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Dental Flipper Alternative Can Make You Look 20 Years Younger

Kristy Henderson


At Brighter Image Lab, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people enhance their smiles. Many of these people chose removable veneers to replace a dental flipper or partial. 

One client named Jamie had a dental flipper that was discolored. When he came to us earlier this year for a Father’s Day smile transformation, Jamie said goodbye to his flipper and hello to amazing removable veneers.

In this blog, we will discuss Jamie’s story, how he found us and the results he was able to achieve with removable veneers.

Jamie’s Story

Jamie has been athletic all his life, and many of his dental flaws are sports related. One of his teeth was knocked out playing a game of racket ball and the other was lost in a football game. Before Jamie came to us, he wore a dental flipper to fill out his smile.

Jamie cares a lot about his appearance. As a fitness trainer, he works out every day, takes care of himself and finds pride in the way he looks. Unfortunately, his dental flipper wasn't uniform with the rest of his teeth and never gave him the smile he wanted. 

Being a trainer, Jamie is always surrounded by younger men with youthful, healthy smiles. This always made him feel like he couldn't compete, especially with a noticeable dental flipper.

In the world of fitness, it is important to always be your best in terms of appearance, and muscles aren’t the only thing that can make you stand out. Jamie's smile was holding him back, and his dental flipper just wasn't cutting it.

No matter how many weights he lifted or how many goals he met, Jamie was never able to enhance his smile and get on an even playing field with the rest of the men he trained. 

Jamie was so unhappy with the way his dental flipper looked that it affected his everyday life. He felt uncomfortable meeting new people or being social, because the insecurity of a poor smile put his mind on high alert. 

dental flipper

Jamie was so concerned about his dental flipper being noticeable that it affected the way he acted and responded to others. Somewhere in the midst of his sports injuries and missing teeth, Jamie lost himself. He became the product of a poor smile.

Luckily, Jamie decided to take action. He went online and began looking for dental flipper alternatives to improve his smile, and that’s how he found Brighter Image Lab. Keep reading to learn more!

How Jamie found Brighter Image Lab

Jamie found Brighter Image Lab on YouTube. When he stumbled upon our videos, his smile had been a burden on him for many years. When he saw what we were able to accomplish with removable veneers, he thought: “That’s too good to be true!”

dental flipper

Like many of our clients, Jamie assumed that he couldn’t get the results he saw online with removable veneers. His long-term acceptance of his poor smile made him apprehensive and closed off. He didn’t feel like the results he saw on our channel were possible for him. 

Luckily for Jamie, removable veneers have the power to transform virtually any smile, and he was an excellent candidate!

After looking through our YouTube channel and reading customer reviews, Jamie decided to bite the bullet and take a chance on Brighter Image Lab. Read on to learn which removable veneers Jamie got and how they worked for him!

Jamie's new smile 

Jamie ordered a set of BIL Veneers right before Father’s Day. He had plans to celebrate with his sons and wanted to have his new smile in all the family photos, so he paid extra for an expressed process. Unfortunately, his order still fell short of a Father’s Day delivery.

When we saw that Jamie wasn’t going to receive his new smile in time to show his sons, we knew something had to be done. If the post office wasn’t going to deliver the removable veneers on time, we were going to do it ourselves.

On June 19 (the day before Father’s Day), Brighter Image Lab director, Bil Watson hand-delivered Jamie’s removable veneers.

When our team showed up unannounced, Jamie and his sons were together celebrating Father’s Day at their family home. With all the family together, there was no better time to give Jamie a life-changing smile makeover

Once Jamie tried on his BIL Veneers, the mood in the room completely shifted. With his family there to see, Jamie smiled wide for the first time in a long time to reveal a perfect set of removable veneers.

Without even seeing his results, Jamie smiled uncontrollably. He didn’t search for a mirror or ask how they looked, he just stood there, feeling the smooth surface of his new smile with the tips of his fingers. Everyone in the room could see an instant change in the way Jamie carried himself. When Jamie finally looked in the mirror, he couldn’t believe the man looking back at him. He looked 20 years younger!

dental flipper
dental flipper

“We can do better!” 

Jamie’s BIL Veneers give him the appearance of a perfect smile, fill out his face and compete with his many dominant features. We were able to achieve great results for Jamie with BIL Veneers, but we still knew we could do better.

