6 Important Reasons to Buy Dental Veneers Online

Brighter Image Lab has created the number one smile alternative to expensive cosmetic dentistry, and provides 6 important reasons to buy dental veneers online. From quality, to price, Brighter Image Lab can’t be beat.

Truth About Instasmile – 2 Time Client Warns Before You Buy

The truth about Instasmile

A past client gives the truth about Instasmile Watch this video to learn the truth about Instasmile and see why you’re better off with Brighter Image Lab. This client, Tamera, has tried both Brighter Image Lab and Instasmile to solve the issues she has with her smile. She gives an Instasmile review explaining how she […]

Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab – 3 Unexpected Differences

Instasmile vs. Brighter Image Lab comparison

Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab – Which Product is Worth Your Money? Watch this video to see what you get for your money. Instasmile vs Brighter Image Lab – It’s a showdown review. Asking for a Better Smile Since I was 13 years old, I had gone to a dentist who asked me for two […]

Instasmile Refund – Get Your Money Back

How to get your money back from Instasmile

How to get a Instasmile refund! If you’re on this webpage you’re mad you’re pissed because you got a dental veneer that sucked and you were told you weren’t eligible for a refund, guys I want to tell you I promise you nobody feels worse about it than I do. Besides you, it’s not my […]

Instant Smile Veneers


Instant Smile Veneers – New Technology Dental technology has grown in leaps and bounds! Dentists used to have to perform every type of procedure, even simple teeth whitening. That’s quickly changing! You can get more commercial dental help than ever before, which is great for you and your wallet!  People are able to get a […]

Teeth Covers – 6 Devastating Truths About Instasmile

Teeth Covers by Instasmile or Brighter Image Lab

Does Instasmile make professional teeth veneers or cheap teeth covers? The truth may surprise you. What you need to know before you buy an Instasmile When looking for a solution to problems with your smile, there are so many options and it’s difficult to know what to choose. Instasmile has made lots of promises and […]

New Smile for Instasmile Client and Disney Client in 15 Mins

Instasmile Client asks for a "REAL" Smile Makeover

It was just disappointment. I write them (as an Instasmile client) you know and and their email back to me was pretty much like, “Oh, basically you cannot get a refund.” So I’m like, okay really, you know? So what’s my other option?