New Press On Veneers Amazon Scam – Only Buy Genuine Veneers

Press On Veneers Amazon

Here’s How to Buy the BEST Press On Veneers from Amazon and other online retailers What you see… Is NOT always what you get. Anyone who has shopped online most likely has a horror story of the shocking (and most likely disappointing) product that showed up at their door. If you’ve ever had a “THAT […]

Press On Veneers Teeth – Your Smile Potential Unleashed

Press On Veneers Teeth

Are Press On Veneers Teeth for You? Find Out Now! Unlock your smile’s potential with Press On Veneers teeth. And change your life. It’s all made possible with Press On Veneers. Are press on veneers for YOU? Find out NOW! What Are Press On Veneers? Press On Veneers were developed by Brighter Image Lab in […]

Inspiring 8 Minute Hawaii Smile Makeover

Makeup Artist gets a smile makeover from Brighter Image Lab

We’ve just been amazed we’re finishing this week with the guy from Hawaii. We were going to cover him anyway but then he just did his own. He takes, he did his own stuff and we think it was pretty genuine

Unbelievable Australian Smile Makeover in under 10 Minutes

Australian Smile Makeover: Unbelievable Transformation for Bride

For years I have struggled with smiling, and it was due to the fact that I have a pretty major crossbite. This has just given me so much confidence, and I am so grateful. Hey guys, this week I wanted to do a different type of vlog.

Official Brighter Image Lab Location Since 1997

Brighter Image Lab Location

Clients call us every day asking where Brighter Image Lab locations are or how they can find a Brighter Image Lab location near them. In this article, we will answer that question and give a brief history of who we are.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Can Save You $1800 or More

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Brighter Image Lab found a trip to the dentist just adds time and money to the process. Snap-On Smile doesn’t fix gaps, or misalignment in teeth. So why go to a dentist for affordable cosmetic dentistry that isn’t even dentistry?

New Press On Veneers Now 10 Years Strong

Best Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

New Press On Veneers™ are a single piece that fit over the front 10 – 12 teeth on the top and 6 – 8 teeth on the bottom. They ensure that teeth are covered when talking or smiling. The veneers grip onto the back of existing teeth.