When we saw Jamie in person and spoke with him about his fitness training, we knew we had a better smile option for him. Our IncrediBIL Veneer is ultra-thin and designed to reflect light, making them pop under lighting.

dental flipper

IncrediBIL Veneers are great for pageant contestants, actors or actresses and people like Jamie, who show off their physique at competition. Because he was such a delight to work with, we decided to give Jamie a few sets of IncrediBILs absolutely free.

Our IncrediBIL Veneer is precision-detailed, chiseled and glazed to make the teeth look as young as possible. Their enhanced curvature and reflective coating are designed to make them POP, especially under stage lighting. When we saw Jamie and the work he put into his appearance, we knew IncrediBILs would give him the ultimate edge.

In the world of fitness, presentation is everything. When Jamie competes or represents himself, his teeth need to be as enhanced as his body. With IncrediBILs, he’ll be pushing himself to compete with his own smile.

Jamie achieved amazing results, and his story will inspire so many people to take action. Continue reading to see what advice Jamie has for you!

Jamie's advice to you 

Jamie’s advice to you is to take the plunge. If you’ve seen the YouYube videos or read the blogs, you know the potential of removable veneers, so just do it. Take the risk, take the chance and make the change. 

Don't be held back by the  look of a dental flipper or partial. The number one thing you can do to improve your overall appearance is to enhance your smile, and the number one product for doing that is Brighter Image Lab’s removable veneers.

With the smile of his younger self, Jamie has rediscovered his confidence and has reintroduced himself to the world. Jamie truly seems like a new man. His confidence and spirit fill the room, and his smile shines wherever he goes.

Jamie’s BIL Veneers and IncrediBILs give him the confidence to be open to others and the self-acceptance to make himself a better man. If he hadn’t have given Brighter Image Lab a chance, he would have never known the possibilities that live on the other side of a poor smile.

dental flipper

Make a change

Jamie spent years accepting his poor smile, because he didn’t know there were affordable solutions available. Now, he is a walking example of the best smile enhancement option on the market.

dental flipper

If your smile is holding you back, you can make a change. There are affordable options available to you that have the potential to change your life. A dental flipper or partial can make your smile look uniform and dull, so don't waste your time!

Removable veneers cover each of the front eight teeth for a complete and consistent smile appearance. Once you see yourself with a new smile, you won’t stop there. The best thing about removable veneers is they’re only the start of self-improvement. 

When our clients take action to improve their smile, they see the positive impact of their actions every day. Their confidence grows, their self-esteem swells and their life improves in a way that could have never been possible before.

The positive impact of removable veneers tends to have a domino effect. Once our clients are able to experience and enjoy the benefits of a better smile, they are motivated to improve on other parts of their life. Some clients start working out, make new friends, experience new things and open themselves up to the world.

Removable veneers have the potential to transform your life, so stop waiting! A smile is not a luxury, it’s a right. You have the right to a smile that works for YOU. If your natural smile falls short, go online and make a change.

dental flipper

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to enhance your smile, and our online process has made it easier than ever to take action. If you’re unsatisfied with your smile, take a chance on Brighter Image Lab. We’ve been transforming smiles and helping people like Jamie rediscover themselves for over 20 years, so we've got you covered!


When Jamie saw our YouTube videos, he thought what many of our clients think. He thought the results he saw were too good to be true. Luckily for him, he was wrong.

If you're considering a dental flipper to fix your smile, consider removable veneers instead. They are the only product available that can completely transform your smile in an instant without a dentist. 

Removable veneers changed Jamie’s life, and they can change yours too. Click below to get started on your smile transformation today!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Brighter Image Lab Q And A With Bil Watson

Kristy Henderson


At Brighter Image Lab, we are always interested in helping people learn more about our products and services, so a few weeks ago we asked for all of your burning Brighter Image Lab Q and A. Today, we're here to answer them.

In this blog, Bil Watson sits down to discuss Brighter Image Lab Q and A and PressOn Veneers, answering some of our most popular questions!  

Does Brighter Image Lab accept Medicaid?

