t easy.

The consensus from early clients was, “It’s not perfect, but will you just keep trying? I need this more than you know.”

Brighter Image Lab continued to work on design and made investments in software, technology, packaging and streamlining the process to where they are today. The results from keeping the Brighter Image Lab cost low are amazing.

Now, in a turn of events, dentists are sending their patients to Brighter Image Lab, especially since the introduction of the signature BilVeneers product in 2017. The industry changed because one man saw a need and transformed it into an opportunity.

New Life Smile

Brighter Image Lab is now looking to provide a free solution to those unable to afford even their low cost. Clients who submit their “Smile Story” online are considered by the board to then receive a product from Brighter Image Lab no-cost – absolutely free – thanks to generous donations from online donors.

Mr. Watson sums it up best, “When people ask us why we did it, we tell them we did it because somebody had to.”

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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10 thoughts on “3 Affordable Dental Veneers – Brighter Image Lab Cost

  1. Chelsea Crockett

    How much would it cost me for the top and bottom? I see a price, but it doesn’t explain if the price is top and bottom, or just top..

    1. Brighter Image Lab


      Thanks for the comment! We get this question quite often, and we always direct people to our dental veneers page where the most up-to-date pricing is. You can get there by clicking the link on the word dental veneers. This link should take you directly to the pricing section where you can change the options and watch how the options you select will change your price.

  2. Maurice Williams

    Hello I have a chipped 2 front teeth and I really cant smile and I’m an Officer so I deal with Employees, Clients everyday so I need the get my teeth covers,Straight I go get my Teeth cleaned 2wice a year .So I see you guys take care of clients and suppose to be Reasonable Prices

    1. Trey Murruy


      We are so glad you found us!

      We talk to clients every day who deal with the public, but are ashamed of their smile. Unfortunately, we have found that sometimes even proper dental care isn’t enough to save a smile.

      Please take a look at our dental veneers page where you can find more information and the current pricing for all of our removable dental veneers. You can find it at

      Thank you for your comment Maurice, and we look forward to having you as a client!

  3. Laura Ebertshaeuser

    Hello I read here somewhere that a person could get brighter image veneers for free due to online donors ? I am the all time test case dummy for this situation I have been thru cancer was in an accident where oncoming car launched a 220 lb deer .buck thru my windshield and into my face ..I have a total of 5 teeth on the top and 6 on the bottom and look like spong bob square pants I just recieved my trusmile veneer for 470 $ I am amazed they could even do it and it is a great improvement but the two front teeth are really big it feels really bulky and really only looks natural if I stil don’t smile all the way .. I would be your best before and after for advertisement please consider me I spent everything I had on my true smile center contact me at [email protected]

    1. Trey Murruy

      Yes, Laura, that is correct.

      Brighter Image Lab has partnered with New Life Smile to help match donors to people needing new smile makeovers.

      We are truly sorry to hear about what has happened to your smile. If you or anyone else reading this response would like to submit your smile story, we will forward the form to New Life Smile so you can be considered for a free smile makeover.

      Please go to this page and fill out the form:

      We wish you the best, and look forward to hearing your full story.

  4. Claudette Campbell

    If I already have veneers on half of my top teeth, can I still get veneers?
    Half was taken off due to sensitivity of a tooth on the left and was extracted. I have some missing teeth to my left.
    The dentist made denture for the left upper.
    Can I be helped? I hate this denture.

    1. Trey Murruy

      Thanks for the question Claudette! This question is a bit difficult to answer because in reality, it depends.

      If you have a partial that’s been put in place permanently, it’s possible to cover it with a removable veneer, but we try to evaluate those on a cases by case basis.

      Our smile team will likely need photos of your current smile to properly determine how we can best help. You can submit those through our website here:

      After submitting your photos, we encourage you to reach out to one of our smile specialists by calling the toll-free number on our website, chatting with one of them through the website, or submitting a ticket at

      Thanks again for your question Claudette!


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