Broken Teeth to Brave Smile

People all over the world suffer from discolored, misaligned, and broken teeth, and one Texas based company is going above and beyond to provide an affordable smile alternative for clients. Brighter Image Lab partners with New Life Smile to bring this woman not only a newly designed smile, but gives her a full makeover. Watch […]

Recidivism Can Be Fought With a Smile

Introduction  A life without a smile can be rough. Many people who suffer from a poor smile have low self-confidence and are more likely to give into peer pressure. Giving into peer pressure and experimenting with drugs and alcohol has landed good people behind bars. Almost half of the people who are released from jail […]

How To Become A Model


How To Become A Model In Seven Steps Are you interest in how to become a model? The modeling industry is tough to get into, but it’s really rewarding once you do. Follow these steps to get started! Figure Out What Type Of Modeling Vocabulary Help: Fashion Modeling Vs. Commercial Modeling Fashion modeling is modeling […]

Beautiful Teeth For Top Model With Dental Veneers


The largest amount of scrutiny somebody can put on you when you don’t have beautiful teeth, they’ll never doubt your smile. They would have to get so close to see if there’s anything that’s different. You didn’t have to grind, you didn’t go through any pain, and this literally has taken minutes for you. You’ve […]

International Model Gets 2 Beautiful New Smiles

International model smiles with Press On Veneers from Brighter Image Lab

International Model Gets Smile Makeover from Brighter Image Lab Watch this video to see how Brighter Image Lab got an international model to photograph her smile for the first time. International Model finds Brighter Image Lab It was, I don’t know, I can’t remember how I came across your page, honestly. I think, yes, it was […]

1 Amazing Instant Teeth Whitening Solution for International Model

Introduction Many people have insecurities about their yellowing teeth. Avoiding coffee and wine is easy, but sometimes just brushing isn’t enough to keep a white smile. While a lot of people will turn to expensive cosmetic dentists to get their teeth whitened, there are alternative and more affordable options to getting a white smile. Luckily, […]