No, we do not accept Medicaid. We're a cosmetic product, so insurance don't recognize us as a treatment plan. Therefore, we only accept conventional payment like cash or credit card or financing. We're currently fighting tooth and nail to get financing in other countries such as Australia the UK and Mexico City, because we don't currently have financing for those clients. 

Does Brighter Image Lab offer payment plans?

Yes! We're as motivated as you are. If you're a motivated buyer, we're a motivated smile designer. We want to make sure that we get everyone a smile that has all the intentions of the world of paying for that smile. We have payment plans, but we also have other options that aren't available on the website.

Financing with Low Weekly Payments - Brighter Image Lab

If you need to make something happen, we will help you. Whether it’s some kind of layaway or special payments like a balloon payment where you pay so many little payments and a bigger payment towards the end. There are a lot of things that we can do as a company for people who are willing to work with us.  

Everything starts with an application, and we have a general set of financing options that we extend to the majority of clients. We also have financing for special conditions. If you qualify for the special conditionings financing, we will do almost anything to make sure you get a new smile. We don't want anyone to live with a bad smile. If you work with us, we’ll work with you.

How long do PressOn Veneers last?

It depends on the person. If you wear them every day, they're not going to last as long compared to someone who only wears them occasionally. PressOn Veneers are made for everyday use, but we ask you not to challenge the veneer for the best and longest-lasting results.

The life of your veneers also depends on your existing smile. A person who has just a few teeth is going to challenge their veneer more than a person who has a full set of teeth.

PressOn Veneers are designed to last three to five years easily. We have thousands of cases of the veneers lasting much longer, and we have other cases where they haven’t. It always comes down to how much you wear the veneers, what kind of wear and tear you put them through, and how you take care of them.

Does Brighter Image Lab give discounts to existing clients? 

brighter image lab

Yes, we do give discounts to existing clients!

Anybody who's bought from Brighter Image Lab before (within a period of time) is on file, so rebuilding their PressOn Veneer is much easier than the initial veneer. As long as there's no change in the client’s existing smile, we can rebuild their veneers at a discount. 

Does Brighter Image Lab offer a warranty? 

Yes, we have a basic warranty that covers about 90 days. We also have an extended warranty. With the extended warranty, you can buy another year and a half or two year warranty and get your first three months free. So, if you buy an eighteen-month warranty, it turns into a two-year warranty.

If you depend on PressOn Veneers to manicure your image and it's part of your monthly makeup, do what you can to invest in a warranty. I can't tell you how many times I've been able to save someone's life because they were sitting somewhere and something happened that caused their veneers to break, and we were able to immediately reprint and get them back as quickly as possible.

brighter image lab

Can you eat with PressOn Veneers? 

PressOn Veneers are cosmetic devices that aren’t made for chewing. They’re not made to replace your teeth, they’re made to improve your smile. With that being said, almost everybody eats in their PressOn Veneers, with the exception of people who believe they're going to challenge their veneer, such as people with missing teeth.

Snap On Dentists don't make Snap-Ons

85% of people put them in and never take him out. They wear them all the time, through meals, social settings, dates, pictures and presentations. They wear them any time it's important for them to look their best, and never remove them, even if that requires being conservative with their meal selection. I don't have any problem thinking people are going to eat soup or soft foods, but when I hear people eating steak or biting into foods that are hard to chew, then it concerns me.

This is the same answer for traditional veneers. If you got traditional veneers over your existing teeth, your dentist would beg you not to chew ice or eat hard foods. Nothing is going to replace the strength of a natural tooth. PressOn veneers aren’t designed to change or replace teeth, they're cosmetic.

Can you sleep in PressOn Veneers? 

If you have a perfect smile and your PressOn Veneers fit perfectly, there's not a lot of reason to take them out. If you're missing a lot of teeth or you've got gapped teeth or you have longer teeth, it becomes more intrusive and it's more dangerous for you to have something in your mouth that may come out while you sleep.

Some people are going on dates or doing stay overs and they don't want to remove their veneers. I have people who've had a lot of success never removing their veneers, but they're not made for sleeping. They’re made to improve your smile.

I recommend that you put your PressOn Veneers in a case or put them in our ultrasonic cleaner and clean them at night, then wear them in the morning.

brighter image lab

How do you keep the veneers clean? 

It depends on the amount of staining and the environment that they're in. If you smoke, that creates challenges, and if you have dark foods or beverages, that's created staining.

brighter image lab

You can keep your PressOn Veneers clean and bright by rinsing them all the time and staying away from certain foods that have a tendency to do excessive staining .

I highly recommend you use Brighter Image Lab's Ultrasonic Cleaner and wash your PressOn Veneers with peroxide or denture cleaner.

Can PressOn Veneers fix a bite condition? 

We don't do any treatment plan, so we don't correct anything with the existing smile. We simply create a design that goes over the bite so it's thicker on the top. We help people with under bites all the time, but we don't cure under bites, we simply change the appearance of it.

Some of the best designs I've ever done have given people full features for both full blockage and their smile. Generally, I do this because the client has an under bite and their lip goes in too much. When I bring that out, it shows them what their lip would have always looked like. This fit takes a bit more time to get used to, but I highly encourage anyone that has an under bite to consider what a design would look like.

brighter image lab

Do PressOn Veneers harm the natural teeth? 

The surface of the tooth is the hardest surface in existence. Enamel is extremely hard and very protective. Putting something over it naturally, like PressOn Veneers, causes virtually no damage.

In thousands and thousands of cases, we have seen little to no negative effect on the existing enamel or existing tooth structure.

Can you get PressOn Veneers if you have periodontal issues?

brighter image lab q and a

You have the right to be your own dentist. You can take an impression and have us build a design over it. A lot of our clients have some degree of periodontal disease. In fact, over half of the people you meet have some degree of periodontal disease.

We ask before you take your impressions, if you have more than moderate periodontal disease, have your teeth professionally cleaned and have a periodontist treat the gingiva so that it rescinds.

Can PressOn Veneers make small teeth look bigger? 

PressOn Veneers can make small teeth look the appropriate size. If you have too much gum because your teeth are too small, we can lift the appearance of the gingiva line where your teeth meets the gum line, so your smile is not so gummy. We don't have to extend too much off the bottom because I compensate by adding length to the top, which gives the appearance of regular sized teeth.

How long do PressOn Veneers take to make? 

Generally, we have over 750 arches in the building at any given time, so we ask for a 30-day time frame to make and ship our PressOn Veneers.

Our clients have the option of paying for expedited shipping, which cuts the wait time down to 14 days. For those who just cant wait to get their new PressOn Smile, we offer an Ultra Express 7 day shipping package!

Smile Express: 14 Day Production

What do you tell people when you show up with a new smile? 

When you get a new smile, wear it out with people you don't know. Smile in all the places that you never got to smile before. Practice on living that smile, go and get your confidence and your self-esteem back on some level. Get some direction of who you are and what you are and then you let the other people decide how they want to accept it. 

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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E-Commerce Working for Smile Makeovers

Kristy Henderson


In the past, the dental industry has relied on in-office visits to service patients. Today, the industry has adapted to serving patients remotely. While this transition has posed its challenges, it has also provided a host of opportunities for those who are creative enough to provide e-commerce solutions.

Many who have evolved to provide e-commerce solutions have transformed the dental industry for the better, offering affordable and accessible alternatives to expensive dental procedures. 

In this blog, we will discuss how e-commerce is working for smile makeovers and why no-contact dentistry may become the new normal. 

What is dental e-commerce? 

Dental e-commerce is the process of buying and selling dental products by means of technology, such as by mobile applications and the Internet. This refers to both online retail and online shopping as well as electronic transactions.

How is e-commerce working for smile makeovers? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way people maintain their oral health. Social distancing, lockdowns and regulations have all but closed the traditional avenues for receiving dental care. Now, instead of going to see the dentist in-office, many people are choosing to go online for their smile solutions. 


Smile enhancement options like Brighter Image Lab's removable veneers appeal to online clients by providing customizable, no-contact smile solutions. This unique online process allows clients to achieve a full smile makeover from home without a dentist and at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic dentistry

Brighter Image Lab’s virtual process allows clients to choose, customize and pay for their new smile in minutes and without leaving their house. This virtual process has allowed them to serve over 300,000 clients across the world remotely from a single location, something very valuable in the Corona Virus era.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, more and more people will go online in search of a solution. Read on to learn how e-commerce personalization trends appeal to these customers!

E-Commerce Personalization Trends 

Large dental corporations can appeal to online clients by providing customizable products. Brighter Image Lab, for example, offers removable veneers that can be custom made with zero in-person contact. 

Brighter Image Lab's design team works 24 hours a day to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, and spend an average of 32 hours on each custom veneer order.

Think of them as your personal smile designers. Once you’ve received your FREE facial analysis, your smile designer will use the industry’s leading technology to redesign your smile in 3D. This design is then used to create a set of custom-fit removable veneers meant only for you.

Meet Bil Watson

Bil Watson

Brighter Image Lab Director

"At Brighter Image Lab, we believe the future is in personalization. We envision a world where people will shop for customized smile enhancement products instead of wasting time and money on “one size fits all” smile solutions."

The kind of customization that can be achieved with removable veneers surpasses what can be done with virtually any in-office dental solution. Removable veneers are molded to fit over your natural smile and contoured for the thinnest fit your teeth allow. They are the leading standard for customization and offer many options that will truly make your veneers one of a kind.

There are three removable veneer options: The Original PressOn Veneer, the improved BIL Veneer and the ultimate IncrediBIL Veneer. Here is a breakdown of these options:  

The original PressOn Veneers come in the natural shade. They are beautifully designed and 100% digitally processed. These veneers come at a 0.7 to 1.7mm average thickness and includes an initial impression system absolutely free. PressOn Veneers come at a low price of $795 and are a great option for anyone who wants to improve their smile. Brigher Image Lab's staff and design team work 24 hours a day to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, and spend an average of 32 hours on each custom veneer order.


The improved BIL Veneers are redesigned from the ground up to be thinner, more detailed, and stronger than ever before. They are detailed by hand and contoured for an ultra-thin and comfortable fit. Each set is designed with Sure Fit Seal Technology and comes with a personal virtual customer service representative. This veneer option comes in three different shades and is a great option for people who want to cover chipped or missing teeth.


The newest addition to the Brighter Image Lab family of veneers are the IncrediBIL Veneers. These veneers features unique light reflecting properties. They are made with an exclusive translucent material and digitally micro scaled for the thinnest fit possible. With the added benefit of targeted inter-oral digitization and fully dynamic smile design, IncrediBIL Veneers are the most advanced veneers available today. 


Removable veneers also come in four different shades: Natural stain, natural white, ultra-white and translucent white. Here is a breakdown of these shades:


Natural Stain is the darkest shade. Many people choose this option because they believe it will look more realistic. This option is great for people who want to improve their smile without risking their teeth appearing too white. Many of the clients who order this shade end up reordering in the natural white.


Natural White is the most popular shade. It is the average shade for teeth and gives a more realistic look. Similar to a pearl, this shade is a great option for those who desire a natural looking smile.


Ultra-White is the brightest shade. This option is chosen primarily by beauty pageant contestants or “on-camera” personalities. It is the whitest veneer shade and is not considered to be a natural color for teeth. This option is great for those who desire a smile with an extra POP.


Translucent White is only available with the IncrebiBIL. It is made from a proprietary material that interacts with and refracts light. It’s the most realistic look available and the closest thing to the look of real teeth.

The level of personalization that can be achieved with removable veneers surpasses the limited options available for clients who choose to improve their smiles with a dentist in-office. Removable veneers are also a fraction of the cost of cosmetic dentistry, giving clients all the benefits of a $20,000 smile makeover without breaking the bank! 

Pricing and Delivering Smile Makeovers

The dental industry has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic and e-commerce business, but it has also been affected by new trends in pricing and delivering.

Online finance services are transforming the industry by allowing people to achieve their smile makeovers before they have the full amount to purchase. Brighter Image Lab’s online financing offers 100% approval, $149 down and low $24 payments. The financing application can be found online and only takes 3 minutes to complete. Click below to start yours!


Brighter Image Lab also transforms the dental industry by delivering smile makeovers without requiring a single in-office visit or a dentist. Their unique Lab Direct veneer process consists of three simple steps: order your impression online or via phone, make impressions of your teeth using the Lab Direct Impression System and receive your customized, removable veneers in the mail. 

Brighter Image Lab’s virtual veneer process provides a quality product that takes minutes rather than hours or weeks. At a time when so many services are moving into the virtual marketplace, they have fortified their position as a leader in e-commerce smile solutions.

During the most technologically advanced era in human history, no one should have to pay $20,000 and give up their natural teeth for a new smile. With removable veneers, they don’t have to.

In-office smile solutions from a dentist can be expensive and time consuming. Some of the most popular smile enhancement options cost thousands, take weeks to complete, require numerous in-office visits and cause painful, irreparable damage to the natural teeth. 

Removable veneers offer all the benefits of a full set of dental veneers without the pain, damage or inflated cost. They also offer a level of personalization you can’t achieve with a dentist in-office. 

E-Commerce Smile Makeovers: The Trend of the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded no-contact smile solutions, and the desire for no-touch shopping won't disappear any time soon. Now that COVID-19 has sensitized consumers to how viruses can spread, they will likely continue to practice precaution and shop online in the future.

With removable veneers, people no longer have to sit through uncomfortable and costly appointments or overpay for extreme solutions that destroy their natural teeth. They can achieve great results online without a dentist!

No-dentist removable veneers have transformed the way people see smile makeovers. As no-contact dentistry becomes the new normal, Brighter Image Lab will continue to set the bar for affordable smile solutions.

If you have a smile that you want to improve, you don't have to wait for dental offices to open back up to save tens of thousands of dollars. Simply click below and get started on your removable veneer order today!

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



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Don't be a victim of dental fraud!

Dental Fraud: Are you and your teeth being robbed?

Kristy Henderson


Dentists across the country are committing fraud by performing unnecessary dental procedures to line their pockets. 

Whether or not you realize it, there is a chance you have been a victim of dental fraud at some point in your life. You may have been misinformed, fallen victim to tactful sales pitches, or even undergone an unnecessary dental procedure without your knowledge.

In this post, we will help to educate you on the many forms of dental fraud, who is responsible, and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim in the future.

 But, most importantly, we will discuss why Brighter Image Lab may be the best option for improving your smile!

What is dental fraud?

Dental fraud is the act of intentional deception by a dentist or misrepresentation of treatment for the purpose of personal financial gain.

When a dentist performs and charges for unnecessary procedures, they are committing dental fraud. And it's not just irresponsible, it's criminal.

When you step into your local dental office, walk up to the receptionist and proceed to sign in, the last thing you think is "Will I get robbed here?"

Like any other physician, you probably assume all dentists have your best interest at heart. Sadly, this is not the case.

Dentists engage in unethical treatment to rob patients of their hard-earned money every day by committing various acts of dental fraud.

dental fraud

Types of dental scams include: providing worthless or unnecessary treatment, over-charging for teeth cleaning, inflating estimates for dental work, operating dental clinics without the proper safety and hygiene precautions, and operating without sufficient or properly trained staff.

When you are overcharged for services or shell out thousands of dollars for unnecessary procedures, you are being robbed. Point. Blank. Period.

Who is responsible for dental fraud?

An increasing number of dental professionals are choosing to take jobs with corporate dental chains instead of going into business for themselves. This is of major concern.

The North American Dental Group (NADG) is one of the fastest expanding corporate dental groups in the world. It is made up of over 200 offices and facilitates upwards of one million dental office visits per year in the U.S.

NADG rampantly absorbs dental chains across the country and transforms them from reputable dental institutions into revenue-generating machines, ultimately bastardizing a system meant to provide ethical dental care to patients across the country.

A one-year investigation into NADG found evidence of intense pressure on affiliated offices to meet daily rigorous revenue targets. These inflated targets led to numerous allegations of dental fraud, even from NADG employees.

dental fraud

Ashley Hughes North American Dental GRoup (Former employee)

The standard of care was not there. . .

“I have watched them drilling perfectly healthy teeth multiple times a day every day. . .There wasn't one day that I worked there that I could say that that was a good day. . .Every day there was an issue with either something being billed that wasn't done or it wasn't billed properly or the standard of care was not there.” 

Groups like NADG are causing rates of practice ownership to plummet, making it increasingly more difficult to find a dentist who is not sales driven.

From 2001 to 2006, the U.S. alone saw a 14% decrease in practice ownership, and that decrease only seems to steepen as time goes on.

Together, NADG and its affiliated offices are actively participating in dental scams. They are putting a paycheck above a patient and exploiting innocent people for personal financial gain. 

Patients around the world and across the United States are unknowingly entrusting their mouths and wallets to these sinister dentist, and as a result, they are falling victim to dental fraud.

Don't become the next unsuspecting victim of the NADG! Read on for more on dental fraud and how to protect yourself.

Are Dental Chains Encouraging Dentists to commit dental fraud?

Dental practices run by corporate organizations are rarely regulated in most states, leaving the door open for unethical practice, fraud, and dental scams.

Driven by corporate greed and morally impaired by aggressive revenue targets, corporate dentists everywhere are committing dental fraud. They're preying on the innocent by performing unnecessary procedures for profit and putting patient health at risk. 

Corporate backed dental chains impose intense pressure on dentists to meet rigorous sales goals. This dynamic compromises the integrity of the practitioner/patient relationship and blurs the line between responsible patient care and blatant dental fraud.

Patient outrage concerning dental scams has created some legal backlash. In 2012, for example, 11 patients sued Aspen Dental, claiming that its model turns dentists into salespeople.

With one new office opening each week, Aspen Dental is becoming more like a fast-food franchise than a facility for quality dental care. The chain continues to train its dentists like used car salesmen despite the complaints and concerns of patients. The average new patient dental care plan is $4,450.

dental fraud

Unfortunately, Aspen Dental is only one of many dental chains conning innocent people out of their hard earned money. 

In 2010, a dental chain known as Small Smiles was ordered to pay $24 million to the U.S. government. An investigation revealed that its dental professionals were performing unnecessary extractions, fillings, and root canals on children covered by Medicaid.

An additional lawsuit alleges that many toddlers treated at a Small Smiles office underwent 14 unnecessary procedures – often under restraint and without the comfort of anesthesia.

Dental professionals such as these should remove the white masks and put on ski masks instead, because they are robbing their patients.

Don't be fooled! Read below to find out how to protect yourself.

4 steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim of dental fraud

Beware of harmful sales tactics!

Dentists often advertise cheap rates to get patients in the door, only to manipulate them into more expensive procedures.

Corporate dental chains use harmful and manipulative sales tactics like “bait and switch.”

Patients choose their services because of a low advertised cost but are presented with more expensive services and falsely told they need braces, deep cleaning or even a root canal. This is unethical. This is wrong. This is dental fraud.

When in doubt, get a second opinion!

The most common type of dental fraud is "creative diagnosis."

Dentists perform unneeded X-Rays and drill or extract perfectly healthy teeth every day. So, if eight cavities pop up out of nowhere in your typically healthy mouth, run.

Get a second opinion and save yourself the pain and cost of unnecessary procedures.

Know the facts!

Dentists will tell you that your amalgam fillings need to be replaced because the mercury in the material poses a risk to your health. There is no scientific evidence to back this claim.

The Federal Drug Administration lists numerous benefits to back the use of amalgam fillings. The strong and long-lasting material is low-cost and useful in patients that have a high risk of tooth decay.

Over the last 150 years, millions of patients have had their teeth filled with amalgam. Dentists know this. They realize that those millions of patients are vulnerable to manipulation and misinformation, and they use this vulnerability to line their pockets.

Don’t be fooled by their lies. Know the facts.

Be aware of your options!

Knowing all of the options is essential when making any good decision.

By not informing patients of Brighter Image Lab's PressOn Veneers, dentists aren't only committing dental fraud, they are being blatantly negligent by not offering the lowest cost option.

Here at Brighter Image Lab, we offer a great option for those looking to upgrade their smile.

Our unique Lab Direct process allows us to serve clients through an innovative online process by which clients are able to achieve a new smile easily, without unnecessary procedures or an inflated bill, in fact, without even seeing a dentist.

The creation of our PressOn Veneers does not require a dentist, and the impression needed to create the clip-on veneer is simple enough to complete at home.

Don't give in to the greed of the modern day dentist, keep reading and find a better solution for you!

Brighter Image: A better option for you

Here at Brighter Image Lab, we believe the possibility of a beautiful smile should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford to pay thousands.

Our custom fit PressOn Veneers are ultra-thin, completely removable, and designed to snap perfectly over existing teeth, giving clients the confidence and satisfaction of a perfect smile without the gimmicks of modern dentistry. 

These smile enhancers are crafted to perfection by a 15-member crew and designed to be strong and durable, allowing you to eat or drink while wearing them. 

With us, there is no hidden agenda. Just  a simple solution to a serious problem.

If you call our office today with a desire to improve your smile, we will find a way to help you. Whether it is through our finance program, or free of charge through our New Life Smile program, we are here to help.  

Remember how it feels to smile until your face hurts, without making your wallet hurt by ordering your set of custom PressOn Veneers today!


Dental offices across the country are committing dental fraud at an alarming rate. They are inflating patient bills, manipulating, and misleading clients in a way that is both unsafe and unethical.

In essence, the dental industry is defrauding the American public. Dentists across the country are scamming innocent, hard working Americans out of thousands of dollars. 

The average working American can't afford to burn thousands of dollars on unnecessary dental work. And even if they could, why should they? 

When dentists provide expensive, unnecessary treatment to patients who can’t afford it, they are robbing innocent people. 

Brighter Image Lab has only one goal, and it's not to line our pockets with stolen money. Our goal is to make sure that people who desire a better smile can get one. No procedures, no pain, and no stings attached!

So, don’t fall for the new pop-up-shop style of dentistry. Reclaim your smile by below and placing your order today! 

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest - 100% Approval*

Press On Veneers Amazon

New Press On Veneers Amazon Scam – Only Buy Genuine Veneers

Bil Watson

Here's How To Buy The BEST Press On Veneers Amazon and other online retailers

What you see…

Is NOT always what you get.

Anyone who has shopped online most likely has a horror story of the shocking (and most likely disappointing) product that showed up at their door.

If you’ve ever had a “THAT is NOT what I ordered” moment, then listen up!

When it comes to ordering Press On Veneers Amazon, it’s truly a case of what you see is not always what you get.

So, how do you know when you see the real Press On Veneers Amazon? Read on to find out!

The Amazon Knockoffs: What To Watch Out For

While imitation is the best form of flattery, finding imitation Press On Veneers Amazon will definitely not be the best form for your teeth.

These knockoff Press On Veneers Amazon may appear to be able to transform your smile, but it is important to recognize that you are getting what you pay for in terms of quality, customization, comfort, and satisfaction.

We get that the cheaper price point on these Press On Veneers, such as Imako and Perfect Smile, can be very enticing for some. We also get that for some people, they’re the only solution available. We don’t have a problem with these products, but we DO want you to be aware that there’s an incredible difference in quality.

When purchasing Press On Veneers Amazon, ALWAYS do your research, read reviews, and educate yourself as much as possible in regards to the product you are ordering. 

PressOn Veneers
Press On Veneers

Our classic, beautifully designed, 100% Digitally Processed, Removable Veneers.



IncrediBIL Veneers
Incredibil veneers

The newest addition to our family of veneers features unique light reflecting properties.



0% Interest - 100% Approval*

The Real Deal: Choosing Quality Press On Veneers

Here at Brighter Image Lab, we don’t sell our veneers on Amazon.

Why...you might ask?

It is because the highly customizable nature of our veneers simply doesn’t fit their marketplace.

Therefore, if you see any Press On Veneers that are claiming to be like ours for sale on Amazon, know that it is 100% a knockoff or scam. The same is true for any companies claiming to work with us. 

We ONLY sell our veneers through our website using our trade names:

To be sure you are getting top quality Press On Veneers, only order Lab Direct through our site. (Avoid getting press on veneers Amazon style.)

Choosing The BEST Smile Press On Veneers From Brighter Image Lab

Here at Brighter Image Lab, we are looking for people who want to improve their SMILE.

We are smile designers. All we do is design smiles for people who want to change their smile NOW.

We do smile makeovers for people all over the world because the #1 thing you can do to improve your overall appearance is to improve your smile!

The reason why most people don’t fix it… is because they don’t think it’s possible. But, you can have an amazing smile that is affordable by choosing to buy Lab Direct with Brighter Image Lab. Our work changes lives.

All you have to do is want to take the time
to make a CHANGE.
Click HERE if YOU are ready to make a change NOW